Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 5 Power of Veto Results)

Find out who won this week’s coveted Power of Veto here:

Frankie is the HoH and he nominated Jocasta and Victoria for eviction. The houseguests chosen to play for the Power of Veto were Christine, Donny, and Hayden.

Hayden won the Power of Veto. 

At the moment, Hayden wants to use the Power of Veto on Victoria. That means there will be a replacement nominee, and the current plan is to backdoor Amber. She was always a target for several of the houseguests (including the Detonators alliance), and it seems like she may very well be walking out the door on Thursday night. However, Frankie said he will only put Amber on the block if Caleb has no objections to it. Even though Caleb is creepily obsessed with Amber, he has admitted to not caring if she gets evicted since she has not showed any appreciation when he volunteered to be a nominee and throw the Battle of the Block competition to save her two weeks ago. But if Caleb does have any objections, Frankie will nominate Donny to take Victoria’s place with the plan to evict Jocasta instead.

There’s also the chance Caleb could be targeted, but the only way Frankie will agree to that is if all of the houseguests tell him that’s what they want. Frankie has been playing a very safe game and wants to make as little waves as possible, so he will do whatever placates the house the most. In addition, the plan to backdoor Zach doesn’t seem likely anymore. Frankie has been keeping close to Zach to ensure he doesn’t act out again, even though there are people in the house who still want him gone (Christine and Nicole especially).

Things can always change, but it seems like another female houseguest will be evicted with either Amber or Jocasta following Brittany out the door on Thursday. Another update will be posted after the Veto Ceremony on Monday.

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  1. Where is Cody on this Plan? He cant be fine with Amber leaving?? WTF

  2. I actually dislike this season alot. Its boring. Next weeks Twist will be that Rachel is brought into the house with Britney LOL

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  4. I would love if they’d get rid of the two HOH’s here soon. Its too much and is keeping anyone from making a move.

  5. Cody is fine with Amber leaving he has other girls in the house to fawn over him. Right now it is still too early for the alliance to eat its own as they get close to jury. Caleb is a vote for their side. It’s all about the numbers.

  6. “Frankie has been keeping close to Zach to ensure he doesn’t act out again”

    Zach’s outburst at the nomination ceremony was completely staged, and Frankie convinced him to do it as per Team America…

  7. Yes, I know. That’s why I said “again.” Zach’s outburst at the nomination ceremony was what made Christine and Nicole want him evicted, so Frankie doesn’t want Zach to do anything like that again.

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