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Tonight, the Rising Star Top 13 take the stage for your votes. Only 8 contestants will survive (plus a west coast save). Get set for a 2 hour show! The expert votes will ONLY COUNT FOR 5% EACH.

UPDATE: Dana Williams was the West Coast Save

There are magic blue seats are reserved for the Top 7 scores.

Macy Kate – Who Knew –  Macy, who was the show’s instagram winner, befriended fellow teen, April Lockhart. A pretty yelly and manic performance, I did not enjoy this at all.  Brad and Luda vote yes. Kesha waits until the last minute to vote yes.  Luda felt like she commanded the stage, despite some pitchy stuff. Kesha agrees with Luda. “Your performance was rad,” she says.  Brad also cautions her to watch her pitch, but feels she has everything else.  Sorry. I couldn’t get past the tuneless yelping. – 60%

Shameia Crawford – Next to Me – She misses her husband as she competes in Los Angeles. She doesn’t want to be a “do–wop pop chick” anymore. In other words. no more background singing.  This is a great song when Emeli Sande sings it, but it’s doing nothing for Shameia.  Maybe she should have performed it in a higher key? Her voice on the verses is harsh and wobbly. Not pleasant. She fares better on the 2nd chorus, but something is missing here. Still, she is one of the better singers in the competition. I hope she advances.  “You are NOT a background singer anymore,” says Kesha. Luda thought she had a shaky start, but eventually worked it out. Brad didn’t think it was a perfect performance, but it was fun to watch. (They all voted thumbs up). – 76%

Joshua Peavy – “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” – He’s the last remaining parent on the show. Oh really? His family is in the audience this week. OMG. I’m voting no just based on song choice. Bombastic crapola. He’s singing OK. The worst though, is that the audience will probably eat this up. Brad is already giving him a standing ovation. He gets 3 yes votes from the experts. Joshua is singing so hard, he’s about to bust a blood vessel. He chokes up a little as he spots his family in the audience. Blargh. Josh’s mic is busted, so the show throws to break. Brad loves hearing Josh sing, despite his pitchy parts (which he attributes to emotion). Kesha thought it was his best performance yet. Luda is proud of him. – 85%

April Lockhart – “Iris” – April talks with so many of her fans who are inspired by her ability to play guitar with no hand. (She has only has one hand, and strumms with a beaky thing, remember?). In any case, this is actually a good performance. I’m voting yes. Her quirky phrasing works really well on this 90’s classic. Inventive phrasing and a nice tone from April. A little wonky on the high notes, but I forgive her. Luda is inspired by her. April admits that she was nervous when Brad asks. He voted for her, but felt the performance was not her strongest. He thinks it’s time to have “artists like her” (ie a one handed singer) on the radio. Hm. It’s time to have people who don’t suck on the radio, Brad. The song choice wasn’t her favorite, but Kesha is also inspired by April – 71%

Maneepat Malloy – Stars – Could this performance be any more bland? It’s “Stars” on Sominex. That this unremarkable young singer keeps advancing just floors me. Brad and Kesha vote yes. For the first time tonight, Luda votes no. Kesha felt she commanded the stage. Luda has no problem with her voice, but felt she took a few steps backward from her last performance. Brad loves her vocals, so he voted yes. But he also feels her performance lacked something. SHE’S BORING AS HELL. I have no idea what Kesha is talking about. – 68%

Dana Williams – Latch –  I was disappointed when she almost didn’t make it last time, before the west coast saved her.  She’s hitting all the notes this week (except for a blip at the end), delivering a very confident performance. She’s got a lovely tone. There’s something compelling about this singer. I’m voting yes! The song is a little obscure, and lacks opportunities to hit BIG notes. That probably hurt her, even though she got yes votes from the full panel. Kesha loves her. She wants Dana’s CD.  Luda felt Dana took the expert’s notes. He’s mad at America for not voting for her. I am too, to be honest.  Brad felt it was the worst possible song choice.  It didn’t to go anywhere for her. He’s right.  – 60%

Alice J. LeeThe Story – Her parents are Korean immigrants and they are totally supportive of her artistic ambitions. Another super boring performance. So many of these Rising Star singers lack charisma. Alice sings this song as if she were waiting for the paint in her bedroom to dry, and it’s a little out of her range on the lower end. There’s just nothing here to recommend. Wow.  Only Kesha voted yes. Luda voted yes for her last time. But he though her stage performance took a hit. Once again, Kesha claims she’s not a dream crusher. She refuses to vote no. Brad felt she needed more rehearsal. – 40%

Jesse Kinch – 7 Nation Army – Welp. Here’s the guy who will probably win the competition. If Joshua Peavy doesn’t. This week, finally, Jesse chooses to perform a contemporary song. He wants to prove he can be relevant. He’s playing electric guitar and kicks off with a fierce count off. Finally, somebody sings as if they mean it. The experts quickly vote yes as the votes climb and climb. Jesse’s gritty vocal lends the proper urgency to this modern classic. Kid’s got charisma. The crowd is in a frenzy. Brad goes all fanboy on Jesse “WILL YOU SIGN MY GUITAR.” Words fail Kesha. I’m not complaining. Luda calls it a “moment.”

As Jesse hits the top of the leaderboard, Alice is eliminated.

Megan Tibbets – Home – Harp girl was also a west coast save. OK. It’s not the Phillip Phillips “Home.” It’s some New Orleans style funk/R&B thing (by Marc Broussard), and it’s pretty terrible! She has to be kidding with this. WRONG SONG HONEY. Her pitch is all over the place. Also the worst breath control ever. This is a total joke. Brad voted yes. WTH? He admits that it was risky. And AWFUL! C’mon. Nothing about that was good. Luda loved the energy she gave, but the vocals were shaky. Kesha of course, voted yes, because she’s an idiot. – 32%

Lisa Punch – Girl on Fire – Oh. Another west coast save. She’s originally from Guyana. Apparently the citizens there are very aware of her appearance on an American TV show. They probably have no idea that no one here cares.  WHOA. She is so off key. She adds some extra island flavor to the mix, but it does not help. Luda votes yes. Is he kidding? Every high note is painful. Nearly every note is off key.  ALL THE EXPERTS VOTE YES. I do not get it. The home voters knew better. She earns 59% and will head straight home. “You’re so good,” says Kesha, “AND YOU WERE SO IN TUNE.”  Uhm. NO SHE WAS THE OPPOSITE OF THAT. Luda voted for her because she…tried hard? Whatever. Brad thought she was pitchy, but…again with the try hard.  Hm. I think the producers had her pegged as someone who should advance. They’re begging the west coast to save her.  – 59%

Audrey Kate Geiger – The Big Bang –  She missed getting certified as a yoga teacher to compete on Rising Star. Her parents are out in LA this week.  Her vocals are good, but this is not a good song choice. Just based on her vocals, she deserves to advance. And she finishes at 65% after all the experts vote for her. She squeaks through.  Love her quirky voice, but that song was all wrong for competition. It didn’t go anywhere. Luda loves her voice so much, but he was on the fence. She needed more stage presence. Kesha loves her voice, but didn’t like the song. Brad says she’s his favorite voice, but the song choice was not “the money.” He’s correct. That performance was a snore. – 65%

Macy Kate, who was sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard, now leaves the competition. Dana Williams had a fraction more votes. She now is in the hot seat.

Austin French – “If I Ain’t Got You” – He got married this week? In Georgia? Really. That’s one way to troll for votes. WELP BYE DANA.  He sounds kind of nasally to my ears. But he’s full of soul and that should be enough to earn him votes. Smart move to pick an emotional girl song to sing passionately. The gals are gonna love this. And indeed, the votes climb, climb, climb. All 3 experts vote yes. He settles in at 86%.  Luda felt parts of the song were pitchy, but he liked his presentation. He notes that the wedding thing was a smart grab for votes.  Kesha thinks he makes America happy.  And no time for Brad. – 86%

Hot seat Dana Williams leaves the competition. So far, every contestant eliminated is a girl.

Sonnett Simmons – Young and Beautiful – Sonnett has a convo via Skype with her deadbeat mom. That was kind of awkward. The singers are picking their own songs. None of them get, that unless they are confident they can kill a song, they need to choose something the audience can hum along with. This is an ambitious song choice. Sonnett is an interesting singer, but she’s overreaching, badly. Brad and Luda both vote no. EVEN KESHA VOTES NO. Brad says too pitchy. Luda thought the nerves got the best of her. Kesha pleads with her to keep following her dreams. She finishes at 30%

Advancing to the next round:

BIG gap between the boys and the girls. But the guys chose their songs wisely. For the most part, the girls did not.

Jesse Kinch – 88%
Austin French – 86%
Joshua Peavy – 85%
Shameia Crawford – 76%
April Lockhart – 71%
Maneepat Molloy – 69%
Audrey Kate Geiger – 65%
Dana Williams – West Coast Save

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  1. I’ll start. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to watch the entire 2 hours tonight. This isn’t worth only going on 6 hours of sleep. I think Jessie Kinch has this in the bag. Then there are 12 other singers who are no more than so-so. I’ll probably watch the 1st hour the. Go to bed.

  2. This is the first time I’m watching since the first episode. Looks like I didn’t miss much.

  3. Only thing you missed was that the best two singers were eliminated in the last round. Other than that, nothing.

  4. They were at it again with having them sing the climax first with Who Knew. I hate when they do that…

  5. Automatic minus points for singing Michael Bolton (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

    To be fair, he’s staying on key better than either of the first two performers

  6. Who were the best two singers? The only one of these I even remember is the Jesse guy because he’s from NY.

  7. So far all three of them hit some terrible notes. I never thought I’d say it, but AI does a better job of picking people who can actually sing.

  8. Oh no. Audio problems. They had to cut to commercial quickly. No sound coming from the mics.

  9. someone needs to do an investigative story on how showing a reality contestants cute kids impacts voting :)

  10. quirky girl throws a glory note into the middle of the song for no real reason (other than to do a glory note). rest of the performance was meh

  11. Voting percentage is directly correlated to the hokiness quotient of the song choice.

  12. So far I liked Shamiea Crawford the best but I haven’t voted for anyone yet.
    I thought Macy Kate wasn’t good with Who Knew, April was ok with Iris, but I thought she already did that.
    Joshua Peavy- He did ok, but didn’t like the song choice or performance
    Maneep- I thought she was pretty good
    I don’t remember the name of the last performer, but I thought it was the wrong song choice.

  13. Wait…they are making these last 6 people perform behind the wall? How is that fair?

    This show’s rules are beyond stupid

  14. She has a position and she stand by it. That works better than just having no reason for it, except refusal to participate fully.

  15. I haven’t watched this for a while, but all of these women are just gorgeous.

  16. I’m not phrasing this well, but I think she actually gave a negative opinion around her vote; she just pumped up the score a little while doing so.

  17. Jesse is going to win this show in a cakewalk — although this is far from my favorite cover of Seven Nation Army

  18. Jesse Kinch was incredible. I love that song and think he did a terrific job with it. Probably by far the best performance of the season for me.

  19. Well, yes. This looks a little like a Miss America pageant, only with occasional guys.

  20. Sometimes it is hard for even Michael Bolton to pull off Michael Bolton.

  21. Now that the good guy has already performed, I just can’t make myself watch this anymore. I’m out…

  22. lol, no — I mean actual little kids. I would bet you that showing Joshua’s two adorable little kids improved his score. and I know that Idol and The Voice have done that before — let’s show so-and-so’s kids on camera to try and get them more votes.

  23. I missed them. I came in late and saw the three pretties in a row. Knock-outs. Never hurts in a singing competition.

  24. The show has been pimping Macy Kate, but she’ll go home if one of these last 5 performers beat 60%. Will be interesting to see if the judges suddenly decide to vote “no”

  25. Not the way the judges voted after those last two performances. Even though neither performance was good.

  26. haha, I edited my original comment. But yeah, it doesn’t look like they have been told to vote “no”

  27. I actually heard more than a little Phillip Phillips there in Jesse’s performance.

  28. Austin might be the only person who has any chance of beating Jesse.

    Why he’s getting married at 20 yrs old, IDK, but congrats to him and his very pretty bride :)

  29. Jesse was my favorite by far tonight. His voice kind of reminded me of a raspyier version of Dave Grohl. Suggested Best of You by Foo Fighters to them, though I’m not sure if they would get clearance.

  30. Okay, I like April Lockhart tonight. If I’m still feeling infatuated with her performance in the morning, I might buy that song, since she took something I don’t much like and made it interesting.

    Jesse Kinch has the sense to demonstrate he can be somewhat contemporary. I’m not into his thing, but he brings such great conviction to it that it’s kinda fun to watch. I respect him for not coasting on retro appeal but making some kind of effort to show where he fits in more current music. (Yeah, the career boost from RS will probably be lousy, but better to be the person who goes after every toehold than the one who doesn’t think ahead.)

  31. Missed this for work…
    Thank God.
    Basically..there’s Jesse…then there’s Dana who forever has my approval for singing Latch…I want her back now >.>
    Then there’s the guy who I’m willing to bet got such a high percentage cause of the whole “I’m getting married this week” bullshit…
    Jesse as Rising Star’s 1st and only winner.
    Also, I’m happy that Macy girl is out >.> sorry.

  32. 20 is still young to get married, even for devout Christians :) For example, none of the devout Christians who competed on Idol were married by that age, I don’t think.

  33. I’ll be blunt then. :). He’s a devout Christian who, like a lot of his brethren, probably believes it’s a sin to have sex before marriage.

    No marriage. No sex. It’s definitely a motivating factor.

  34. “Jesse as Rising Star’s 1st and only winner.”
    yeah. I think this is a one and done joke of a show.

    “Dana who forever has my approval for singing Latch.”
    the song choice pleased me too…says something good about her

  35. The talent on the show hasn’t warranted a second season and I’d only feel at ease with another season if Jesse (the winner hasn’t been named yet…but it’s safe to say, right?) makes it big..
    Otherwise? Nope. That’s enough Rising Star for forever in America.

    Yup, says very good things about her, but then again I could just be biased because I’m eternally addicted to the song.

  36. From the very first Jesse is the only performer on this show who is anywhere near the calibur of singers we see on Idol or the Voice. He really is the only one I care about. I really think 95% of them are awful. I hope this show can give that kid a real shot. He deserves it. I wonder if he had auditioned for any of the others.

  37. But in this case, the white guy with long hair and rock chops SHOULD win.

  38. He will need his own band to have any success. Good luck, Jesse.

  39. Can’t take him seriously since the infamous DWTS doghouse incident. Lol.

  40. I know how everyone complains about how the viewers always favor voting for guys over the ladies, but TB H, last night it was totally justified that the 3 guys got the highest vote totals of the night, because Jesse, Austin and Joshua totally blew away all of the girls in terms of both vocals and stage presence. Shameia was good after a shaky start and April and Audrey Kate had their moments, but the ladies are really going to have to step up their game if they don’t want to end up with an all-male Top 3.

  41. Except they didn’t, but you suffer from the typical male bias on these shows for white mediocre guys. But hey, own it.

  42. Jesse Kinch imo steals the show! His performance, is the only one, I look forward too. each week! I laughed at Brad, when he said, ( like a young fan) “will you sign my guitar?”.Ha!Ha!

  43. I’ve been steering clear of this show like the plague, but out of curiosity I decided to watch Jesse. He was good, but if he’s the best one I haven’t been missing much.

  44. I agree. I think that especially Jesse has been so much better than the rest, and that shows in the voting. It’s not just that he’s a certain type it’s that he is most consistently considered the best.

  45. He’s the best by a long shot. The other two guys who came close in the score got help from the emotional manipulation–the adorable family in the audience, the mid-week wedding. Jesse’s the only one who got the studio audience engaged strictly because of his performance.

  46. Jesse’s cover of Seven Nation Army is #479 on iTunes — that’s the only song from last night’s show that is charting

  47. It’s the only song I’ve bought since the show started, first performance I really liked. though I did like him better than the others.

  48. Somebody at Capitol Records just ordered another case of bourbon to be sent directly to the office. When your anointed future winner — who’s highly competent, reasonably strategic, and (unlike a certain recent Idol winner) nice-looking and charming — can’t move significant amounts of music, your project is so screwed.

    Whatever people are watching this show for, it’s apparently not to buy music.

  49. It might not be just that people aren’t watching to buy music, it might be that people aren’t watching at all. It seems like the shows that consistently sell the singles have much higher ratings than this does.

  50. Either way, Kinch isn’t on track to come off this show with a fanbase that can support a major-label music career, even with Capitol’s reputed much smaller advances.

    It’s obviously not his specific fault, since nobody from this show sells squat, but he’ll get stuck with the consequences, regardless.

  51. 3.5 million people watched the show. If 0.1% of them bought his single, he’d be in the Top 100 on iTunes.

  52. Jesse is gonna win this. It’ll be between him and Josh or Austin. He deserves it, he’s got the raw passion and fire for music that has died a lot over the past few decades. No one has the passion anymore, they just wanna make money and I genuinely think he wants to win this thing because he loves music. That’s why I’m rooting for him.

    YES MACY KATE IS GONE. That girl was way overrated. Looks like her internet fandom couldn’t save her this time. She’s got some raw talent and I get that she’s going for the Demi Lovato thing but she needs to learn how to sing in key on pitch. Oh and better voice control.

    Glad Dana got saved but the poor girl needs to grow a personality. She’s so freaking boring with no stage charisma. And she needs to switch up her songs and arrangements it’s like she’s singing the same morose song every week. Give her something upbeat to sing.

    Bye Sonnet. I loved your voice in the beginning but you proved that you only sound good when you’re singing Jewel-type songs and nothing else. Her voice is too one-dimensional.

    My girl Audrey almost messed it up for herself. The song was okay but I don’t think it was the right choice. She needs to sing Amy Winehouse songs instead of “inspired by Amy Winehouse song”. She’s got the voice for it.

  53. My god this is an awfull show and it will move to Germany this weekend. I´ve had an offer to audition, later on to get free tickets to the show; thankfully denied both.

    If it´s that total crap, then dear singers/artists don´t go there to protect your self esteeme.

  54. I think that she believes that even those with marginal talent can succeed (maybe using herself as proof?). lol

  55. It’s just a bad show in the US from what I hear.
    It’s rather successful in some other place I can’t recall.

  56. Several places, it turns out.

    Rising Star was a huge hit in Israel, where it started. Next stop was Brazil, where it opened with enormous technical glitches but apparently then got itself in gear. In Portugal, it routinely beat The Voice.


    (Mind you, this article makes it sound like a success in the U.S. until you do the math and realize our download rate is way, way lower than in these other countries, so idek.)

  57. I’m from Portugal, and even though RS beat TV routinely, I actually think the ratings of the latter were better, given the channel it was on.

    The Voice was in a channel where Sunday night shows (no matter what) usually average 0.5-0.6 million, while the channel where Rising Star was on usually has an average of 1.5-1.6 million (in a country of 10 million people, it’s a considerable difference) on Sunday nights.

    The thing is: The Voice had an average of almost 0.9 million, while RS had 1.1 million. Most people were really happy with TV while RS was considered a disappointment (it really was quite boring and the talent pool was clearly less diverse).

    From what I know, Rising Star is a HUGE show in Israel. Maybe it had great contestants, I don’t know. I’m not really enjoying the US version. I knew Macy Kate and I like her videos on Youtube, but some of her performances in this show were rated R… for rough!

  58. For the performers, it’s not really that much of a down side. Even with its floptastic numbers, most of the artists are not going to get the chance to perform in front of that kind of audience.

    3.50 million viewers is awful for a prime time US TV show, but it’s fabulous for an unknown singer.

  59. Can you explain this? Is one channel available to fewer viewers? Otherwise, why not simply choose by the show, not the channel?

  60. Yeah, it could be a success in Europe, but Germany is the second largest music market after the US. And with such formats as “the voice of Germany” and “Idol” in Germany called “DSDS” there´s no place for an other “music” casting reality show.

    It will tank here. I´ve heard that that Isreali Format has some huge impact in some countries, but no luck here. We´ve been oversaturated with sob stories and mediocore singing. Let´s gettin´on.

  61. They are available for the same amount of people, the thing is TVI (the channel where RS is on) is just way more popular than RTP1 (The Voice channel). RTP1 has recently gained some popularity, even if slowly, because it decided to do more soap operas and shows like The Voice, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, MasterChef, Project Runway etc… but people have known it for years to be a channel that only attracts really older people (65+).

    TVI had Big Brother, Secret Story (a 2nd type of BB), Dancing With The Stars and SIC (another channel which has the same popularity as TVI) had Idol, X Factor, SYTYCD, Biggest Loser, etc… Which means, these two channels have attracted for several years a way bigger audience than RTP1. Actually, I know several people who do not watch RTP1 at all.

    I can’t really explain why does this happen, but the truth is a show is in disadvantage just by being on RTP1. The fact that The Voice was usually in 2nd place every Sunday Night was considered a success by the channel because they weren’t expecting that at all.

  62. The problem is, it’s 3.5 million people who apparently have zero interest in buying your music. And it’s a huge time commitment to get those non-buyers, plus you get to publicly demonstrate to a label that you aren’t selling music to that audience.

    Touring small clubs in a van that breaks down between Albuquerque and Amarillo starts looking productive.

    (I’m now listening to Kinch’s originals on Reverbnation. He’s a real throwback, but it’s in the Doors-ish direction I find more tolerable, as these things go.)

  63. That´s very interesting. It seems to me, that the popluar channels get sufficiant numbers alone and whatever is on that channel, it´ll be a success.

    Here in Germany we´ve got the RTL channel with the dumbest programming for the mass and the mass love it.

    All of the US/UK original show formats get a german douche waterdown replicate and it´s hard to swallow. I´m personally offended by it´s bleek and hollow concepts. And it will spread like a virus.
    Cheap and Cheaper.

  64. Here in the US, the only thing that make someone choose a show based on the channel it airs on would be a dead battery in their remote control!

    Networks may have reputations for types of programming, but those are always in flux.

  65. I googleded RTP1 and it’s the first TV channel of Portuguese national broadcaster. I imagine the other two channels must be commercial TV channels. National broadcasters are partially funded by tax payers, so the programs have to be well balanced in every way, educational and great in quality. Until recently, national broadcasters were rather apprehensive towards many of these foreign TV formats that proved to be very popular with the viewers. Here in Slovenia, Slovenia’s Got Talent, X Factor, Big Brother, Bar, The Farm, MasterChef were all on commercial TV channels and very popular.

  66. Exactly, RTP1 is partially paid by tax payers while the others are commercial TV channels. That’s why there are many educational programs in that channel, contrary to the others, which are more aimed at the big masses, thus the big and internacional TV formats.

  67. An unknown singer touring small clubs will still not get a singer the amount of exposure that would be on a national tv show, though not as much for Rising Star because of the lowered ratings. Even so, I’m sure any contestant from any of these shows sells more than they would if they were unknown.

  68. I was 18 and hubby was 20. In March, we will celebrate 50 years.

  69. I’m sure any contestant from any of these shows sells more than they would if they were unknown.

    A brief peak of 479 on the iTunes chart means maybe maybe a couple hundred copies. There were mid-card Idols who sold less than that throughout the (more watched) season. The winner frequently didn’t make the top 1,500.

    Not every indie band or unsigned artist is “unknown,” even at the start-up stage. Plenty of these people have regional followings who actually buy their music. (Good numbers are obviously hard to come by, since what’s sold at shows is more likely an EP and probably isn’t reported to Soundscan.)

    The broken-bird female country singer who didn’t pass the battle rounds (Sarah Darling? there’s one on every show now) was already at the professional solo level, in a small way. I can’t believe that not-selling-enough-to-hit-the-top-1500 was a career boost for her.

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