American Idol Alums Weigh In on Pia Toscano’s Surprise Boot

Twitter exploded Thursday night when American Idol 10 front runner, Pia Toscano was eliminated in a shocking boot. Not only did the fans let loose with their surprise and dismay, but many ex-Idols weighed in with their opinions as well.

From Idols like Chris Daughtry, Mandisa and Jennifer Hudson, who were victims of shock boots themselves to Idol winners like David Cook, and fellow Idol 10 contestants like Stefano Langone and Naima Adedapo, there were a slew of tweets that basically expressed a collective WTF111???!

UPDATE: More reactions to last night:

Adam Lambert: Sad to see Pia go. One of the best voices on this season. Makes me think Voters aren’t focusing enough on vocal/musical ability.

From Nigel Lythgoe:

I am still shocked and sad about last night’s #AmericanIdol result. I guess that’s going to happen every week now!!?

RT @adambonin: Then have the judges make clear who deserves to leave. [IT IS NOT ABOUT THE JUDGES OPINION IT’S ABOUT YOURS!! U R NOT SHEEP!]

Stefano Langone is still reeling:

Good morning everyone. Very very emotional night for me, for everyone I think. Jus want people to know I wasn’t upset about the reactions…Of the judges and audience.

Or even what people are thinking or saying now. We create relationships with these people, closer bonds then people will ever know. It’s jus super tough…

And to my fans, thank you so much. I know you guys will be wit me whether I stay or not!You as well as me know what I’m capable of specially After this competition! And that’s real! Much love always

I’ve gathered a collection of these Idol tweets right here. Read them after the jump.

Pia Toscano: I’m truly going to miss my idol family! Thank you @JLo Randy and Steven for believing in me. Love you and love my fans!

Stefano Langone: All I can say is it wasn’t right. And anyone that thinks they have a clue on how I feel or what I’m going thru as a PERSON, has NO idea…

Naima Adedapo: Gotta Love those teenage girl crushes! LOL. Ahhhhhh.

Jennifer Hudson: I can not believe they just eliminated pia ! ReAlly..???? Long as she walked away with that voice she will be alright !! Just hate to see talent like that go!

Chris Daughtry: What the crap!!?? I thought Pia was THE best singer on the show this year!

Mandisa: Hmm…based on ur tweets the rumors abt #AI10 r true. But u know what I realized? I was voted out n 9th place 5yrs ago too. #JustSayin

David Cook: Bad call tonight on Idol

David Archuleta: Man heard who got voted off of idol tonight. That is pretty shocking.

Carly Smithson: Im so Fucking shocked right now !!! America must have been smokin crack last night !! #STUPIDELIMINATION

Blake Lewis: I hate that I just looked at Facebook/Twitter and I know who was sent home on #Idol. Boooo!

Melinda Doolittle: I’m genuinely shocked by the AI results tonight. That’s all.

Elliott Yamin: Damn!…Pia’s hot when she cries too!..2 bad!..looks like the judges used their saves too early.

Katie Stevens: Why is it that America sends all the girls home? It makes me upset that the girls are equally as talented as the boys but majority of idol voters are girls and alot of times girls wont vote for girls? I don’t get it at all… America got it wrong tonight

Andrew Garcia: Still in shock. How’s everyone? It just means my boy Casey is gon handle it he’s always had my vote now I’m voting my brains out for him!!! Y’all do the same!!! Ya hearrrrd

Didi Benami: WTF!? Pia, Seriously?! umm… Her voice is insane! Unbelievable…

Aaron Kelly: I am shocked Pia was sent home!!!!???

Todrick Hall: American Idol will once again produce another flop and X Factor is going to put them out of business!

Michael Sarver: Wow! If there has ever been grounds for a vote recount on idol it is this week because this so doesn’t add up!

Brandon Rogers: America has made possibly one of the worst decisions in #Americanidol history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Stacey: Terrible result on Idol tonight. No way that person should’ve been voted off…

Haley Scarnato: Let’s just face it, Pia Toscano should not have gone home…. She was one of the best singers this season… WTF….

Kim Caldwell: Did Pia just get voted off idol?! She’s too hot for people to take her seriously! That’s crap

Janell Wheeler: I’m shocked and sad that Pia is out!!! Waaaa!!!!

Anthony Fedorov: I’m completely SHOCKED!!!! I cannot believe Pia just got eliminated!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

Chris Sligh: Way to go America. You apparently looked in the mirror then forgot to vote for the best singer.

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