America’s Got Talent 2021 Recap: Quarterfinals 2 Performances (Video)

Pictured: (l-r) Terry Crews, Positive Impact Group — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

The America’s Got Talent 2021 Live Shows continued at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles with the second set of 12 acts of the Top 36 on Tuesday (Aug 17). The acts performed live for America’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews.

America’s Got Talent 2021 Quarterfinals 2 POLLS: VOTE for Your Favs

The acts also performed for  America’s Vote and a chance  to win a $1 million prize. Additionally, the winner will perform at the AGT residency at the Luxor in Las Vegas this fall. Only 7 acts will advance by the end of tomorrow night’s (Aug 18) LIVE RESULTS.

America’s Got Talent 2021 Ranking: Quarterfinals 2 Acts Power List!

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T.3 – Broadway Vocal Group

This week, the trio breaks away from Broadway tunes to cover “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo.  The group’s harmonies are pretty great. They also dance freely and are very animated on stage. At least two of them are Penn State grads. So I’m rooting for them. Howie is on his feet, calling their harmonies “seamless.” Heidi preferred them a cappella. Yes, they sang to a track this week. She loved the energy. But preferred their audition. Uh oh. Simon is slamming them. He calls the track horrible. He hates the song choice. “This could have been a moment. You blew it.” OOOOUUUUCH. Rev up that bus, it’s coming. I thought the performance was fine. If you liked their first, you should like this one as well. 

Dokteuk Crew –  – Dance crew

The dance crew from Koria reiterate how the group is influenced by the Japanese comic style, Anime.  This week, it’s a cowboy theme danced to Lil Nas X. I’m still not seeing this Anime influence they keep talking about. The tricks are similar to what they did in their audition. I’ll say, for AGT, they are a solid unit. But there are better hip-hop crews out there. Heidi  likes that the group delivers “special moments.” Sofia calls it “too orange,” but she thinks the dancing was spectacular. Simon didn’t like the production. “We needed a music change half way through…we lost you.” It wasn’t a step up. Howie, on the other hand, praises the performance. 

Johnny Showcase  – Retro comedic singer

He’s lived in Philly for 20 years. He’s 40! Johnny promises not to sing another “joke” song. This week, is more 70’s funk. And it’s still a joke. “If your head was the shape of an octopus…would I kiss you.” Just when I wondered why an octopus was waving around on the video screen behind them. The musicianship is really good, even while the song is really dumb. It’s not as funny as last time. Which is probably why Simon and Howie buzzed them. Heidi, on the other hand, is having a great time. Sofia is confused “what does a giant octopus have to do with anything.” Simon calls it “horrific…horrible…the worst song I have ever heard.” Howie said, “I didn’t get the joke.” Heidi says, “I LOVE IT ALL IT’S HILARIOUS.” And she’s serious. In short: Fantastic band, great showmanship, dumb song.

Tory Vagasy  – Broadway Singer

She works as a party princess for kids parties. She dreams of making it to Broadway. Also, she’s popular on Tik Tok, which she does not mention here. She sings “My Heart of Stone” from the musical Six. She’s sticking to her Broadway roots, a genre in which her clear tone and impressive range can shine. Howie calls her an amazing singer who deserves to be on Broadway. He compares her unfavorably to Jimmie Herrod, however. Simon says “You know who you are and where you want to be.” He calls her a great singer, and the best singer of the night so far. Staying in her lane has paid off, at least as far as Simon is concerned. Both Heidi and Sofia liked it too. “Broadway is waiting for you,” says Sofia. Tory has advice for her fellow singers: “Don’t let the Howie’s of the world get you down.”

Shuffolution  – Dance Group

They practice over Zoom. Or did during the pandemic. Again, they are Tik Tok ready, and do pretty well on that platform. But they wouldn’t make it past the first round of NBC’s cancelled dance competition, World of Dance. The group is clearly amateur. The choreography lacks variation and imagination–the routine is boring to watch. Simon loved their audition, but calls the new performance a “huge step backward…I’m really disappointed.” Heidi notes that the shuffle dancing is repetitive. Yes, exactly. Howie mentions that a dancer fell. “That was the best part,” says Simon. Mean. Sofia thought the audition was amazing. But she thinks they are more like cheerleaders than dancers. Welp. Bye Shuffolution. 

Aidan Bryant   – Aerial Act

He’s a 16 year old self-taught aerialist. The teen practices in his backyard. He hangs his gear from a tree, while his mom pulls him up with a tractor (!!!)  He is really good for an amateur. But the act lacks death defying excitement. He does do a move at the end that’s a little scary, though. Heidi calls it “insane” how good he is. Sofia also can’t believe that he’s self-taught. Howie loves what he did, but thinks he spent too long on the resets. It’s a nit-pick, but he’s actually correct. Simon calls it the best live performance “by a mile.” Simon calls him the “one to beat” and “a star in the making.” Huh.

Northwell Health Nurse Choir – Howie’s Golden Buzzer

The group, made up of first responders who have endured the pandemic, is all backstory. They sing “You Will Be Found” from the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. They are average vocalists. But the group is here to bring all the warm and fuzzies during a trying time. They do succeed on that count. Howie is all verklempt. “That was the most beautiful moment.” Sofia calls it “spectacular.” She tried not to cry. Simon believes American and the World needs them right now. “Better than last time,” he says. Heidi is also touched. “Thank you for being here on America’s Got Talent.”

Positive Impact  – Acrobatic Group

They practice on Muscle Beach in California. First, it’s time to rip off the shirts to show off the muscles Heidi claimed they don’t have.  They are pretty strong guys. but kind of boring. Whey wind up tossing basketball hoops, with the stands attached. But who knows how heavy they are. They end the routine in a standing pyramid. Simon buzzed them. He calls it “messy” and “no magic Mike.” Howie thought they were good, but not as good as last time. Heidi and Sofia both loved it, noting the audience was on their side. “There was a lot happening on stage…but the bodies were great,” says Sofia. 

Peter Antoniou  – Mentalist

During his audition, he “guessed” that a rainbow appeared when Sofia’s husband proposed. Certainly it’s a thing that could be found through Google. Howie, Sofia and Heidi are on stage to assist. This week is a food-centric routine. They grab tin cans off the shelf, and Peter will guess the food inside. Simon is asked to choose a colored tin, but he keeps changing his mind in an effort to trip Peter up. Hm. The can he finally chooses was his first choice to begin with. We’ve seen tricks like it before, but his presentation is entertaining. Heidi loves the layers in his act. “Super engaging,” she says. Simon calls him “a wizard.” 

Korean Soul  – Vocal Group

They want to be famous American stars. They quit their day jobs to follow their dreams. Oh. Boyz II Men returned their audition on social media. This week they’ll sing the ASTEROID SONG “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. Heidi thought the arrangement was a little snoozy, but otherwise well done. Sofia loved it. She loves their outfits. Simon agrees with Heidi. He thought the song was predictable. But he thinks they’ll go through to the next round. He wants them to take a risk. However, it was Howie’s favorite performance of the night. 

Josh Blue  – Comedian

Josh won Last Comic Standing a number of years ago. In his video package, Josh talks about growing up with Cerebral Palsy. His family didn’t overprotect him and encouraged him to follow his dreams. As a result, he played paralympics soccer in the 2004 Olympics and pursued a career in Showbusiness. He does not want to be considered a novelty act. His disability-centric jokes are amusing and edgy, but still manage to be good natured.  “You’re just one bad bike ride away from joining the largest minority group in America, the disabled.” jokes Josh. ZING, Simon, who indeed just missed becoming a member. Howie calls him a “superstar.” We need you. “You’re funny and you know it,” says Sofia. Simon says, “You’re very naughty, aren’t you.” He loves that he’s on the edge. “You’re going to sail through to the semis. You’re going to make the finals.” 

Victory Brinker  – (Group Golden Buzzer) – Kid Opera Singer

Victory is the first ever group Golden Buzzer. She lives in Latrobe, PA and has 9 brothers and sisters. OK. So Victory is adopted. The 9 year old mentioned that she changed her song at the last minute. Victory needs a lot of training, especially work on singing with precision and on pitch. She’s only 9, but 10 years ago, Jackie Evancho was a scarily adult sounding singer. Nevertheless, the judges love this. Simon compares Victory to Carrie Underwood, which is crazy. “You are going to be one of the biggest stars to emerge from these shows.” What the heck? Sophia says, “You deserve to be here.” Heidi calls her “a cherry on top of an amazing night.”


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