America’s Got Talent: Extreme Winner: Finale Recap (Video)

Pictured: Travis Pastrana — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

America’s Got Talent: Extreme Winner: Finale Recap, Live Blog

AGT: Extreme taped in front of a studio audience at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and later, after the NBC paused production after a horrific accident during rehearsal, at the Irwindale Speedway in California. 

Sitting on the judges panel alongside creator Simon Cowell is motocross legend Travis Pastrana and WWE wrestler and reality star, Nikki Bella. Terry Crews hosts. 

The show’s format is similar to regular flavor AGT: The acts audition, at least two yeses sends the act to the next round. However, at home superfans will vote whether an act goes through to the final. Additionally, the Golden Buzzer is in play. Recipients will go straight through to the finale. The winner takes home $500,000.

Tonight is the FINALE. A winner will be crowned. Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker perform.

There are more NEW auditions tonight, which I was not expecting. Originally this show was probably supposed to run for six weeks, at least. But after the accident and the delay, the season likely got truncated.

Nerveless Nocks – 30 & 55 – 80 Ft Duo Sway Pole

The father and daughter come from a long line of daredevils. His grandfather performed in front of Queen Elizabeth. The daughter broke her leg last year. The act climbs 80 feet in the air on poles that sway around in the wind. There are no harnesses or nets to catch a fall. The two hang upside down from straps and sway toward each other. They switch places at one point. Dad dismounts by sliding down the pole fast, upside down. He stops just shy of cracking his head. Daughter is a little more careful. This stunt is very dangerous. 

Afterward, the daughter is in tears. Nikki declares that she has chills all over her body. “This act is why I’m excited to come on this show, “says Travis. “That was off the charts,” says Simon. He calls it one of the scariest acts on the show. 3 yeses

William Brandon – 32 – Fire Dancing with Rope Dart

Will performs “fire dancing.” He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. His mother is very supportive.  She accompanies him to his audition–she’s never watched him perform on a big stage. He wraps a fiery rope around his neck and swings it around. This sorta thing is cool looking, but not particularly dangerous, because surely he’s covered in fire retardent. 

Nikki calls the act “absolutely beautiful…I felt something.” Travis also found it beautiful and emotional. William declares that he’s the best in world at what he does. Not too many people do the act, though he admits. Travis thought it was awesome but not extreme. He says no. Nikki says yes. Simon acknowledges that it wasn’t dangerous, but still extreme. He says yes. – 1 no two yeses

JCB Dancing Diggers – 22-51 – Heavy Machinery Agility

The group drive heavy equipment during the day, use the machinery to perform choreographed routines at night. Eight co-workers are part of the team. This does not sound very extreme. A man named Spencer is the star of the show. He also does all the “choreography.” The machines, diggers, are really clunky. It’s as dumb as expected. For some reason, a flag unfurled at the end. I’m confused. It’s a Monster Truck Rally kind of an act. 

Nikki is on the fence. Travis liked the horsepower and the flag. He doesn’t think it’s extreme enough. Simon thinks it’s more odd than extreme. But he liked it anyway. “I think there is an element of our audience who would like to see what you do next. Travis says no. Simon says yes. Nikki is also a yes. – 1 no 2 yeses

Erika Lemay – 38 – Aerial silks suspended 90 ft in the air – Group Golden Buzzer

She grew up in a small Canadian town where she discovered ariel arts. In 2018 she had an accident that dislocated her shoulder. A potentially career ending injury, she stopped performing. However, after two years of rehab, she’s back. She ties a silk to a mass of helium balloons. They raise her in the air. Crew members control the balloons from the ground. Once she’s high enough, she performs tricks on the silks. This is really different and kind of cool. The balloons don’t remain still–they float around the field as she performs.

Nikki was on the edge of her seat. “You truly are dangerously beautiful.” Travis also loved it. Simon calls it “unbelievable.” Simon mentions that they used up all their golden buzzers. But what the heck. They do a group buzzer. 


The finale kicks off with Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker performing “Bite Me” on stage. Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus drive around and perform tricks alongside the stage. 

Oh, it’s the end of the FIRST season of extreme, says Terry. I suspect FIRST and LAST. He introduces the Golden Buzzers: Aaron Wheelz, Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders, Verge Aero, Cyndel Flores and Erika Lemay.

There are only TWO remaining spots in the finale which the “superfans” voted on. Not sure when that happened, but the first act voted into the finale is Aaron Evans. He’s the guy who jumped over cars. LAME. The next act through to the finale is…Jade Kindar Martin. He performed a high wire act with fire. It was pretty spectacular. 

Now, the “superfans” voted top 4 are announced: Wheelz, Erika Lamay, Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders and Jade Kindar Martin.

Top two revealed!

Next, Terry announces which two acts will perform head to head for the prize. The first act going into the Top 2 and fighting for the title is Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders (Terry’s Golden Buzzer). Erika Lamay is eliminated. Next, Wheelz and Jade Kindar Martin take the stage. The act going into the Top 2 is…Wheelz (Nikki’s Golden Buzzer). Jade Kindar Martin was robbed. 

Wheelz Tries a Difficult Trick and Wipes out Both Times

But the superfans can still vote for him.

Aaron Wheelz was born with Spina Bifida and performs stunts in a tricked out wheelchair. He’ll be attempting one of the scariest tricks he’s ever tried. His finale performance will involve a backflip, which is more difficult than the front flip he did for his audition. If he wins, Wheelz plans to use the money to develop the sport.  He tries. And he crashes. He said he’d give himself two tries. Travis observes that he leaned back too far the first time. And the second time? He also wipes out. Fail. The audience cheers for him. The super-fans could vote him the winner anyway. 

Travis calls Wheelz a true inspiration. He’s excited and proud. Nikki is also proud of her golden buzzer. Simon said what he did was “truly truly incredible” even if the stunt didn’t pan out.

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders

He’s a six generation circus performer. He competed on AGT as one half of the knife act Deadly Games. He wants to make his family proud. It’s even more important than the money (SURE). This time, Alfredo will add another rider to the cage. The act is similar to the group’s audition–motorcycle tricks galore. Three drivers ride around the cage to begin. They also drive their cycles over the cage, landing on soft ramps. Next, a fourth rider is added to the cage action. A crash could definitely be bad. It’s complicated. They can’t drive in a straight line, instead they drive in a complicated looking criss-cross pattern. And that’s the end!

I do believe we have a winner. Simon calls it “absolutely sensational” and an “11.” He believes they did everything they possibly could to secure the win.  Travis was impressed how every single rider pressed their limits. Nikki calls it “fire.” 

Superfans from all over the country voted for the winner. And the winner of 500,00o and the title of AGT Extreme champion is…Alfreda Silva’s Cage Riders!

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders WIN AGT: Extreme


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