Big Brother 15: Power Rankings Week 7! (with Poll)

After the disappointing Double Eviction this past Thursday, I honestly had no motivation to rank these houseguests. I mean seriously, how can they continue to fail week after week? It was hard to watch Fan Favorites Candice & Judd walk out the door, leaving behind the racists and the perverts to continue in the game. Think about it, we have 9 houseguests remaining this season & one of these people below will actually walk away with $500,000. Do they really deserve it? However, here is where the cast fell this week in our Power Rankings…


9. Jessie

Jessie Amanda’s main target and this season seems like whatever Amanda wants Amanda gets. Jessie is very aware, but being aware this season isn’t a good thing.

8. Spencer

He continues to be used as a pawn and at some point it will back fire on him. He has to tread careful and be mindful of what he says to the other housequests. I feel like Spencer has the capability to make a move that needs to be made this season, but when you can’t actually win anything that doesn’t matter…

7. GinaMarie

(SPOILER ALERT) With Andy in power, he has mentioned getting rid of her which knocks her down a few levels. She is not a real threat in the game even after winning HOH last week.

6. Amanda

After this week the house will have to draw a line in the sand and separate. Between Amanda and Helen it will come down to who gets to take the first shot. She’s also not as innocent as she was a few weeks ago, people are on to her it’s just most players are afraid to make the move. It’s coming though…

5. Elissa

Elissa played it low this last week while letting others become bigger targets. She is in no way in the clear and I would not be surprised if she is sent packing sooner rather than later. Elissa is one of the head strong players, ready to make a move but I honestly think she needs to keep her game play a secret into she actually is in power…

4. Helen

Helen still has a few players who are willing to keep her safe, but as more and more people leave the house the biggest a threat Helen becomes.

3. Aaryn

Little miss “In The Dark’, is looking like a golden ticket for Final 4. For some strange reason Aaryn has gained some trusts from doing the dirty work of Amanda, and Helen and both of them would take her far along with them in the game for it. She’s proven herself as a player in challenges but if she wants to win this game she needs to get her spine back from Helen/Amanda.

2. McCrae

McCrae still has the Amanda shield in front of him, if he can cut her loose and look less threatening without her I could see him pulling out a few wins to get to the Finale. So far, nobody hates McCrae which equals jury votes.

1. Andy

(SPOILER ALERT) He will be forced to get some blood on his hands this week as HOH but by going after Jessie/Spencer he gets to avoid publicly choosing a side even through to anyone with a brain he has clearly chosen Amanda’s team since every time something is shared with him she finds out yet people continue to trust him. He will need to be careful how he plays in the next few weeks to make sure he stays on the power side.