American Idol’s Gabby Barrett Drops New Song “Missin’ Love” (VIDEO)

AMERICAN IDOL - "113 (Top 14)" - After solo and celebrity duet performances with the top 24 contestants, the judges narrowed down the field to the top 14 finalists. Now the judges are handing over the reigns to America to start voting on who they want to crown the next Idol, as the search for America's next superstar continues on its new home on America's network, The ABC Television Network, SUNDAY, APRIL 22 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT). (ABC/Eric McCandless) GABBY BARRETT

American Idol finalist Gabby Barrett has released another original song, the bittersweet country ballad “Missin’ Love.”

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“You know that relationship you just can’t figure out. You want a break but when you take the break something is missing,” Gabby shared on social media about the song’s inspiration. “I wrote this song about those feelings we go through.”

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“Missin’ You” is available to download and on streaming services now. T

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  1. Since there is now a thread I will move my post from the Headlines thread to here.

    Gabby Barrett
    19 hrs ·
    Hey Guys!!! Here is my new song “Missin Love” If you have an extra $1 please jump over to Itunes, or any place you buy music and purchase “Missin Love” Let’s have some fun!!! I’ve been receiving a lot of cool products that want to sponsor me. I’ve decided to give them to you guys. Screenshot your purchase and post it here and we will pick out a name from the list. Here is some of the cool stuff someone will WIN!!! This Sunday!! Thank you for all the love and support!

    Fan video –

  2. The Idol Reboot management has certainly loosened the reins on their talent…allowing music sales not under their auspices…maybe they don’t even get a cut? IDK how that management thing works in the New Idol Mode. But it is a different attitude from this regime, for sure – perhaps there is no such thing as Freedom Day anymore? ?

    Allowing the Alums who are not going to be signed to take advantage of the Idol buzz before the audience moves on is something that has been advocated for several times over the years…IDK if this track will do a lot for Gabby, not a fan of country, and don’t find this new song well written enough to make an exception…but at least she gets an opportunity to monetize while the window lasts! ?

  3. Well stated. Agree this song is a bit amateurish. Was not a fan of Gabby during Idol. This does nothing to change my mind. I do agree with what you say. I hope she finds enough success to do what she loves.

  4. This song needs some work. But it’s just a song she has put out on her own. If she does get signed she will write a lot better songs when she writes with pros. This is good to just give fans something in the interim.

  5. This comes off more as a guitar/vocal demo than as a produced final product.

  6. If it’s just for fans, why not just post it on her social media? She is actually trying to get people to stream/download this song.

  7. Yeah she has been posting snippets and recordings on her socials for the last week.. Not sure why she decided to put this one up for sale.

  8. THere is nothing wrong with putting it up for sale for her fans.

    She had another new snippet called like a diamond she put up. But it was more of a pop song. She is barely 18 yo. She will continue to grow.

  9. Cashing in on fickle Idol fandom while fans are still near peak excitement level and will buy anything?

    I’m not against that as a plan. Coming off Idol has challenges. Getting fans to pony up cash early and often… why not? I could wish Team Gabby had put out a more polished song (it’s not bad, it’s just kinda rough draftish), but I’m not sure her fans will notice or care, and it’s not likely to get promotion outside of her fans.

  10. Her dad’s name is Blase. Some of her older songs (basically before 2018) were credited to that label.

  11. IMO it just comes off as amateurish. If you want to be a professional musician, you should understand that you can’t just release evnything you do if you want to be taken seriously. The bottom line is, only s small percentage of what any artist writes or records is good enough to be commercially released. That’s why thousands and thousands and thousands of songs that have been written and/or recorded will never be heard by the public at large…or even by that artist’s fans.

    Now Gabby may genuinely believe that this is a great song, beautifully produced and that it deserved to be commercially released. I hope that’s the case. I hope she didn’t release it just to try & make some $ off whatever post-AI excitement there is that would result in people buying anything she released.

  12. If you go on this song on Spotify, it doesn’t say copyright Gabby Barrett, like her other songs on there do. My eyesight sucks, so I can’t read the tiny print clearly, but it says Blassy Records or Blasey Records. Something like that. Can anyone else intrpret this for me? Maybe it’s the label she signed with?

  13. Ahh but she also added in the bonus of getting free stuff if you buy so she had to incentify the purchase. This one isnt making the impact of her last offering but then it is not as good either.

    I also think she uses it as a talking point to say it made the Itunes chart (not clarifying that it is the Country chart where the lower songs sell ~100 copies) and everyone thinks she is taking the world by storm. It is an interesting strategy and will be fun to watch if it works.

  14. Gabby will continue to do what she is doing until and if she has a label and management to help guide her. Many Idols, who fans claim are great writers, don’t sell much of anything either. Nor do they chart. But they keep writing and continue to put it out there because their fans think it is good. What Gabby is doing will not hurt her. Those who want to buy will even if the material is not that great, or pleasing to some.

  15. There are a couple local recording studios here in Pittsburgh that could help her out doing her own stuff. Local Voice contestant such as Chris Jamison and Mia Z have used them. Even Sawyer Fredricks did when he was in the area doing shows with Mia. And I know there are a lot more in Nashville where she spends time. At least for the songs she puts up on iTunes, it would be worth the investment.

  16. Reminder:

    Please keep this thread focused on Gabby. No thread jacking, please.

    Additionally: Concert talk belongs in the concert thread (that’s why it exists)

  17. So Gabby wants to be a country star but chooses this visual interpretation to ingrain this thought in our head.

    She also tells us in part of her post that young people buy all kinds of music nowadays, so i have a question for you pop fans, can an artist in today’s music climate have a solo career that is all things to all people?

  18. Young people don’t really buy any kind of music. Stream it, yes, but they don’t buy it. That’s one reason why albums and singles sales crashed. It was the younger music lovers who came up with file sharing, etc. And long before older music lovers jumped on the music streaming bandagon, the younger listeners knew all about it.

    Secondly, no, no artist can have a career that is all things to all people. If that were possible, far more artists would be huge stars.

    Lastly, I see that it says in this FB post that she will be announcing “huge” news after the AI tour is over. I put huge in ” ” because I’ve burned too many times before when an artist says “huge” news and it turns out to be fairly minor news. But, we’ll have to wait and see how “huge” Gabby’s news turns out to be.

  19. Does Gabby have a backlog of songs she recorded pre-Idol or something? On FB, she says she will be releasing yet another song. She shouldn’t have enough spare time while out on tour to record anything, so where are all these songs coming from?

  20. That was kind of my point, I just don’t think that a rap/urban fan is going to give a country song a second look much less actively listen and purchase. While album sales are at the bottom of the barrel singles aren’t much better without airplay and will radio support a mix genre artist?

    As for the huge news, her sister says the same thing and at least in part relates to the reality show. This style of self promo is interesting to watch.

  21. It is interesting, but I think most of them are a backlog of old songs she recorded prior to Idol that she feels now have an audience. Not sure if it cheapens(or helps) your brand to keep releasing not great material.

  22. It’s a constant ” huge news coming”, all the time…yet to see any real “huge news”.

  23. Is that a younger sister or an older sister? The waving hands were a little distracting, but she’s cute. Is she the wannabe rapper?

    Anyway, I have a feeling that by “filming a reality show” she might be talking about filming a possible pilot which can then be pitched around. That is how the majority of t.v. shows end up becoming a reality — you make a pilot, pitch it around and hope someone picks it up.

  24. It is her younger sister and the one that wants to be a rapper, and yes she is very pretty. Who knows what the story is behind this reality show since I can’t see a big audience/demand for it but then that is not my cup of tea anyways.

  25. There are so many reality shows on broadcast and cable television these days. They are so much cheaper to produce than fictional dramatic or comedy series. But I can’t think that many of them get very many viewers. A few do (the Kardashian shows, the various Real Housewives shows), but I have to think those are the exception, not the rule.

  26. But usually there is a person of interest involved (positive or negative) that draws viewers.

  27. But again, there has to be a reason for that person to draw viewers. So what is the reason people would watch this particular show instead of any of the hundreds of shows that they could watch instead? It wouldn’t be because she was on AI — by now, hundreds of people have been on AI. It’s not because she’s trying to be a working musician — hundreds of people are trying to break into the industry. So what is the unique angle that would get someone to watch this show? That’s what I would need to know in order to have any interest in watching any reality show.

  28. I think we are saying the same thing, what makes a show about a middle-class family from Pittsburgh that has a child that appeared on a singing show (that a respectful audience watch but no one became a household name yet) an attractive package to entice viewer interest.

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