Big Brother 16 Episode 18- Recap and Discussion

Overall, I thought that was a kind of boring episode of Big Brother. We start the episode with the conclusion of last Thursday’s Heads of Household competition. Julie tells the houseguests remaining that they will be going to a tiebreaker question. The tiebreaker question involves how long the last veto competition lasted. The two houseguests who get closest to correct answer without going over will be the new Heads of Household. All the houseguests write down answers and Nicole and Donny come closest to the correct answer without going over. This means that they are two Heads of Household for the week.

After the competition is over we get reactions from the houseguests about how they did in the competition. Donny is super excited win Head of Household and wants to work with Nicole to figure out who needs to go home this week. Nicole wants to make a big move this week since all the girls have been going home. We then go to Jocasta in the fire room who is crying because she didn’t win Head of Household. She is really upset that she can’t see her kids and Derrick goes to comfort her and tells her that there will be other competitions to win. After this, we go to Nicole and Donny talking in the hive room about a plan for the week. Donny mentions wanting to include Hayden in these plans since Hayden and Nicole are so close. During this conversation, Donny mentions that there are 3 players who haven’t been nominated for eviction (Derrick, Frankie, and Cody). Nicole seems to take this in but doesn’t give Donny a ton of information.

We then go to Zach and Nicole in the storage room. Zach offers to go up on the block to Nicole as a nominee. Nicole thinks he’s being serious but Zach claims it is reverse psychology on Nicole to get her to not nominate him. We then go to Frankie and Derrick talking about they think Donny will do this week. They are still mad at him for making them forfeit their Team America mission and they want him to stay Head of Household for the week. After this we see Nicole and Derrick talking about her Head of Household victory. Nicole tells him that she might want to backdoor Frankie this week and asks if he would be okay with it. He tells her that he is but then in the Diary Room tells us that he wants Frankie to stay this week.

It is then time for the Head of Household room reveal. Donny gets pictues of his girlfriends and is excited for his fellow houseguests to see her. Nicole gets pictures of herself when she was younger. Nicole gets a letter from her best friend and gets really emotional while reading it aloud to the house. Donny gets a letter from his girlfriend and also gets emotional reading it. We then go to Caleb and Donny talking in the bathroom lounge about hominations. Donny brings up how Caleb nominated him  the 1st week and how he might have to return the favor this week. Caleb then mentions that he doesn’t want to go up with Victoria and Donny tells us that he shouldn’t have said that because it would make his decision easier.

We then go to Nicole and Hayden playing pool in the backyard and Nicole hurts Hayden while they are playing. After this we go to a Team America meeting with Donnny, Frankie, and Derrick. Donny reassuers both thaat they are safe with him this week. Donnny and Hayden talk and Hayden thinks Frankie is the puppetmaster of the house. Donny doesn’t want to put Frankie up initally but would vote him out which is interesting. Zach then goes to Nicole to talk to her about her nominations for the week. Zach wants her to put up weak players so he’ll be safe for the week. It is then time for the nomination ceremony. At the nomination ceremony, Nicole goes 1st and nominates Jocasta and Zach. Nicole then gets back at zach in her nomination speech by telling him that he isn’t a supervillian like he thinks he is. Donny goes 2nd and nominates Caleb and Victoria. He tells Caleb that they are “square” if he survives this week. Everyone seems to be impressed with Nicoles’ nomination speech.

We then see Zach talking to Frankie and he tells him that there is no way that he’ll lose to Caleb and Victoria. Jocasta also figures that she can work well with Zach while Victoria tells Caleb the same thing. Caleb is still not happy that he’s with Victoria and thinks they’ll lose. It is then time for the Battle of the Block competition. The competition has a children’s playroom theme and involves creating a path through punishments with dominoes to hit a bullseye. During the competition Victoria does well and the competition is close for awhile between the two themes. Eventually Caleb and Victoria hit their bullseye  1st and are the winners of the competition and Donny is the dethroned Head of Household for the week. For their punishments they get 2 weeks of slop, an Adam and Eve outfit with a chain between them for 48 hours, and Caleb has to shave his head. Zach blames himself for their loss and vows to work against Jocasta. With that it is the end of the episode.

Who will the Power of Veto? Will it be used? Tune in Wednesday night to find out. As always, the comments are always open to discuss the episode.