American Idol 9 – Top 11 Power List

On this week’s Power List, the teens, Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens, coming off of well received Top 12 performances, have moved up the list.

UPDATE: Aaron Kelly has lost his voice; “hope my voice is back before tonight” he tweets. He’ll be fine…he’ll get pity votes.

Crystal Bowersox cedes her 1st place from last week to Siobhan Magnus.  While the two top the list, I would not be surprised if a a dark horse snuck up and took the prize. One of the teenagers (Aaron Kelly, Katie Stevens) perhaps.  Didi Benami, Lee Dewyze and Casey James all have a shot if they up their game over the next few weeks.

The Idol crown, at this point is definitely up for grabs.

My list, after the jump. What’s yours?

  1. Siobhan Magnus –  Her dramatic and well staged performance of “Paint it Black” last week had the judges raving.  It also captured the imagination of Idol viewers.  But, to stay viable, Siobhan is going to have to show some versatility.  Performing big songs that end with a dramatic screech is a strategy that’s been played out. Plus, in the end, she may be a little too odd to end up on top.
  2. Crystal Bowersox –  The judges less than enthusiastic review of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, plus Simon’s unfavorable comparison to Siobhan last week, means that Crystal drops a spot this week.  She is arguably the most talented contestant of the 11, but she may have peaked already.   She needs to show some obvious humility, enthusiasm and room for growth to Idol viewers if she’s going to make it to the bitter end.  Her lippy, eye-rolly attitude with the judges last week did not help her.
  3. Aaron Kelly –  The judges loved his performance of “Angie”, and while Aaron still needs work on his stage presence, he did improve last week.  Aaron proved that he’s willing to take the judges notes and improve.  Idol audiences love that.
  4. Katie Stevens –  Katie and Aaron are in the same boat here.  Even if they aren’t the most talented of this bunch, they win points as cute teens who continue to improve.
  5. Lee Dewyze –  Simon loves Lee so much, he called him a dark horse in an interview last week.  But in order to move up the list, Lee has to improve his performance skills.  He’s got a great voice, but there isn’t a lot of charisma there. Not sure you can acquire that in a few short weeks.
  6. Didi Benami –  She continues to improve week by week. She would be higher on the list this week if she hadn’t biffed her promising performance of “Playing with Fire” last week.  I’m calling Didi a dark horse.
  7. Casey James –  Casey is a terrific singer, and easy on the eyes.  But, he’s going to have to learn how to loosen up on stage if he wants to move up.
  8. Michael Lynche – Simon called Michael’s performance of “Miss You” last week “corny”.  Michael’s vocals were a little OTT on a bad arrangement, so Michael takes a tumble this week.  Not to say the loveable teddy bear can’t regain some ground with a good performance this week.
  9. Paige Miles –  Paige is hanging in there, partly by virtue of her status as the lone female R&B singer.  Unless she finds a way to make her competent performances memorable, she’s destined to be a mid-packer at best.
  10. Andrew Garcia –  Andrew is running on fumes right now.  He came into the live competition as the front-runner, but his performances on the big Idol stage have been lackluster and awkward. If he doesn’t improve this week, I would not be surprised to see him eliminated.
  11. Tim Urban –  Tim’s insane performance of  “Under My Thumb” last week puts him at the bottom of the list.  His performances have ranged from mediocre to completely WTF??!!?.  It amazes me that he’s lasted this long.  I want to believe that this week, he’s run out of good will and good luck.

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