American Idol 2023 Recap: Showstoppers End, Top 26 Revealed


American Idol 2023 Recap Showstoppers End: Performances and Top 26 RESULTS

American Idol 2023 Recap Showstoppers Pt 2 Performances and Top 26 RESULTS – Season 21 Showstoppers featuring judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest conclude as the remaining Top 55 perform with a live band in front of an audience for a spot in the semi-finals taking place at the Disney Aulani resort in Hawaii.

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Paige Anne and Megan Danielle – Cliffhanger concludes!

Last night the show left off with Paige Anne and Megan singing off for a spot in the semi-finals. Paige Anne nailed Adele’s “Go Easy on Me.” Now it’s Megan’s turn. Her performance is grittier than Paige Anne’s, but also really good. The judges send them away to chat. Paige Anne learns that she is NOT in the Top 24. She was spectacular in the sing-off, but performed her Showstopper performance from her hotel room after falling ill. Maybe that hurt her. Megan is crying while they break the good news that she’s advancing.

Paige Anne is out, Megan advances

Marybeth Byrd – Flat on the Floor by Carrie Underwood

Marybeth went pretty far on The Voice a few seasons ago. A talented and versatile vocalist, she puts her own gritty and soulful twist on a Carrie Underwood classic. She’s a confident performer who goes THERE. She’s not holding back.

Luke thinks her performance was kind of yelly and screammy. They think of her as a smooth singer. So guys can growl and rasp and sound like they have a throat full of rocks, but the gals not so much? I disagree. Nevertheless, Luke says she’ll have to call the radio station where she’s employed…cut to outside with Ryan. She fakes HIM out! She’s in.

Marybeth advances

Oliver Steele – Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

Oliver takes a risk, completely reimagining the 80’s classic as a jazz inflected number. His voice isn’t quite suited for the arrangement–a smoother vocal would have sounded better. He sounds wobbly and strained at times. But I still really like him.

The singer shares how he’s struggled with self confidence. Katy begins the fake out. “It can make it a little disconnected, you’re thinking about it too much.” She didn’t like that he looked up to them in the auditorium, as if for their approval.” He’s crying as she says, “You are your own hero. Welcome to the Top 24.” He shares the good news with his musician dad, who recently had a stroke.

Oliver advances

Emma Busse – Chasing Pavements by Adele

The judges gush as Emma performs an assured version of “Chasing Pavements.” In the chorus she hits a soaring high note while she works the stage. She ends on an almost impossible adlib. Emma is the one they yelled at about being too Broadway.

They don’t mess with her. They tell her straight up she’s in the Top 24

Emma advances

Preston Duffee – Crazy Town by Jason Aldean

He sang an original song for his audition, but stumbled in Hollywood. He ran out on stage before kicking off “Crazy Town.” It’s a generic performance. So far, he’s not great singing covers. He has vocal limitations–he’s good but not great. The judges wish his voice cut through more. They’re correct.

Luke compliments his energy and stage presence, but feels that he’s not vocally ready. He believes if he auditioned for American Idol at 21, he’d get cut too. Preston leaves the room feeling pretty good. “I have nothing negative to say about this experience,” he says.

Preston is out

Elijah McCormick – Believe for It by CeCe Winans

Elijah won the AMAs platinum ticket contest. His story is dramatic–he survived a devastating car wreck. Luke reminds Elijah to “keep the reins” on his voice. He does try to shove too many ad-libs into a run. But he’s got a unique tone and approach. He’s a passionate singer. They don’t mess with Elijah either. He’s through to the Top 24.

Elijah advances.

Elise Kristine (Feeling Good) and Olivia Soli (All By Myself)

There are several head to head matchups tonight. Buckle up! Katy compliments Elise’s range. She performs Feeling Good in a way that shows off her massive range. Her upper register is strong. The song’s crescendo is an amazing whistle note. Katy warns, “Don’t save your tricks, you never know when you’re going home.” Olivia also has a big effortless voice. If forced to pick, I’d go with Elise. Olivia had a couple of pitchy spots, while not veering musch from the Celine rendition. Katy compares Olivia to Ariana Grande.

Oh geez. Why bring them in together? They didn’t even sing off. What’s the point? Katy explains that the judges decided to let “America decide.”

Elise and Olivia both advance

Dawson Wayne – Flying by Cody Fry

Dawson introduces the song as a story about his faith. He hasn’t had much screen time in the competition so far. He just got off a “mission” for his church. So LDS? He wants to be more than a singer. He wants to put a positive message out. He’s not a perfect singer, but he’s emotive and compelling.

“This is your mission now,” says Katy He’s through to the Top 24

Dawson advances

Cam Amen – Impossible Dream from Man of la Mancha

Cam has a baby on the way after raising his younger siblings. He received a Platinum Ticket after his audition. Cam shares in his sit down about his lack of confidence. In Hollywood, he froze on stage, but advanced anyway. It’s a corny song pick. Why not sing a pop or R&B song? Sometimes feeling a connection to a song isn’t enough if it’s not strategically smart. Vocally, he’s solid, but not spectacular. While he sings, the judges observe that he keeps retreating into his head.

Cam feels confident that he will advance. However, Lionel shared devastating news. Cam is eliminated. He’s crushed, to say the least. Lionel urges him to audition again. But now, he needs to learn to believe in himself. That’s two Platinum Ticket holders who don’t make the semifinals.

Cam is out

Kya Monee, Caroline Kole, Mikenley Brown eliminated

A quick montage reveals the fate of three singers. Kya Monee, who duetted with the late Willie Spence two years ago, is nervous. The showstoppers is the point at which she got cut last time. Alas, ater performing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, she’ll get cut in the same place again.

After performing “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls, the judges deliver the bad news, Caroline Kole is eliminated.

She sings a solid version of “The Joke” by Brandi Carlile, but Mikenley Brown is eliminated from American Idol. She’s young and could come back another season.

Mariah Faith – I Ain’t Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings

Mariah is emotional after watching a bunch of her friends get cut. Luke calls her a soul singer who loves country. Mariah felt she could have had a better vocal during Showstoppers, but feels she “sang her tail off.” Indeed, her stage presence is strong. Remember, the judges plucked her to open for HunterGirl and Noah Thompson in Las Vegas. She got the Platinum Ticket treatment without winning the ticket. The judges put her through to the semi-finals

Mariah advances

Hannah Nicolaisen – I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw

Hannah is a volleyball player AND a musician. And she’s good at both. Her Audition and Hollywood performances were stronger. Fronting a full band, her vocal isn’t cutting through. Also this song, which hasn’t aged well, isn’t a great song choice. Katy pretends to spike a volleyball as the judges share the good news. She’s in the Top 24.

Hannah advances

Nailyah Serenity – Superstar by Luther Vandross (Carpenters)

Nailyah is an astrologer, Katy asks if she looked “above” for answers. The stars said that it’s a really good time for her career, Nailyah says. She performs a sultry version of the 70’s classic “Superstar.” She commands the stage. A few wobbly notes here and there. But she hits a Minnie Riperton high note with aplomb. The judges are on their feet.

Katy calls her performance divine and incredible and welcomes her to the Top 24

Nailya advances

Trey Lewis – Waiting for the Thunder by Blackberry Smoke

Luke believes Trey, who endured a school shooting in Texas years back, is the winner of American Idol in personality and entertainment. He sings a big hard rock song. He’s hiding behind a pair of shades, probably for the cool factor. But it’s off putting. He performed in front of a band for the first time, and struggled with the vocal, which results in a lot of off key screaming.

Luke thinks he has potential, but needs to work on his vocals. “You were very very close,” he says. Trey doesn’t advance. He cries afterward. Aw. “I really found my personality here,” he says as he breaks down further.

Trey is out

Only one spot remains in the Top 24! Oh my!

Colin Stough (Cold by Chris Stapleton), Iam Tongi (Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel), Matt Wilson (Forever)

Matt Wilson lost the Platinum ticket to Elijah McCormick, but he would have been a worthy winner. His voice is like butter. SO SMOOTH.

Colin puts his guitar down for Showstoppers. He’s meandering around the stage like he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, plus he has pitch problems.

Iam delivers his typically compelling performance. His delicate phrasing makes every song he sings his own. Katy calls Iam’s song choice “brilliant.”

Iam makes the Top 24. AND THEN GUESS WHAT. IT’S TOP 26 BABY! Colin and Matt are also through to the semifinals. Iam sings the group out with “Over the Rainbow” Hawaiian Style. Because the group is headed to the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Colin, Iam and Matt ALL advance

Top 24/26

Malik Heard
Haven Madison
Lucy Love
Michael Williams
Olivia Soli
Tyson Venegas
Warren Peay
Wé Ani
Zachariah Smith

Megan Danielle
Marybeth Byrd
Oliver Steele
Emma Busse
Elijah McCormick
Elise Kristine
Dawson Wayne
Mariah Faith
Hannah Nicolaisian
Nailya Serenity
Colin Stough
Iam Tongi
Matt Wilson

26th contestant NOT YET REVEALED

Across two nights, American Idol only revealed 25 contestants, even though the judges announced a total of 26. There are 26 contestants listed in the spoiler post. And from what I can gather that list is CORRECT. Stand by for more.

UPDATE: We’re pretty sure we found the contestant who probably dropped out of the competition, making way for another singer. Read all about it:

American Idol 2023: Who is the Missing Top 26 Singer? Explained!

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