America’s Got Talent – Los Angeles and Atlanta Auditions

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…tonight’s America’s Got Talent premiere was not half bad. Sure, there were your typical trainwrecks taking up too much time–but some of the bad performers were actually funny.

For instance the show opens with an act that was surely a planted bit–a juggling unicyclist that makes germ-phobic Howie Mandel’s day a living nightmare-but it was funny nevertheless.  There were the talented acts too, like IT professional and would-be singer, Ryan Andreas, whose gravelly voice impressed the judges.

There was only one annoying kid act–a trio of tiny rappers and virtually NO OVER THE TOP SOB STORIES.  Tonight’s auditions, split between Los Angeles and Atlanta were a very painless way to spend two hours.  Check out the best of the auditions below.

Frank Olivier – Los Angeles

Unicyclist, juggler and torturer of Howie Mandel

Ryan Andreas sings “Angel” – Los Angeles

Landon Swank – Los Angeles

Talented magician, although I really don’t like acts that treat women like objects to be appeared and disappeared at will

Vegas Birds – Los Angeles

Bird lady trains parrots to do clever tricks

Team iLuminate – Atlanta

Entertaining blacklight act

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