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Pictured: Craig Morgan, Mike Singletary, Jodie Sweetin, Ray Lewis, and Colton Underwood. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 

The celebrities return to camp after the Lanterns meeting. Mike says it’s been a long day, but they must continue to fight for their charities. Colton is glad he’s at the top of the leaderboard, but he knows he has a target on his back. Ray says they’ll just have to give it their best tomorrow, whether they’re in teams or competing individually. Jodie is the last woman left, and she really wants to win the upcoming challenge. The next morning, Ray, Craig, and Mike bond by the water. Ray says he never would’ve met Craig if it wasn’t for Beyond the Edge. Later, Mike hopes Colton continues winning after the show. He tells Colton he should be happy with himself and that should be enough. Colton says his drive to be a good human being will always make him a winner.

Mauro checks in with the celebrities. He lets them know that there will be no team captains for today’s adventure. Craig speculates that they could be competing individually today. Colton says they must expect the unexpected, so he’s ready for whatever Mauro throws at them. They meet Mauro later, and he tells them they will run timed trials. Regardless where they place, they each will win money for their charities. First place will win $30,000; second place will win $20,000; third place will win $15,000; fourth place will win $10,000; and fifth place will win $5,000. Today is the penultimate adventure. After today, the top two earners will compete in the final adventure. They will compete in teams, and the celebrity at the top of the leaderboard gets to pick his or her teammate. The celebrity who is at the bottom of the leaderboard will go home and won’t participate in the final adventure.


Colton – $100,500

Ray – $100,166

Jodie – $47,916

Mike – $46,666

Craig – $46,000

Colton and Ray are already guaranteed spots in the final adventure. The others can’t surpass them, so today’s adventure will determine who will miss out on participating in the final adventure.

Mauro explains the rules for today’s adventure. For the first stage, they must traverse the swamp and collect a ball in a snake pit. Next, they must retrieve another ball at an “end of the rope brainteaser.” Lastly, they must blindly throw their balls over a wall to land into a target. If they miss, then they must retrieve their balls and try again. The clock will stop once they land a ball in a target.

Ray is the first to run the trial. His knee is hurting, but he knows he has no one to rely on but himself. Jodie is the second to run the trial. She is determined to win more money for her charity. Craig is the third to run the trial. He knows he’s in last place, but he knows he cannot allow that to dictate his thought process. Colton is the fourth to run the trial. He says it’s rare to not have someone to help motivate him, but he must push forward on his own. Mike is the last to run the trial. Mike’s shoe comes off in the swamp, which gives him a slow start. He continues on with a shoe missing.

Jodie struggles with digging out the ball from the snake pit. The pile of sand is almost as tall as her. Craig struggles with the puzzle. They must untangle rope to release a ball from a wooden plank. As for Ray, he manages to land a ball in a target after his third toss. He won’t know how his time compares to the others until everyone has completed the trial. Colton says winning is not about his ego. The money for his charity is his motivation, and he says every second counts.

Ray watches Jodie toss her balls. She misses her first two attempts. Colton is also struggling with the puzzle, and he jokingly asks a nearby monkey for help. After several attempts, Jodie finally lands a ball in a target. She and Ray next watch Craig toss his balls. He manages to land a ball after a few attempts. The three of them watch Colton next, and he lands a ball on his first attempt. Mike is the last to toss his balls, and the others notice how he’s missing a shoe. Mike manages to land his second ball in a target. Everyone finished the trial, and Mauro lets them know he will reveal their times at the Lanterns meeting. Before then, the celebrities will enjoy a pasta reward. Mauro also gives Mike back his missing shoe.

The celebrities enjoy a feast, which includes pasta, fish, shrimp, grapes, salad, bread, cheese, and wine. The celebrities have been out there for two weeks, and they’re appreciative for the food they’re getting to eat. They also talk about the adventure, and they agree the puzzle was tough. Jodie speculates that she’s last on the leaderboard. Craig knows last place will be Jodie, Mike, or himself. Regardless, he’s enjoyed the experience. Jodie agrees that she’ll miss these moments with her fellow competitors.

The celebrities return to camp later before the Lanterns meeting. Ray says Mike is one of his childhood heroes, and he’s glad they were able to reconnect on Beyond the Edge. Craig gives them all kudos for making it all the way to this point. Jodie says she’ll be at peace if she does leave tonight since she believes it will make it a more even showdown between Colton and Ray in the final adventure.

The celebrities arrive at the Lanterns meeting and earn an additional $2,000. Mauro asks them about their experience. Craig says they were able to compete with love and compassion. Jodie says she’s not outdoorsy, but she’s glad she went outside her comfort zone. Ray says the comfort zone is the deadliest space anyone can remain in. He’s glad this experience helped change him. Colton says the camera still makes him uncomfortable, but he wanted to be vulnerable and an example for someone who can relate to him. Mike is also appreciative of the friendships, especially with Ray. Ray agrees, and Ray is also glad to have formed a friendship with Craig. He says they understand each other’s hearts. Craig agrees they had a humorous relationship. Ray tells Craig that they will be friends for a very long time. He says the bond they have is so strong that either Craig will sing at his funeral or he will speak at Craig’s funeral. Afterwards, Mauro reveals the results of the trial:

1st place: Ray (5:38)

2nd place: Craig (8:42)

3rd place: Colton (13:04)

4th place: Jodie (13:18)

5th place: Mike (16:15)

Mauro next reveals where they all stand on the leaderboard:


Ray – $132,165

Colton – $124,500

Craig – $68,000

Jodie – $59,916

Mike – $53,666

Mike is at the bottom of the leaderboard. However, Jodie asks if Mike is willing to take her place. She says she must listen to the voice in her head. She has pushed herself as much as she can physically and safely. She says her time is done. Mike tells Jodie that he will take her place. Jodie will go home, letting Mike participate in the final adventure where Colton and Ray will compete to win Beyond the Edge. Jodie rings the bells, and she gives her farewell to the remaining four. She says it’s been an honor and wishes them well.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Beyond the Edge. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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