America’s Got Talent 2015 Rankings Week 5

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Los Angeles Auditions" Dolby Theater -- Pictured: Paul Zerdin -- (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/NBC)

America’s Got Talent X Week 5 Rankings

Before we get on with this week’s rankings, first a joke: William Close, Pia Toscano, Mia Z and Carly Rose Sonenclar are sitting in a bar together. Siro-A walks in and they all start crying.

Ok, so I guess it wasn’t that funny, but no one was really smiling after last week’s result. A bad comedian over a legitimately talented video-dance group? A really bad unfunny magician over some really talented singing acts? Yep, those all became a reality last week and I am just scratching my head ready to head over to that bar and drink with the other robbed contestants. Let’s just get on with this week’s rankings.

10- Alondra Santos– This 13 year old Spanish singer barely made it through last week and there are 3 solo singers performing this week that are much better than her. I’m pretty sure she is a goner.

9- Gary Vider– This “subtle” comedian is okay, not really. Piff the Magic Dragon and Paul Zerdin are way funnier then him. I think he is fodder.

8- 3 Shades of Blue– As much as it pains me to say this, they stole Freckled Sky’s spot. I love this rock band, but needing a save on an already strong performance makes me think this week the group is destined to perform first and go home. I will miss them if so.

7- Daniella Mass– Of all the contestants at the lower half of my rankings, I think Daniella is the one with the most potential to have a knockout performance and really go from the bottom all the way to the top 4. I’d love to see this classical singer from Colombia pull that off.

6- Uzeyer– Uzeyer is a favorite of mine. I find his talent absolutely fascinating, but how many times can the public watch a guy climb ladders and expect people to vote for him. Last week when Uzeyer said he would do tricks without the ladder, I thought that was absolutely brilliant! Switching it up is exactly what he needs, but with the judges pestering him to keep to the ladder, I worry he will listen and they will call him out on his act being very one-note. My advice to Uzeyer is keep the danger factor, but show us another aspect of his performance skills.

5- Sharon Irving– I don’t know why, but I still just am not sold on Sharon. Yes, she is a good singer, but I have heard much better on other shows and she doesn’t impress me. Despite my personal thoughts I know she has people and has a great shot of moving on.

4- Alicia Michilli– This is an interesting ranking for me. Yes, Sharon blows Alicia out of the water with her voice, but Alicia is someone who is interesting to me. Alicia reminds me of an Idol singer,  in the way that I connect to her more, despite her voice not being the best. Alicia just seems more relatable and real, so I root for her.

3- Freelusion Dance Company– Whelp, if Freckled Sky couldn’t be here at least we have this multimedia dance trio. Freelusion is in a great place right now, and if they give a strong performance they should easily advance.

2- Piff The Magic Dragon (and Mr. Piffles)- Even though Piff had a total disaster during his last performance, based on his massive fan base, I’m sure he was still killing it in the votes. Despite it all, Piff is still my personal favorite pre-live shows act, and I will go down in flames supporting him. Please Piff, redeem yourself this week. I hope he has spent his time coming up with a strong trick.

1- Paul Zerdin– I have to say, I used to really not like Paul, but after his last performance he has won me over to the point where I will actually be rooting for him to possibly win this season. This ventriloquist’s last performance was a home run, and I just can’t wait to see what he does next.

Now for a first, I am going to omit one contestant from my rankings because I have absolutely no idea where he falls.

???- Stevie Starr (The Professional Regurgitator)– HOW DO PEOPLE FIND THIS ENTERTAINING?! I am absolutely baffled that Howard genuinely thinks it will come down to this guy and Paul (not about the Paul part). I can barely watch this guy perform for 2 minutes, let alone a full show dedicated to his act. Everything about this guy creeps me out, and it is my hope and dream that I never have to see this act again. I have no idea where he will fit in these rankings because some people actually like his act, but hopefully this week we say goodbye.

So those are my rankings, what are yours? Are you a fan of The Professional Regurgitator or can you not wait for him to go home? Let me know in the comments! Also, I’ll be back tonight for the live show, so look out for that at 8. We are really getting down to the wire, so things are bound to get intense. I hope to see you all there!

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