America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap Auditions 7 (Videos)

America’s Got Talent 2023 Recap Auditions 7

America’s Got Talent 2023 auditions continue on NBC. The season 18 judges panel includes Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara. Terry Crews hosts. See more acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas on week 7 of the auditions.

America’s Got Talent 2023 Spoilers Auditions 7 – Meet the Acts
America’s Got Talent 2023 Full Season 18 Schedule

HEADS UP: Season 18 will feature at least SEVEN Golden Buzzers. But NO GOLDEN BUZZER THIS WEEK! And next week…drum roll…it’s a clip show featuring Simon Cowell’s Top 16 most memorable auditions.

Poetic Flight

For everyone’s safety, the audience around the judges desk was removed. But not the judges! The duo are pilots from FRANCE. “It was a dream to be here,” one says. The act involves remote control planes that fly around the room. Simon and Heidi buzz the act. It’s pretty pointless, until the planes do tricks, like fly through hoops. It’s synchronized flying with toy planes.

Sofia thinks it’s spectacular. Howie loves the “inside air show.” But Heidi and Simon find it boring. “It’s not a show in Vegas. Sofia and Howie says yes, Heidi says no. The crowd convinces Simon to say yes. – 3 yeses one no.

BJ Griffin – Singer

NBC previewed this audition earlier today. He explains that he quit football in high school against his parents wishes to pursue music. He’s auditioning for AGT because he’s done with holding himself back. He sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” He’s a decent vocalist, but imitates Green’s style to his determent. Also, there’s not much cello playing? It’s not the focus of performance. It’s hard to tell if he is skilled.

Sofia calls the performance a surprise and a delight. Howie LOVED everything about it. “You are my favorite.” Heidi says he has a “glow” around him. Simon says, “That’s what you call a moment. Your voice is distinctive, stunning.” He calls his energy “amazing” and “stunning.” 4 yeses.

Phil Wright & Parent Jam, Dance Group

The group started in a hip hop studio in Los Angeles and includes parents and kids dancing together. Howie recognizes one of the dancers. She won money on his TV game show Deal or No Deal. Needless to say mommies, Daddies and kiddos dancing together in matching outfits are…amateur. A couple of moves involve tossing kids around which adds some pizzazz. A few of the children have potential.

Howie calls it fun and sweet, but not good enough for AGT. He’s correct. Heidi thinks there are some real stars in the group. Sofia compliments the kids. Simon loves the idea. “It just makes you feel great. This is what this show is all about.” Howie says no, the rest say yes. 1 no 3 yeses

Enishi – Face Changer

Sofia asks Enishi questions, which he ignores. He’s wearing a mask, which he changes again and again and again. It’s like quick change, only with face masks. They look weirdly authentic, but super uncanny valley-like. He takes on each of the judges faces as masks, creeping them all out.

“That was really creepy,” says Sofia, adding, “You’re cute.” Eneshi is from Japan, he tells the judges. His dream is to WIN AGT. By day, he a cell phone salesman. “I liked it,” says Howie. Heidi calls it “super original.” Simon says he liked the act, but it lacked the wow factor. Simon says no, and the crowd boos. Eneshi begs. But Sofia says yes, so he passes 3 yeses 1 no

American Idol season 2018 Top 10 contestant Ada Vox popped up to share her thoughts on AGT. She thinks Las Vegas has the “best of the best” entertainers of the world,” she says. Hopefully America’s Got Talent airs her full audition at some point. If they don’t, the question will be if producers bowed to right wing pressure and fear of being boycotted…

Timothy Fletcher – Drummer

Twenty-six year old Timothy is a drummer from Baltimore. His friend got killed, which inspired Timothy to follow his dreams. He drums on a simple snare. But it’s how he manipulates his sticks that’s mesmerizing and easy to watch. He’s so fast and works in a slew of impressive tricks. The crowd loves it.

Sofia says, “That was so much fun…I loved it.” Howie calls it mesmerizing and incredible. Heidi calls it a perfect first audition and “a perfect million dollar smile.” Simon felt “amazing” watching him. “I love you.” 4 yeses

The Galactivators – New Age Singing Duo

The duo wants to bring joy and divine messages they have learned through their yoga practice. The duo are from Long Beach, California. TOTAL WOO WOO. I have no idea what’s goin on here. They are really bad singers and performers! Howie buzzed them before they even started. Eventually everyone buzzes them.

Simon says he loves them but not the song and suggests they return. Really? Interestingly, the duo sent out a press release last week. They are dropping a song on July 28. The two said in the press statement: “We are so grateful for the opportunity to spread our musical medicine to the people of Planet Earth. This song was made with the intent of Galactivating the listener, and unlocking your superpower, SuperFriends!” Alrighty, then! – 4 nos

Off Broadway Jack

The photo of this act is captioned “Off Broadway Jack” but he introduces himself on stage as Lance Armlong. “I’m a golfer.” His act is golfing with stupid “long arms.” – 4 buzzes. JOKE ACT – 4 nos


Surely, another joke act that will be buzzed right off. A person in a gorilla suit plays with a hula hoop. BUZZZZZZZZZZ. It was clear from the photos the last two acts would get 30 seconds and a bunch of buzzes – 4 nos.

Koko Hayashi – Face Yoga

Koko from Japan is a youthful 44 years old. She shows people how to maintain a young appearance through facial exercises. Sofia follows her on Instagram. Heidi is mad that Sofia never shared her videos, and the two argue a bit. Koko leads the panel through a bunch of goofy looking exercises. Simon buzzes her. “You’re making us look stupid.” The crowd begins booing her. Which is kind of mean! Howie and Heidi also buzz her.

“I think this is something you should do in private,” says Howie. Koko begins arguing that AGT is for everyone. The crowd is screaming in the end, Heidi and Sofia say yes, but Howie and Simon say no. She’s popular on Tik tok, which is probably where she should stay – 2 yesses, 2 nos.

The Rybka Twins – Contortion Sister Duo

Sam and Teagan met Simon on the AGT red carpet last year. Simon suggested they audition for the show, and here they are. Simon says he remembers them, but later admits that he fibbed to their faces. They were on Season 7 of Australia’s Got Talent in 2013 where they were eliminated in the SemiFinals. The act is a mix of synchronized dancing and contortion, and requires skill, but it’s corny, like a pageant act.

Heidi says they had her at their first split. “Very good.” Howie thinks they have the skill set, but found it “corny.” EXACTLY. “That would not go viral on Tik Tok,” he says, erroneously. Actually the duo has millions and millions of followers on social media. One clip has amassed 3.6 million likes and 36.3 million views. Sofia also thinks their act is outdated. Simon disagrees. “I loved this audition. You’re fun, you’re likeable…I find you two interesting.” Howie says no. The crowd convinces Sofia to say yes. Simon says yes – 1 no 3 yeses

Duo Just Two Men – Aerial Duo

Artem Lyubanevych and Oleg Shakirov, from Ukraine, are auditioning for AGT to show their talent to the world. They will perform hand balancing for the audience. Shirtless for your pleasure! Heh. The duo work on aerial straps, displaying their incredible strength and skill. At one point one acrobat balances on the head of the other with one hand, while they are suspended. Crazy! The two are graceful and macho at the same time.

Heidi couldn’t stop watching. “You have done some moves we have never seen.” Howie thinks it looks like a special effect. Sofia calls it dramatic and breathtaking. Simon wants to know more about their friendship. They trust each other because they have been through so much together. Simon calls them “extraordinary.” 4 yeses

Cakra Khan – Singer

Backstage, Cakra explains that eating spicy food before he takes the stage calms him down. The 31 year old singer is from Indonesia. He’s a big fan of soul and blues music. He sings “Make it Rain.” And….his singing voice is completely different from his speaking voice. It’s gravelly, pitched lower and he sings with an American accent. But weirdly the audience begins booing him? Why? THIS IS SO FAKE. I’d bet my condo a producer is orchestrating the crowd response, so Simon can say that he hates the track. Oh boy. How many times can a show pull out the same tired schtick? DiD yoU bRinG aNotHEr sONg wiTh yOu? Simon asks. And of course, he did.

So he saves the super emotional song, “No Woman No Cry” that his parents used to sing to him as his second song? Really? “I know I’m going to cry,” he confesses. I mean, it’s better than the first song, but not leaps and bounds better. The first song was fine. Nevertheless, he’s a talented singer, soulful and raw.

NOW the crowd is on their feet for him. Sofia calls his voice unique and raspy. “Your voice stands out.” Simon loves his voice. Sofia calls the second song “special.” Howie calls him memorable and unique. 4 yeses.

Magic Mike Jacobson – Magician

Mike works in advertising by day, he says. He’s done magic for a long time and is 36. He believes if the performance goes well, he can quit his day job. Hm. The judges start off burning “invisible” cards. Each of the panelists pick cards to burn as they light and blow out matches. The card Simon saved shows up in the match box. Another trick has Howie throwing an invisible deck of cards to Mike and he catches a real pack. His sleight of hand is impressive. Never seen a magic trick on AGT like that.

Heidi notes the quiet audience while he worked. Sofia thought it was funny and mesmerizing. Simon thinks he can quit his job. “This is what you were born to do,” he says. Howie calls it incredible. 4 yeses

Atai Show – Dance Group

NBC previewed this act last week. The group competed on AGT season 14 as Adem Show and was eliminated at the semi-finals. They were also finalists on Asia’s Got Talent Season 2. Each time the act takes the stage they perform bone breaking routines based on a theme. This time it’s Zombies and is very hard to watch, because all four dancers do painful looking moves with their bodies. Ouch. At one point, they break into a funny dance to Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody” while still contorting their bodies. Yikes.

A translator appears to help. The dancers are from Kyrgyzstan. Sofia calls it “spectacular…you look so sweet and harmless.” Heidi says, “You all looked possessed…a great story….I enjoyed it.” Howie calls it “amazing,” adding, “I loved it.” Simon calls it brilliant. “It’s exactly what we’re looking for this year. – 4 yeses

2 Moms United By One Heart – Singing Duo

Holly Campbell and Kim Scadlock were brought together by a heart donation. Jacob R. Campbell was born in May of 2007, but stopped breathing in August of 2007. Holly and her husband were able to donate their son’s heart to Kim’s two week old baby named Beckham. They eventually met. They sing together as a way to spread the word about organ donation. Unbelievably, both mothers sang “For Good” from Wicked to their kids, and are singing it tonight. It’s a tragic, yet hopeful story. They aren’t great singers, but that’s not the point, right?

Tears, tears everywhere. Beckham joins the duo on stage. MORE TEARS. Howie hates musical theater, but he felt a connection, nevertheless. Heidi wants to hug all three. “Very powerful.” Sofia says it’s a moment everyone will remember. Simon calls it “very brave.” He adds, “This will make a difference.” 4 yeses

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