America’s Got Talent 2021 Quarterfinals 2 POLLS: VOTE for Your Favs

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Quarterfinals 2" Episode 1611 -- Pictured: Josh Blue -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)
Pictured: Josh Blue — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Ehhhhh. Not one act really excited me on tonight’s America’s Got Talent (Read our Recap). Last week’s talent disappointed me. The second week of acts even more so. Twelve more acts perform next week. Can AGT turn it around? Probably not at this point.

I enjoyed T.3 more than the judges did. I hope they stick around for another week. The voices and harmonies are phenomenal. I suspect if they had stuck with another Broadway number sung a’cappella Simon would have criticized them for not taking a risk. 

His over-the-top praise of the sweet young opera singer, Victory Brinker was honestly kind of crazy. Her vocals are really pitchy. Maybe if she keeps at it, she’ll develop into a skilled opera singer. But as of now, she’s average. Cute and engaging, but average talent wise. But comparing her to Carrie Underwood and predicting she’ll be the biggest star to ever come “out of these shows?” Is he still taking painkillers?

Tory Vagasy is a talented Broadway type singer, but she didn’t have me jumping out of my chair. I wouldn’t be mad if she advanced, but Howie had a point. Sofia’s Golden Buzzer Jimmie Herrod is a more talented and dynamic standards singer. 

The Northwell Health Nurse choir is a lock for the semis, but they are all backstory. They are here to make viewers feel good during trying times, rather than dazzle with incredible vocals. Uplift for everyone! I’m cool with it. 

The dance acts, Shuffolution and Dokteuk Crew wouldn’t get past the first round of World of Dance. Speaking of which, a network or streamer NEEDS to bring back a REAL dance show for SERIOUS dancers stat. 

The mentalist, Peter Antoniou, was entertaining, but it’s nothing new. Blah blah, he guesses stuff, blah blah, he guesses more stuff. Blah blah he opens up a secret note that predicts everything he guessed earlier. Yawn.

Interesting tidbit about Positive Impact. I was looking at the individual members’ Instagram accounts,  and one of them (I can’t remember which) was crying about “BIG TECH CENSORSHIP.” instrucing fans how to shut off   Instagram’s “sensitive content” filter.  Whose got them in the pool for “first act to get kicked off AGT for breaking COVID-19 protocols”?

On Wednesday (Aug 18), 7 acts will move on to the semi-finals. Five will go home. America will have the chance to save an act on the bubble via the Instant Save. Plus, performances from season 11 mentalist duo The Clairvoyants. Additionally, H.E.R. and Season 14 winner Kodi Lee will join forces to sing “Hold On.”

Vote in the polls, and I’ll post the results before tomorrow’s results show. 

America’s Got Talent Live Show 1 POLLS – VOTE For Your Favorites

Favorite Performance

Which FIVE acts SHOULD Go Home (Choose 5)

Which FIVE acts WILL Go Home (Choose 5)

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  1. Glad I wasn’t the only one who liked t.3. and I agree Simon would have said the same thing if they did another showtune. They have an amazing cover of When The Party’s Over on their EP. They should have done that ……

    Random reality show tie with t.3: Jim Hogan briefly overlapped with Chris Mann in the Phantom tour and they are good friends .Jim’s second run overlapped with Chris ‘ wife Laura’s second run as a swing in 2018-2019. Jim played Porter and understudied Raoul .

    Tory is the female Luke Islam from a few seasons ago . She was better than her audition but still has some ways to go. Plus, she sang a relatively unknown showtune of a Broadway show they never opened due to the pandemic . She’s the same age as Grace from Idol and it might just be that I have Grace stuck in my head. I did see a video of Tory singing Adele though on TikTok and I think she sings pop much better.

    I loved that videos I’ve seen on Johnny Showcase . They actually are primarily a children’s group and often perform at the Kimmel Center in Philly . It was just a bad song .

  2. I actually liked last week. There were many talented acts and performances. This week was a letdown. I liked the Northwell Nurse Choir the best. I am excited for next week though. I know there are some amazing acts performing next week. Why does AGT decide to pair the best acts in ONE quarterfinal round?

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