Survivor Season 42 Week 10 Recap and Live Blog

Survivor Season 42
Pictured (L-R): Jonathon Young, Omar Zaheer, Mike Turner, Drea Wheeler, Romeo Escobar, Maryanne Oketch and Lindsay Dolashewich. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 

After Tribal Council

The tribe returns to camp after tribal council. Mike is glad Hai has been voted off. He said Hai was getting too full himself. Hai thought he was the king, but his peasants banded together to take him out. Romeo is also glad Hai has been voted out. He has wanted Hai out for a long time. Romeo also feels like he can sit back and let the big egos take each other out before the underdogs take over the game. In addition, now that Hai is gone, Lindsay and Drea’s amulets are now steal-a-vote advantages.

Potential Final Five Alliance

The next morning the tribe bonds at camp. Maryanne is having a lot of fun, despite the hunger and the miserable living conditions. Maryanne doesn’t want to seem like a threat, so she has been taking a step back. She and Romeo talk game later. They say they are in the power position now and predict the others will target each other. Meanwhile, Mike, Omar, Drea, Lindsay, and Jonathan talk at the beach. They agree that Romeo and Maryanne are the next two out. Drea says she’s surprised they are still here. Mike is also annoyed how Romeo doesn’t work around camp. They say Romeo doesn’t help make food, but he’s the first to eat it. Mike, Omar, Drea, Lindsay, and Jonathan agree to a Final 5 alliance. However, later Mike tells Omar it was all a ruse to make Drea feel comfortable. He says Drea is dangerous with her advantages. Omar doesn’t trust Mike. He says Mike has become what he was accusing Hai of being. Mike is pushing his own agenda too much.

Jonathan says no one sees how hard it is for him. He’s a bigger guy and is used to eating a lot more calories than everyone else. He says everyone else is half his size, so they can’t understand his struggle. Later, Jonathan joins Mike, Lindsay, and Drea to untangle the net to catch some fish. Jonathan gets short with Drea when she tells him what to do. Drea says Jonathan is getting hangry, and she is through with him. Jonathan says he’s trying to hold his tongue, but he knows there’s now a seed in Drea’s mind to vote him out. Lindsay also wants Jonathan to be voted out. Lindsay and Drea talk to Maryanne and Romeo about voting out Jonathan at the next tribal council. They say he cannot win the next immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Jeff tells the audience today is the “Do-or-Die” twist. He explains the rules when the castaways arrive. The castaways have the option to play immunity or not. If they want to play for immunity, then they risk their game. The first person eliminated from the challenge will have to play a game of chance. That game of chance could end up sending them home tonight. No idols or advantages can help them either. The castaways make their choices. Everyone chose to sit out except Jonathan and Lindsay. The challenge begins. For this challenge, they must stand on a narrow perch while holding a bar behind their heads. After twelve minutes, Lindsay steps off the perch. Jonathan wins immunity!

Before the Vote

Lindsay is disappointed in herself. She says she made a million dollar gamble. She cries in her confessional. She says she’s proud of herself for giving it her all. She adds she’s not out of the game yet. In her confessional, Drea admits she hopes Lindsay is eliminated tonight. If Lindsay goes home, then her amulet becomes an immunity idol. This will add to her collection of advantages. However, Mike is determined to get Drea out of the game. He gathers the numbers to blindside Drea tonight. There’s a general consensus that Drea could win the game if she gets to the end. Mike is glad that everyone is on board with voting for Drea tonight.

Mike adds in his confessional that he’ll play his idol tonight if he feels uneasy. And he may need to feel uneasy, because Omar wants to target Mike tonight. He thinks he’s the bigger threat, but he’s unsure he can get the numbers to vote Mike out tonight. Later, Drea shares Omar the information about her Knowledge is Power advantage. She’s unsure if Romeo is really the target like Mike claims, so she wants to steal Mike’s idol and vote out Mike tonight. Omar is excited about this news, and he later tells Drea about her Knowledge is Power advantage. Lindsay suggests telling Mike about Drea’s Knowledge is Power advantage. He could give his idol to Omar or Lindsay, and then Drea will waste her advantage since Mike’s idol won’t be in his possession at the time. Omar weighs the options of which plan is better between voting out Drea or voting out Mike. He’s unsure which way to go.

Tribal Council

Jeff first discusses the “Do-or-Die” twist. Jonathan says he knew he needed immunity. Lindsay said her competitiveness took over herself. She thinks she made a stupid decision. Mike says Lindsay didn’t make a stupid decision, and she’ll be fine regardless what happens. Maryanne hopes Lindsay doesn’t lose her competitiveness. She says Lindsay made a good decision. Jeff asks about the potential vote. Maryanne says there was scrambling in case a vote happens tonight. Drea says she observed who was talking throughout the day. Omar says today people were very paranoid, even though there may not be a vote. Jonathan says more people were willing to speak to him since he’s safe. Mike says they all have to be careful how they talk to each other.

Before the vote, Jeff sets up the “Do-or-Die” game. There are three boxes. One box has a flame. Two boxes have a skull. If Lindsay picks the box with a flame, then she is safe. If she picks a box with a skull, then she is eliminated. Lindsay chooses her box. Jeff opens a different box and reveals a skull. He gives her the choice to swap boxes. Lindsay chooses to stay with her choice. Jeff opens her box. Lindsay picked the box with a flame. Lindsay is safe, and there will be a vote tonight.

Before the vote, Drea reveals her Knowledge is Power advantage. He reads the details out loud. She asks Mike if he has a hidden immunity idol. Mike says no. Earlier, Omar warned Mike about Drea’s Knowledge is Power advantage. Mike gave his idol to Omar, so Drea was unable to steal his idol. Afterwards, the castaways vote. We see Mike vote for Drea and Drea use her extra vote advantage.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…









Drea is the twelfth person voted out and the fifth member of the jury. Drea takes her elimination in stride, and she gives personal shout-outs to all the remaining castaways. After her torch is snuffed, Jeff comments how he’s never seen a season with such a high level of gameplay along with great camaraderie. He says that’s how Survivor should be played since it’s just a game and an adventure at the end of the day.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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