American Idol 2023 Top 12 Poll Results, Power Rankings

American Idol 2023 Warren Peay We Ani Colin Stough
pictured l-r Warren Peay, Wé Ani, Colin Stough

American Idol 2023 Top 12 POLL Results, Power Rankings

American Idol 2023 season 21 goes live Coast to Coast beginning on Sunday (April 30). What that means is no more overnight voting. From now on, viewers at home will begin voting at the beginning of the episode as the contestants perform for the judges.

Also, note that Idol has assigned contestants new text numbers, and a few of them are freaking out on social media about it. Can’t really blame them, because the voting window is so short and hectic. While performing last is an advantage for overnight voting, it can be a detriment for those who perform later in the lineup. During real time voting, the window closes mere minutes after the last singer performs. Shortly after, Ryan Seacrest announces the eliminated contestants.

Also FIVE contestants will leave the competition next week. Two at the end of Sunday’s Hall of Fame themed episode (April 30) and three by the finish of Monday’s Judges Song Contest (May 1)

Sunday and Monday’s special guests

Season 8 alum Adam Lambert will mentor the Top 12 for Sunday’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame themed show, while season 21 singer Chayce Beckham will perform his new single “Til the Day I Die” on Monday while the judges choose songs for the remaining Top 10. Only four more weeks remain in the season! May 1 is the last LIVE episode on Mondays.

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While ABC advertises that both Sunday and Monday’s shows as LIVE coast to coast (8 pm ET/5 pm PT), west coasters make SURE to check your local listings! Some ABC affiliates choose to air local programing instead at 5 pm.

American Idol Top 12 Power Rankings

Here’s how I rank the contestants ahead of Sunday and Monday’s episodes.

Lucy Love and Nutsa needed the judges–Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan— to save them last week. So they sit at the bottom of the list. It doesn’t mean I believe they will automatically go home next! No more predictions until the end of the season. Eliminations are impossible to predict before the contestants perform for votes.

12. Lucy Love – I’m not sure why Lucy isn’t landing. She’s a wonderful singer. Maybe it’s her offbeat style. She doesn’t sound like anybody else, but some of her choices are unexpected and she sometimes oversings. If she were a conventional artist, she might get away with that. Her original song was pretty great last week. We’ll see what happens

11. Nutsa – Nutsa receives a TON of social media likes and streams. But our poll stats here on the blog indicate that many of her fans are overseas. Only US citizens, including Puerto Rico are eligible to vote. Even if fans are managing to vote using VPNs, the real time voting makes that exercise difficult. She might not make it this week.

10. Tyson Venegas -Tyson is from Canada and has no local fanbase. He might run into some of the same problems as Nutsa. So far, he’s lasted on the strength of his incredible vocals. But if he’s not eliminated on Sunday, he probably will go on Monday.

9. Marybeth Byrd – Maybeth is a talented country singer, but she’s been having trouble standing out from the others in her lane like Colin Stough, Warren Peay and Megan Danielle.

8. Oliver Steele – Oliver, another really talented singer and songwriter,is having the same problem as Marybeth. It’s too bad, because he’s a multi-talented singer, musician and songwriter who deserves to go deep into the competition.

7. Haven Madison – Haven isn’t one of the best singers in the Top 12, but she’s a talented songwriter, and lives in the pop music lane, which she has mostly to herself at this point. Her youth and personality could take her deep into the competition.

6. Megan Danielle – Megan can sing country or blues. But at this point, she’d be smart to stay in the Christian contemporary/Gospel lane. Not only is it a solitary lane, but Megan connects deeply when she performs spiritual fare.

5. Zachariah Smith – Not the best singer by any means. But Zachariah is a born entertainer, and he has a knack for choosing nostalgic songs that older viewers love. He could make the top 5 at the rate he’s going.

4. Wé Ani – She finished in 3rd place on The Voice season 11 and came into the American Idol competition with a high profile. She is an even better singer than she was back in 2016 when she was known as Wé McDonald. She is experienced and ambitious. I don’t think she will win, but could go far.

3. Colin Stough – Colin ranks high this week after his break out performance of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” last week. Colin is most comfortable when performing without a backing band, but that’s not always going to be possible. More performing experience before he auditioned for Idol would have helped him greatly.

2. Warren Peay – While Warren isn’t popular in our polls, he receives tons of social media likes and streams. Do not sleep on Warren. He could win. If he makes the Top 3, that would not be a surprise.

1. Iam Tongi – Iam is the current front runner. He could win, unless he manages to peak too soon But at this point, he he rates high in the polling, in searches and likes and streams. Plus, the show has been pushing him like a winner.

American Idol Top 12 POLL Results

Here are the RESULTS of the polls posted earlier this week.

Favorite Top 12 Contestant

Iam always tops the polls, even on this here website. Wé is behind him with 20 percent. Warren only has 3 percent? OK. His fans don’t know about mjsbigblog, I guess!

  1. Iam Tongi – 29.80%
  2. Wé Ani – 20.69%
  3. Colin Stough – 9.10%
  4. Tyson Venegas – 7.67%
  5. Megan Danielle – 6.92%
  6. Zachariah Smith – 5.27%
  7. Oliver Steele – 4.51%
  8. Marybeth Byrd – 4.44%
  9. Nutsa – 3.99%
  10. Haven Madison – 3.69%
  11. Warren Peay – 3.01%
  12. Lucy Love – 0.90%

Which Top 20 Contestant was robbed?

It’s very rare that “nobody was robbed” ranks below 1st or second. A whopping 40 percent of you felt Kaeyra was robbed. Nailyah and Olivia Soli are ahead of “Nobody,” but WAY behind Kaeyra. It really is shocking that America didn’t vote her through and/or the judges didn’t save her. She had a chance to go beyond another episode or so. It’s possible she came in 11th or 12th vote-wise last week. Fans will never know, though.

  1. Kaeyra – 40.24%
  2. Nailyah Serenity – 11.80%
  3. Olivia Soli – 10.93%
  4. Nobody was Robbed – 9.63%
  5. Michael Williams – 7.89%
  6. Matt Wilson – 6.24%
  7. Paige Anne – 5.72%
  8. Hannah Nicolaisen -,4.08%
  9. Mariah Faith – 3.47%
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