American Idol Season 8 Semis – The Wildcard – VIDEO – IT’S A TOP 13!

The wildcard predictions I made this afternoon came totally true. I’d pat myself on the back, except the judges are so predictable, it’s ridiculous. And congratulations to the folks like Kirsten et al who called the Top 13.   Yep, peeps have been chattering in comments about “the twist” for a few days now.   A few different theories were tossed about, but lots were on board for the Top 13/14 scenario.

I feel bad for the kids like Ricky Braddy, Jesse Langseth and Von Smith who put their hearts and souls into new songs.   At least America got to see them one more time.   Otherwise, the performances were pointless–there’s no way tonight’s results weren’t already a foregone conclusion, decided way before any of the contestants opened their mouths to sing.   The judges comments sounded less like critiques and more like an attempt to justify what would go down later on in the show.

Bah. Season 8 is shaping up to be my least favorite Idol season ever.

  • Jasmine Murray is in the Top 12
  • Megan Corkrey is in the Top 12
  • Matt Giraud is in the Top 12

It’s a Top 13 (But Mike Darnell told us back in January)

Update: Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West will perform on next week’s results show. Kanye will sing “Heartless”, Kelly will perform “My Life Would Suck Without You”

  • Jesse Langseth – “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus and Chaka Khan – VIDEO
  • Matt Giarud – “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson 5 – VIDEO
  • Megan Corkrey – “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall – VIDEO
  • Von Smith– “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” by Elton John – VIDEO
  • Jasmine Murray – “Reflection” by Christine Aguilera – VIDEO
  • Ricky Braddy – “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder – VIDEO
  • Tatiana Del Toro – “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston – VIDEO
  • Anoop Desai – “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown – VIDEO
  • Results Pt 1 VIDEO
  • Results Pt 2VIDEO

Tonight, 8 contestants come back for a second chance performance.   After, the judges choose the last 3 contestants to round out the Top 12.

The judges will announce the 3 who advance to the Top 12 at the end of the show. Also, the band and backup singers are in full view tonight!

Jesse Langseth -“Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus and Chaka Khan – Didn’t like this as much as “Bette Davis Eyes”, but still good, very soulful. I love her musical instincts. Randy says, “It was an interesting song choice…It wasn’t great.”   Kara calls her Sasha Fierce and likes her swagger.   Paula is really impressed. Simon stresses she was totally last minute, and a lot better than the last time.   He calls her indulgent, though.

Matt Giraud -“Who’s Loving You” by Jackson 5 – He oversang it in spots, but still about 5 million times better than Coldplay. This would have gotten him through the first time. Kara says, “You can riff amazingly.”   Paula says, “This is the right zone for you, this is you…amazing.”   Simon says, “A billion times better…I hate what you’re wearing…I saw bits of Taylor Hicks coming though.” People are booing like it’s a bad thing. Randy thinks he scared everybody else in the competition.

Megan Corkrey – “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” – She’s still doing her floppy arm dance. A little pitchy, but she does have great tone.   Did a couple of little interesting things with the melody at the end. Paula says, “You picked the right song.”   I’ve always liked you…you’re terrific…you are current, original, quirky…not the best vocal, but it doesn’t matter.”   Randy says, “Nice choice.”   Kara says, “I think that we need you…I hope you stay.” She is so f**king in.

Von Smith – “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” by Elton John -Kinda pitchy at first. The soft part of his voice is lacking, he’s better in full voice. Simon says, “It didn’t start very well…you are beginning to become a bit boring…too earnest…I’m not crazy about that.”   Randy says, “I’m not crazy about the song choice.”   Kara said, “It got very dark…you have what it takes, but you haven’t dialed it in yet.” Paula says, “You’re thinking too hard.” Wow, first they told him to tone it down…now they don’t like it. Typical technique to throw a contestant under the bus.

Jasmine Murray – “Reflection” by Christine Aguilera -Boring.   Pitchy.   Very pitchy. A much better song choice than last time, though. Randy says, “The song is still too big for you, but some bright spots.” Kara says, “Actually, I didn’t know you had a big voice. I’m confused.”   Paula says, “You were determined up there…wonderful job”   Paula says, “That was pretty special to what came before, ” says Simon Fake fight with Paula! “Brave song, huge improvement…I just think you put yourself back in the running.” Hm.

Ricky Braddy – “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder – This dude can SANG. The best so far, no contestant. OMG this is totally hot.   He deserves a spot on the Top 12 y’all.   If Simon calls him boring, I’m going to throw something. Kara said, “You can sing your butt off…you held your own, good job.”   Paula says, “I love the way you loosened up…you nailed it.” Simon says, “A bit karaoke and a bit lightweight…clumsy…I’m a bit disappointed.”   Randy says, “That song was not the one for you…it felt self-indulgent”   Are Simon and Randy F**KING HIGH? This is TOTAL BULLSH*T!

Tatiana Del Toro – “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston   – Tatiana is completely out of her mind. She’s singing Whitney. Again! Paula says, “You grew an accent I’ve never heard before….started off shaky and then…man you can sing.”   Simon said, “We’ve heard you sing that song 3 times.” OMG Simon is confronting her about her song choice Randy said, “It started off really rough…it’s a mixed bag with you.” It’s kind of a judges free-for all right here. She’s definitely giving them the drama they wanted.

Anoop Desai – “My Perogative” by Bobby Brown   – He sang this in Hollywood. He’s working the stage. Pretty good, but he’s nervous, some pitchy things in there. He’s trying too hard.   The crowd loves him. Simon says, “You’re like an enthusiastic dog…not the best singer, but people like you, that’s important…we have to cast the next stage….not just put the boring singers through…but the personalities too.” Randy says, “I think you sang that better than before.”   Kara says, “I wanted to get up and dance.” Paula says, “You’re whipping out moves that are a little nasty there…I’m glad you picked the same song.” Shout out to Eve was Annop’s late friend, Eve Carson.

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