Anoop Desai New Single “My Name” Available for Download

Anoop Desai’s new single, “My Name” is now available for download at his official webstore.  While there, you can also pre-order his upcoming 8 song EP, All is Fair, set to be released May 4.

  • Download your copy from iTunes HERE.

Check out a preview of the infectious, Bollywood-inspired tune HERE.

Bonus Videos: Interview with the LA Times plus, Anoop sings an acoustic version of his new song,   “My Name” on the 10! Show in Philadelphia. via Anoop Desai Street Team

Video after the JUMP…

Anoop sings “My Name” on the 10! Show

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  1. I am so excited for Anoop!And I really like this single….very catchy and danceable….very pop…

  2. The EP preorder page shows the track list. Eight songs! Just the titles are getting me all excited. LOL.

  3. This is actually my 1st time hearing it and it’s actually not bad. The lyrics are not the greatest but it’s very Usher meets Bollywood and Anoop sounds pretty good. This is exactly what he should be singing. I remember on AI Anoop had trouble finding uptempo songs that were good for him but this is perfect for him IMO. Good luck to him.

  4. The EP preorder page shows the track list. Eight songs!

    Why didn’t he just record two more and call it an album? lol. I’m excited to hear his studio version of “Crazy Love”

    I’m waiting for My Name to come out on iTunes because I’m too lazy to enter my credit card info in Anoop’s store.

  5. This is an EXTREMELY catchy song. The only criticism I have actually is I like the chorus the least, and that should be the most memorable. But the beat is infectious. My daughters both loved it when they heard it, and they are that teen market, so there ya go. Great job Anoop- we’ll be downloading it.

    Okay, one more criticism- poppin like a toaster, Anoop? really?

  6. Anoop’s glasses look annoying as hell. Why did such ridiculous looking frames suddenly get in style? I dunno why, but it bugs me terribly, they look really stupid IMO. *coughJermainecoughRyanfromTheOfficecough*. God, I hope at least those frames have lenses, frames without lenses just make him and other people look like a tool…. sooo….. so what? i’m still a rock star…. sorry, that was unnecessary to break out into song like that.

    The link’s not working! I wanna hear it before I download it.

    LOLWTF @ Poppin’ like a toaster. At least it’s funny bad. Not like Kanye West’s “This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson…. Now I’m mad, real mad, Joe Jackson”…… Holy crap, I love Knock You Down, but I think I have a mini coronary every time I hear that line. I hope if Anoop’s lyrics are bad, they’re at least cheesy. But hopefully they’re good.

  7. This is a really catchy song. It’s right up there with what’s on the radio right now. I hopes he gets some plays, it really is a good song.

  8. I actually thought it turned out nice, too! I love how he added Middle Eastern elements like the sitar. Props to Anoop!

  9. It sounds radio friendly – very catchy. I like the Indian influences.

  10. Or Run this town’s something about shoelaces…

    I LOVE this song-will get it off itunes

    and i like the influences to my culture…(and his!!! :))

  11. Nice that both Adam and Kris have tweeted about this!

    Is this on iTunes? It sounded like Anoop wants people to download it off his official website.

  12. I love the acoustic version and would buy it too if it was available. Anoop, are you listening ?
    He looks terrific and so happy in the videos.
    I am enjoying the song more, the more I play it. Now my only negative is that I wish he had used a different picture. But the CD cover that is shown on his website looks Awesome !

  13. Love that acoustic version – would buy that too if I could! He looks so happy at the end, I love it.

  14. Terrific song!!!! I really liked it; danced all over the loving room. Oops, danced all over the living room, too. Good luck, Anoop!!!!!

  15. Wow, Anoop looks really good in that blue suit and the glasses. I am going to check out his song! Hopefully it’s good so I can download it. Congrats Anoop! :)

  16. Cool song. I love the beat, almost as good as movin to the beet – see My Name, here. I hear you calling my, I hear you calling My Name, My Name… Funny ending too, Anooop, Anoooop.

  17. I don’t care for a lot of pure pop, but I really like this song. The Indian flourishes really add to it. He sounds great on the acoustic version too. Just goes to show that not every singer REQUIRES auto-tuning.

    Is Ellen going to have him on her show? (Or mabye she has already!)

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