Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 5 Veto Ceremony)

Find out the details of this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony here:

To recap, Frankie is the HoH. He nominated Jocasta and Victoria for eviction. Hayden won the Power of Veto.

Hayden used the Power of Veto on Victoria. Frankie chose Amber as the replacement nominee.

Amber will be evicted on Thursday; this was the main plan all along. Even though Amber is arguably the sweetest girl in the house, nearly everyone in the house is against her. Even Caleb has admitted to being fine with Amber leaving due to her not showing any appreciation toward him. Zach had another outburst at the Veto Ceremony about how Amber hasn’t shown Caleb the respect he deserves. Derrick and Frankie encouraged Zach to do that as part of the Team America mission, but Caleb, Cody, and Hayden liked that idea too. However, the Team America mission failed since Amber didn’t argue back.

The silver lining in Amber getting evicted on Thursday is that she doesn’t have to worry about being stuck in the jury house with Caleb for the rest of the summer. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing to see another houseguest who would’ve stood up against the dominant alliance in the house if she would have won HoH get evicted. If things continue to stay the same this season, then Jocasta, Caleb, and Donny will be the next three evicted. Although Victoria isn’t part of any alliances, I expect her to be carried far in the game as the perpetual pawn and a potential goat that will be easy to beat in a Final 2 scenario.

Hopefully Donny and Jocasta win HoH on Thursday. That’s the only way there will finally be a power shift in the game.

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  1. Hayden is the last person I would expect to shake the house to its core. His use of the veto and subsequent conversations with Amber & some of the girls in the house has Frankie and a lot of the other house guests scrambling to cover their butts.

    ETA: Caleb is still delusional about Amber.

  2. ETA: Caleb is still delusional about Amber.

    Mark my words, after BB is over, the next time Caleb is in the news will be for stalking or some sort of domestic abuse situation. I hope the producers are keeping an eye on him.

  3. You may get a preview if Amber is the one walking out the door this week. Amber continues to manipulate him making vague promises about meeting up in the jury house or after the game. She doesn’t even have/want to campaign for her safety because Caleb is going overboard campaigning & threatening the other house guests on her behalf.

  4. At this point, I hope they evict her. No good can come from the two of them in the jury house together.

    Although, I think Caleb is the one who should have gone first.

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