American Idol Top 13 Wrap up and Predictions

Hey, pool players! Don’t forget to make your overall pick today before the results show begins at 9 PM ET.

I’m picking Jorge Nunez in the pool.   I think he’s the safest bet to make an exit tonight.   Next safest bet is Jasmine Murray.   Or, (hopefully not!) Allison Iraheta.

I can’t wait to see Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West perform tonight. And the big twist? We’ve been speculating all about that HERE.

Better than I anticipated, I was pleasantly surprised by last night’s show.   While some kids shrink once they hit the big stage, this crew seemed to step it up for the most part.

That voice-over introduction of the judges and Ryan Seacrest freaked me out a little.   What a cheese-ball intro–I was expected to hear, “come on down!”any minute.   On the plus side, the reconfiguration of the stage, have the swaybots pushed back aways. That’s a good thing.

Simon Cowell telling Scott MacIntyre, “It fine being artistic, just not on this show” had me LMAO. How fitting. Contestants, take heed!

The wrap up:

Danny Gokey, wisely set aside the dead wife backstory. He also chose to entertain rather than preach–a very smart move. As a result, I actually enjoyed “Pretty Young Thing.” I’m not sold on him as a great vocalist, but he knows how to use what he has. He literally took the audience to church last night. Not a bad thing.

Michael Sarver stepped it up a lot. He sang like he meant it–I felt a real connection to the audience. The soulful ballad may be his thing. He’ll be around for awhile.

Although, I wasn’t wild about Adam Lambert’s cabaret take on “Black and White” there’s no denying he can command a crowed.   I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

Lil Rounds is another great performer with a lot of potential. Not merely a copycat, she added her own flair to “The Way You Make Me Feel, ” and is growing on me.

Even though Randy Jackson says Allison Iraheta can sing anything, I hope she sticks to rock.   If she goes for Mariah or Whitney, I swear she’ll be dead to me.   As it is, I really like her sound.   I wasn’t taken aback by her cutting remark.   She’s basically a teenager without a filter, I hope it doesn’t hurt her.   I so much prefer her candor to Miss Pretty Perfect Princess, Jasmine Murray.

Speaking of Jasmine, not only is she robotic, but she’s also a terrible singer.   Send her home, please.

As long as we’re talking about disappointments: Now I understand why we didn’t hear much from Anoop Desai in Hollywood.   He probably sucked.   I love his personality…his singing not so much.   If he doesn’t shape up, he’ll be out by mid-pack.

Short shrifted by the judges:   Jorge Nunez sang a boring song, but I thought he sang it well. He’s probably going home tonight.

Alexis Grace sang the crap out of “Dirty Diana”.   That Alexis totally abandoned herself to her performance was a good thing–100% commitment. She’s a favorite right now.

So funny, in this year of the guy, my top favs (Allison, Alexis and Lil) are mostly girls!

Megan Joy Corkrey’s performance of “Rockin Robin” was riveting, but not necessarily in a good way. She’s got something going on that gets her noticed.   She’s kind of annoying and talent-free, but I think her uniquness will keep her in the competition for awhile.

Matt Giraud is a funny one.   If it wasn’t for his penchant for oversinging, he’d be a favorite. In fact, with a little work on the vocals and some good song choices Matt could be the dark horse that takes it all.   He must stay behind the piano, and stick to soul music, however.

I’m left with Kris Allen (lolz at his wife giving Simon the stink eye) who wasn’t perfect last night but pretty good.   He has potential.   And Scott MacIntyre, whose song stylings bore the crap out of me, but I think he’s playing very well to an audience of folks who love Adult Contemporary.

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