American Idol 2023 Recap: Top 12 Perform, Top 10 Results!

American Idol 2023

American Idol 2023 Recap: The Top 12 perform Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame songs. A Top 10 will be revealed

American Idol 2023 Recap: Top 12 perform Top 10 Revealed! – Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan sit on the judges panel. Ryan Seacrest hosts.

American Idol goes LIVE Coast to Coast as the Season 21 Top 12 perform songs from artists inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Season 8 alum and Queen frontman Adam Lambert mentors the singers. The show airs live Coast to Coast at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Voting takes place DURING the show. At the end of the episode the Top 10 will be revealed.

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The Top 12 have new voting numbers which will remain the same for the rest of the season. Also, vote via the American Idol phone app and at

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Mr. Lionel Richie was inducted last year, Ryan reminds us. Next, it’s a video package featuring the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. The video namechecks HOF members, Queen as a segway to introduce Adam. The singer met Queen on the season 8 finale! He will perform later.

Tyson Venegas – For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder

Adam calls Tyson “the sweetest guy.” He wants to get out from behind the piano and sing a more upbeat number. Adam suggests Stevie Wonder. It’s advice that Tyson takes. He works the stage. He throws in a a couple of Michael Jackson moves. He’s a little pitchy in spots. But his silky smooth tone always carries the day. Luke calls it “so comfortable…you weren’t even trying to make the magic happen.” Luke sounds hoarse after Friday’s big Stagecoach concert. Lionel compliments Tyson’s choreography. “You were on fire.” Katy compliments his stage presence and versatility. “Just be you,” she advises She compares him to Zachariah, saying the two should duel.

Warren Peay – House of the Rising Sun by the Animals

Warren recently got engaged, he tells Adam. He didn’t wear his “lucky hat” last week because his fiance was in the audience wearing it. “We’re soulmates,” he shares. Adam mentions that singing is the best therapy and gives Warren tips on phrasing. His version, strumming the guitar and sitting on a stool, is heavy on the rasp and is shout in spots. But what the rendition lacks in melody, makes up for in emotion and raw pain, especially towards the end.

Lionel calls it “the best” noting he started it off “too low.” It’s true. Katy compliments his gritty voice. She likes that he stays true to himself. Luke also thought the front end was a little low. But still, “great performance.” Agree with Lionel and Luke about the first verse being too low. Also it was tuneless. A friend of his created a soap for Warren. It’s called “P U” made out of goat’s milk.

Haven Madison – Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Her father introduced her to Bon Jovi as a kid. A musician himself, he helped her with the arrangement. “Your voice is so intimate,” Adam notes, saying that it’s OK to allow technique to go a little bit on rock songs. Adam reveals that he stopped listening to the Queen recordings so he would not copy Freddie. The beginning of the song was too soft. But once she grabbed the mic and took the stage, her big voice took over. She hits a key change. Kudos to dad for a solid arrangement. Still, the song is ultimately too big for her.

Katy says “I don’t know who you are….I’m threatened…you’re the next big pop star.” Luke calls it a “huge look for you…massive star…that was very breakout.” Lionel says, “You were ready for this…your confidence is staring us in your face…there is a star written all over you.” Ha ha. Jon Bon Jovi was watching the performance, Ryan reveals.

Lucy Love – All Night Long by Lionel Richie

The judges saved Lucy last week. Will she last past tonight? She wants to celebrate Lionel, a judge who championed her. “You’re thinking too much,” says Adam, adding that if she covers the song, she needs to have “breezy fun party vibes.” The version is slow and she’s throwing in too many runs. To her credit, Lucy creates her own vibe. She is first and foremost NOT karaoke. I like that she takes risks. But this arrangement is kind of messy, but is very lively towards the end.

Luke says, “I am so glad we brought you back. You showed us so much character…unique to you.” He loved her runs. “You put your stamp on them.” Her baby is in the audience crying. Awe. Katy says, “You have such an artistic style. You bodied that song. Trust in your voice.” Lionel says, “You took my song, and made it your song. Crazy good.” She ends her segment with a heartfelt thank you to Lionel as she holds her baby.

Oliver Steele – Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles

Oliver has covered this song a lot onstage, he tells Adam. “That was a vibe,” says Adam, but he was bored by the end. he helps Oliver “shape” the arrangement. He suggests he play electric guitar. In the end, Oliver chooses the acoustic guitar, however. It’s a good song choice for his raspy countrified and bluesy voice. The arrangement has a bit of a reggae beat too. Adam had a point, though. The rendition lacks a big moment, but still pretty good! Lionel says “You did a fabulous job.” Although he makes fun of his riffing. Katy agrees with Adam. She wanted some electric. I agree. He’s a good guitarist! A little electric noodling would have been great. Luke says, “always dig dig dig.”

Colin Stough – Midnight Rider by Allman Brothers

He’s torn between songs. He’s considering either “All Along the Watchtower” or “The Weight.” Adam helps him to figure it out. In the end he chose neither! After last week’s breakthrough with “Dancing on My Own.” Colin is back in front of a band performing “Midnight Rider.” And how about that. He sounds more confident than he ever has on the big stage. It’s a solid performance that will easily propel him to the Top 10. Katy says, “I think you’re still in a growth stage.” She wanted him to attack it with feeling. “But it still sounds great,” she says. Luke wants him to move around more. “You do what the music tells you to do. We want more big star out of you.” Lionel says, “We want you to get nasty.”

Marybeth Byrd – Dancing Queen by ABBA

Her mom would play the Mama Mia soundtrack in the car. “Her choices are really solid,” says Adam. He gives her tips on being confident on stage. “I’m constantly overthinking!” she admits. She wants to channel “whatever the heck Adam has.” She sings a countrified version of the classic pop hit. She’s having pitch problems, and seems out of her element. It’s maybe not a great song pick for her. Marybeth should have gone country all the way with it, more twang!. Luke says, “I love how you made that you. You didn’t overdo anything. Great job.” Lionel says, “You just delivered the goods.” Katy says, “You’re really glam now! You landed that song like a real queen.”

Adam Lambert – I Can’t Stand the Rain

OH MY GOSH. Katy has her Adam Lambert cape! They know each other from their early days. While he competed back in 2009, she came on the show as a guest on Top 3 results night. She flashed the cape before launching into her single “Waking up in Las Vegas.” It made some fans mad that she took sides. OH WELL.



(ABC/Eric McCandless) KATY PERRY

Adam performs “I Can’t Stand the Rain” from his recent album of covers. On it, he re-imagined songs by other artists, putting his own special twist on them. He gives this 80s classic a soul/rock groove. Excellent. Ryan asks him why he keeps coming back on the show. “I own Idol a big debt of gratitude,” he replies. He’s sure he wouldn’t be where he is right now without it. Jokey. Ryan stands on a box to match Adam’s platform booted height. Next, he will be out on the road with Queen. The tour is sold out!

Ryan announced the Top 5 theme will be Disney Night in two weeks! Also, Season 20 finalist Fritz Hager is in the audience!

Wé Ani – Something’s Got a Hold on Me by Etta James

“You look so good!” Wé gushes. She’s stuck between two songs: an Etta James number or River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner. She wanted to choose a song by a “really strong black woman.” Adam suggests she go with Etta and she did. Wear red, he advises. She hopes to make him proud. Wé is working the stage like a pro. Her vocals are strong and confident and FEARLESS. It’s her best performance to date, and she’s been consistently great all season. I wouldn’t be mad if she won the show. She won’t, though.

Lionel is freaking out, “That was how you bring nasty to the table! Break out performance.” Katy says, “She did not come here to play. You just turned this thing into a competition.” Luke says, “It was nasty, it was mesmerizing. Way to go.” Her mom is in the audience for the first time losing her mind!

Wouldn’t it be crazy if Wé won American Idol and NOIVAS won The Voice? You know why!

Nutsa – The Show Must Go On by Queen

Nutsa had to be saved last week. She mentions that Adam is her favorite artist. “You love these big diva songs, don’t you” says Adam. He thinks she should pick a song that shows her softer side. Adam is nice, but delivers the criticisms others have had of her. She should pay attention to Adam’s body of work. He delivers outsized performances but with NUANCE. In the end, she stuck with her song choice, including the big big notes and the pageant queen stage presence. Katy says, “Don’t change! I think you took what Adam said to heart…the word nuts is in your name!” Luke says, “You got to fight every day…and that’s what you do. You make all eyes in the room go on you.” Lionel says, “You are a star…you’ve made it.”

Megan Danielle – Angel by Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt

Adam calls her voice “bananas.” He suggests that she do a version closer to Bonnie’s. “Take it to church,” he says. “You’re the reason why this show works!” Adam gushes. “You’re really good!” Dang that compliment from Adam is gonna get her a bunch of votes tonight. He’s correct. There is something special about her voice. Based on pure vocal ability, she’s one of the best of the remaining singers. Her raspy vocals and effortless phrasing are everything. She’s so young, but can still make real a song from the vantage point of an old woman who has lived a hard life.

Luke is holding his heart, “I’m a mess! I’m so emotional about what you just did.” He compares it to an award show performance. “That was absolutely incredible.” Lionel says, “Steller…killer performance.” Katy says, “I finally believe in you.” It’s important to note that the song was written and performed orginally by the late, great John Prine.

Zachariah Smith – Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO

He considered “Maybe I’m Amazed,” but Adam went for his second choice, by ELO. Adam suggests he pick the perfect outfit. Zach LOVES Adam. He and his mom watched and voted for him on season 8. Zachariah has a knack for choosing perfect songs that highlight his strengths. Often, they aren’t the biggest hits from former eras. Has this song ever been covered on Idol? I don’t think so. I didn’t think much of him at first. He’s not my cup of tea exactly. But he’s playing the game SMART. Lionel says, “You brought the party to the stage! You’re entertaining. That’s what half the business is.” Katy mentions that Adam’s feedback has been great. “We love you…there’s no one else like you.” Luke declares, “I need a drink! They are killing it!”

Iam Tongi – Bring it On Home to Me by Sam Cooke

Iam says it’s hard to say goodbye to his friends. Adam admits he didn’t worry about friends leaving. He had his eye on the prize! Iam is thinking about taking a big step–putting down the guitar his late father gifted him. Adam suggests he work with a mic stand. It’s smart for Iam to change it up at this point in the competition. His presentation was on the verge of becoming stale. He’s more soulful this time than he’s ever been. It’s an intense performance. No guitar means he can put his entire focus on to his vocals, and its paying off.

The crowd is chanting. Katy calls him “magic” adding “you are the one.” Luke says, ‘There is no way people can’t love you. People just love you buddy.” He calls the move without the guitar “brave.” Lionel says, “The crowd is saying it all.” Iam is on track to win it all.


22 million votes came in, Ryan reports before revealing the Top 10 one by one. The two remaining contestants are eliminated.

American Idol 2023 Top 10

Warren Peay
We Ani
Iam Tongi
Megan Danielle
Zachariah Smith
Haven Madison
Colin Stough
Oliver Steele
Tyson Venegas
Marybeth Byrd


Lucy Love

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