Idols in Concert 07/19/2018

X-Factor’s Camila Cabello continues to open for Taylor Swift who is keeping the math easy by selling out 4 concerts. The ticket revenue from Philadelphia and Landover exceeds $23M. Taylor’s latest album may not have been as successful as some of her past albums, but she still has fans. Lots of them.

Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, Camila Cabello
July 13-14, 2018: Philadelphia, Pa.: Lincoln Financial Field: 107,378 of 107,378 (2xSOLD-OUT): $11,951,047
July 10-11, 2018: Landover, Md.: FedExField: 95,672 of 95,672 (2xSOLD-OUT): $11,396,004

Remember when you used to surreptitiously tried to record your favourite song in concert hoping the venue’s security wouldn’t catch you and take your SD card? Then smartphones became ubiquitous and security mostly gave up? I notice more and more artists are putting up their own videos from concerts. Is it a new revenue stream (since nobody is buying albums anymore) or just fun for the fans (keeping them engaged). Does it make people more or less likely to actually buy tickets? Here is a recent one from Niall in Sydney (also linked in X-Factor UK News):

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