American Idol 9 Top 12 – Who is Going Home?

I have to say, last night during the mostly boring renditions of classic Stones songs, I lamented the loss of Lilly Scott, Alex Lambert and Katelyn Epperly. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Toddrick Hall, but even he could have alleviated some of last night’s tedium.

Only Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus got the party started last night, and neither performance was their best.

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I wasn’t crazy about Siobhan’s take on “Paint it Black” but I thank her for not putting me to sleep.

So, who is going home tonight? Not Siobhan or Crystal. And probably not Mike Lynche, who performed first and also displayed a little excitement (albiet corny) on the big Idol stage.

Lee Dewyze’s competent and workman-like rock performances are slowly gathering some steam. The consistent Casey James is also performing solidly and is making his mark on Season 9 as the country heartthrob. Both Lee and Casey are safe.

Didi Benami is getting better, and I bet viewers felt bad about her stumble and threw her a few votes. Ditto Paige Miles who delivered one of her better performances with laryngitis.

The judges have decided to critique the children on a curve, so I think Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly are safe for another week.

That leaves Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia and Lacey Brown. Andrew continues to under-perform. And you know? I think we’ve seen all we’re going to see from Andrew. Yet, the judges are still begging us to save him. Therefore, Andrew is probably going to stick around this week.

Despite the judges’ negative critiques of Tim Urban’s totally WTF???!!!! performance of “Under My Thumb” last night, they really did not seem to get how truly ridiculous it was. A performance that mind-numbly clueless deserves no extra credit for effort! I don’t know, I still think there are people out there voting for Tim, and I suspect he’s going to become the thing that won’t go away. He’s staying this week.

So that leaves Lacey Brown, who picked the right song, but the wrong arrangement, delivering a rather odd and dull performance. Right smack dab in the middle of the performance lineup, who even remembers her? She and Didi are splitting votes, and I think those peeps were more inclined to save Didi this week.

In conclusion: I’ll be putting all my points on Lacey to be leaving us on American Idol this week.

What say you?

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