America’s Got Talent 2020 Auditions 6 Recap and Live Blog (Video)

Pictured: Brothers Gage — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

America’s Got Talent auditions continue on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and new judge, Sofia Vergara. Heidi Klum is out sick with a mysterious illness. Sofia’s Modern Family pal, Eric Stonestreet sits in for her.. Terry Crews hosts. 

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At episode 6, the acts are performing to the judges in an empty auditorium due to coronavirus concerns. Also, Howie is the remaining judge to pick a Golden Buzzer act. 

Cheer Athletics Wildcats – Cheerleaders – Cheer group from Plano, Texas ranges in ages from 15 t0 29. Cheer Athletics has cheer teams all over the country, all named after cats. It’s a huge group, high energy, with plenty of tumbles and dangerous tricks. The boys toss the girls high, high in the air. At one point, the front line kneels for a “moment of silence.” That could be controversial. Sofia liked their joy and precision. Howie calls cheerleading entertaining and more dangerous than the sports they cheer for. Simon can see the ambition in every one of their eyes. Eric notes that they prove cheerleading is more than an appetizer. 4 yeses.

Jacob Velazquez – Pianist, drummer – 11 year old boy has  PDDNOS Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. It’s similar to Asperger Syndrome, but with a speech delay. At 11, however,  Jacob has plenty to say. A smart cookie, he brings his vision board with him to show the judges. Simon claims he creates vision boards for himself. OK then. Simon asks him what he’s going to sing. Heh. HE DOESN’T SING SIMON. Jacob performs an original composition on the piano. Honestly without the inspiring backstory, his piano playing alone wouldn’t merit a yes. But then a curtain opens, and he’s behind a drum set. So a surprise! Still, though, he’s only a passable drummer.  Sofia calls it inspiring and surprising. And beautiful– a word she overuses. Howie calls christens “boythoven.” Eric calls his musicianship “amazing.” Simon compliments Jacob’s “aura.” He says, “I think you’re going to inspire people.” Simon calls it one of his favorite auditions of the season. 4 yeses

Michael Yo – Comedian – He’s a regular on the Joe Rogan Experience. A two time Emmy nominee, Michael worked with Chelsea Handler. He also guest hosted The Talk, appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, and has done work for a bunch of entertainment shows like Extra and Entertainment Tonight. In fact, he has interviewed all of the judges at one time or another. Michael wants to do more than just interview. So he quit the entertainment shows to follow his dreams. His wife is 100 percent supportive. Oohh. Doing a standup routine to an empty audience. NOT FUN FOR HIM. I need audience laughter to follow this. The panel is laughing, which probably helps him, somewhat. Howie is impressed, “You made the right choice,” he says. Simon calls it “fantastic,” Eric calls him “hilarious…you were playing for 3,000 people.” Sofia says she’d hug him, but virus!. Michael is bawling his eyes out. “It means so much to me,” he cries. Backstage, he hugs his wife and they both cry. – 4 years

Brothers Gage – Harmonica players and musicians  –  Teen brothers Alex and Brody learned to play harmonica from their dad at 5 years old. The two note reassure the judges, who seem dubious about harmonica playing,  that they can play other instruments. However, the two got skillz and are very entertaining. They even make Simon smile. An energetic act, they jump in front of the judges desk to serenade them. I have a feeling if the auditorium was, full, they would have serenaded the crowd. Sofia admits she was dreading the act, but they turned her around. Simon calls them “amazing” and complimented their likability. “Sky’s the limit for you,” says Eric. Howie is entertained. “It was wonderful,” he says – 4 yeses

Shevon Nieto – Singer – Former Olympic athlete quit sports after her boyfriend now husband became paralyzed after a freak accident while attempting a backflip. Now, she writes songs and sings. Go here to find an ESPN clip that follows her and husband Jamie’s story. It’s really something. After his accident, she became dedicated to coaching him through rehab. Eventually, he was able to walk down the aisle at their wedding. During stressful times, music gave Shevon comfort, so she began songwriting and singing. Her husband urged her to audition for AGT. She performs an original song for her husband called “Through the Good and the Bad.” Her voice is decent and her delivery is heartfelt. The judges give her a standing ovation. Howie says, “You’re living that song.” He calls it wonderful and real. Sofia calls her beautiful and amazing. Simon calls her story powerful. “It is an absolute pleasure and honor to meet you.” He absolutely loves her voice. 4 yeses


Rob “The Marquis” Messel – Air guitar – He’s a voice actor and reigning Air Guitar World Champion. OMG. He’s air guitaring to “Free Bird.” Howie buzzes him first (NOT the Golden buzzer). Eventually, all four buzz. The judges seem confused that he isn’t playing an actual guitar? As if producers didn’t prep them on his act? Hm. Rob seems really surprised at the negative reaction. Oh well. 4 nos

Elijah – Cellist – 14 year old plays cello and is studying at San Francisco Conservatory pre-college. He comes from a family of 9. They live in a 3 bedroom house. Yikes. All the kids play instruments. A brother cello act he saw on AGT inspired him to learn the instrument. He plays “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music. It kicks up into a jazzier version. He’s pretty good. But without choreography, it’s kind of boring. Sofia says, “You look like you were having the best time.” Howie loved watching Elijah’s joy. He relaxed Eric in his chair with his “enthusiasm.” Simon didn’t like the track he chose. But believes “there’s great potential” and thinks Elijah has “great charisma.” – 4 yeses

Anthem and Aria – Magicians – They call themselves “Empowertainers” which is how they market themselves for corporate events. The two are presented as lovebirds in their video package. They’ve been together a little more than 6 years. They start off their act…singing. They sing as they perform. The magic is as lame as the singing, unfortunately. Simon, Sofia and Howie all buzz. Eric explains why he did not, “I need more magic.” Sofia didn’t like the singing. Simon calls it corny. Then he laughs at them. Oh boy. I don’t think they were expecting that reaction – 4 nos

Jim & John – Acrobatic Duo – Jim & John are brothers from Berlin, Germany who perform hand balancing and acrobatics. They do tricks using brooms as props. Plus, they strip. The judges aren’t impressed. Sofia and Simon both buzz. “This day is getting weirder and weirder,” says Sofia. – 4 nos 

Kenadi Dodds – Singer – Fifteen year old country music singer started singing when she was really young. She’s the only one in her family who doesn’t have a rare eye disease that eventually leaves the person blind. He little sister wanted to see her on stage before she totally lost her eyesight. She performs an original song, “Ticket to Tennessee.” She’s charming and has a huge voice. Her songwriting skills are decent. I wonder if she’s auditioned for the The Voice. It would be a better bet, I think. The judges are on their feet. Simon calls her a “little firecracker.” He compliments her style and likes that she knows her musical lane. Howie notes a transformation that takes place when she sings. Kenadi begins crying. She’s so grateful for the support of those around her. Sofia loves her country look, and that she plays the guitar. 4 yeses

Vadim Savenkov – Magician – This Russian magician sings and does magic tricks while dressed in plastic outfits. The act is too weird for this crowd. He gets buzzed right off. 4 nos

Crystal Powell – Comedian – She’s best known for her roles in Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City on Comedy Central and a role in Ball Don’t Lie with Ludacris and Nick Cannon. She’s appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Dish Nation. She doesn’t mention any of that, though. She talks about moving to Los Angeles from a very small town to follow her dreams. Again, comedians telling jokes into the void is very weird. The jokes are probably good? But I’m not moved to laugh. The last bit, where she makes fun of a girl overdoing ad libs singing the National Anthem is pretty funny, though. “I love you,” says Simon, “You’re just naturally funny.” Howie thinks she makes people smile. Eric calls it different and unique. 4 yeses

Two more acts and Eric leaves the building. Did he have somewhere to go?

Wesley Williams – Unicyclist – Wesley is appearing on Britains Got Talent AND America’s Got Talent in the same year. It’s a thing Simon actually mentions, rather than pretending he’s seeing the act for the first time. Wesley’s grandmother recently died of brain cancer. He’s dedicating the performance to her. He takes his unicycle up steps and up onto the judges table. Wesley also plays with knives. His cycles get bigger and bigger!  Actually, he set a Guinness World record for highest Unicycle at 30 feet. His last stunt takes him into the rafters. He looms above the America’s Got Talent sign. Wesley explains that unicycles don’t mean clowns. He treats the act like a danger act. Simon sensed Wesley’s nerves and was worried that the act would go horribly, horribly wrong. Wesley should probably be wearing a helmet, right? –  3 yeses

Here comes the last act. So obviously, he’s Howie’s Golden Buzzer. 

Brandon Leake – Spoken Word Poet – He’s a “spoken word” poet with a spiritual and religious message. He just left a teaching job. And now he’s a college counselor. He was an angry teen, which turned him into a writer. Brandon’s new baby is only 14 days old.  Brandon claims he will be the first spoken word artist on AGT. Simon is skeptical. Tonight’s poem is an ode to his sister. Oh. The twist is that she died in infancy 20 years ago, and Brandon has spent his whole life missing her. His presentation is very emotional. Sofia confesses that her brother passed away the same year as his sister. Simon calls it “an amazing tribute.” Eh. Anyone who has heard a spoken word performance, understands that what he did was pretty typical. Howie is so moved that he hits his Golden Buzzer. The judges all enter the stage. Elbow bumps all around! I dunno. On the Kelly Clarkson show, Howie went on and on about how unusual his act was. Not really.

AGT is taking a holiday break, and will return with at-home auditions in two weeks. 


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