American Idol 2022 Recap: Top 24 Compete in Hawaii Pt. 1 (Video)


American Idol 2022 Top 24 travelled to Disney Aulani Resort to sing for your votes. Part 1 features 12 singers mentored by former American Idol contestant, Jimmie Allen.  The semi-finalists perform on an outdoor stage in front of judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan

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Tonight’s contestants: 1. Jay Copeland 2. Elli Rowe 3. Tristen Gressett 4. Scarlet Ayliz 5. Sage 6.Danielle Finn 7. Mike Parker 8. Emyson Flora 9. Dan Marshall 10. Jacob Moran 11. HunterGirl 12. Nicolina Bozzo. Photo Gallery

TWO of tonight’s 12 singers will be eliminated from the competition next Sunday.

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Song Spoilers! Find out what the Top 24 will sing:

What Did Top 24 Sing in Hawaii? (Spoilers)

The show opens with judges hijinks

First, a look at Jimmie Allen’s 2011 audition. He meets the contestants first as a group.  “Let’s make some music,” he says. I really like that Jimmie is off stage offering encouragement and a few kind words as the singers come off stage. 

Jay Copeland

I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 – Jimmie is impressed with Jay’s voice. But he asks about the judges remarks. “There is character in vocal flaws,” Jimmie stresses. Jay picked the song because he previously had trouble with his “significant other,” but the two are OK now. He slows it up, with an electric piano backing him before grabbing the mic to sing and dance. He’s a solid singer and performer, but it’s not “platinum ticket” worthy levels of great.  His voice is pitchy and uncontrolled in spots.

Lionel calls the singing “off the charts.” He’s  not sure about the song choice.  Katy isn’t sure what his style is yet. But she likes his “muscles.” Luke thinks he may have overextended at the end.  Generally, the judges are complimentary, but only with caveats. As a platinum ticket holder, their critiques will remain gentle. – Text 1 t0 21523

Elli Rowe

Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac – Elli shares with Jimmie that she’s singing the song to her younger self. Jimmie was “moved.” He didn’t expect her voice to be so “smooth.” Jimmie suggests that she ditch the band. Elli thinks the band adds something. She goes for the band, which plays gently behind her. Elli’s voice is so pretty. She’s not a big rangy singer, but there is something affecting in the way she delivers a song. She’s a good storyteller. 

Katy was taken to another place. “It really transported me,” although she noted some nerves. It felt like a moment to Luke. “I love the way you arranged it,” although it was pitchy in parts. Yeah, she did seem a little nervous. Lionel thinks she did “an amazing job.” Text 2 t0 21523

Tristen Gressett

With a Little Help from My Friends by The Beatles – Jimmie advises Tristen to build dynamics into his performance. Tristen’s mom joins them and sings a bit of “Me and Bobby McGee.” Jimmie becomes emotional thinking about his own mom. Tristen is a better performer than singer–he knows how to hold an audience. However, he needs to calm down some. But he’s at his best on a big stage like this. He’s entertaining in the way Constantine Maroulis or Taylor Hicks is. 

Luke advises him not to allow anyone to steer him astray. Basically, do your thing, he says. “You know how to entertain.” Lionel calls his navigation of the stage, “ridiculous.” Katy says “YOU ARE POSSESSED YOU ARE A FREAK,” she adds, “You are so authentic.” She calls him a rockstar.  Text 3 t0 21523

Scarlet Ayliz

Levitating by Dua Lipa – Jimmie was not impressed until Scarlet hit big notes in the chorus. He tells her not to hold back! He thinks it’s a confidence thing. They talk a little bit about grandmothers. Scarlet is close to hers. This is a hard song to sing. The recorded version is pro-tooled to the max. Scarlet is going off key in spots. She has her moments though. Her range and tone are crazy. Her ad libbing at the end elevates the song. The second half is much better than the first.

Lionel thinks she comes alive in front of a crowd. He compliments her “entertainment quality.” Katy felt she picked a good song for the setting. “You’ve got a lot of good things going for you.” Luke thought she “started weird” but then he became a fan.  Text 4 t0 21523


Jolene by Dolly Parton – Jimmie thinks the song is a big risk. But she made the song her own, which impressed him. “That was a great surprise,” he says. He promises to show it to Dolly. Way to make Sage nervous Jimmie! The Laurel Canyon-inspired singer has an interesting vibe. Her style is laid back, which might get lost on a big stage like this. She never created a big moment for herself, unfortunately. 

Katy calls the performance “hypnotic.” She was missing a few individual quicks and strengths. She calls Sage Top 5. Really? Luke liked some of her note choices. He agrees with the Top 5 thing. They’re making sure she gets votes. Lionel stresses that she needs to make songs her own. Text 5 t0 21523

Next, Jimmie Allen takes the stage to sing his latest single, “Down Home.” The song is written about and dedicated to his late father who died in 2019. 

Danielle Finn

Your Song by Elton John – Katy was hard on Danielle after her Showstopper performance. Jimmie advises that she dig deeper, treat every performance as if it were her last. But after she sings for him, he tells her not to change a thing. “You’ve earned your spot,” he says.  Her phrasing is really pretty. I like her sliding up into her head voice. She makes great choices changing the melody. This song is tricky, because it’s so beloved and well known. The band becomes a little too smooth jazz on the last verse. But she rises above it. Very nice. 

Katy is on her feet. “There she is! I was wondering where you were!” Katy is pleased. “I still think you’re nervous.” Luke loves her tone, but advises that she work on her stage presence. Lionel says, ‘Get your brain out of the performance.” Text 6 t0 21523

Mike Parker

Best Shot by Jimmie Allen – Mike looks up to Jimmie, because he wants to be a country singer too. They both become emotional. Jimmie is so moved that he inspires Mike. A big hug at the end.  Mike doesn’t always sing country songs like a country singer. It’s like he’s still learning. He brings real emotion to the performance, however. He’s so emotional that he loses it a little. But it works. 

All three judges are on their feet. Out in the audience, Jimmie is tearful. He mentions Charlie Pride, Mickey Guyton and Darius Rucker. Luke calls it a great moment. Lionel calls Kenny Rogers the same kind of mentor for himself. Katy believes Mike has finally arrived. Text 7 t0 21523

Emyrson Flora

Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus – At 16, she’s the youngest competitor in the Top 24. Jimmie could feel her holding back. He coaches her through her band rehearsal. The judges have been harder on Emyrson than she deserves. Her performances all along have been pretty great. She’s good tonight. Her tone and wide vibrato and phrasing are beautiful. She’s got a very commercial sound. Why aren’t producers pimping her more? 

Luke calls the performance one of his favorites. “You are tremendous…your voice pulls everyone in.” Lionel thinks she has stage presence, even as she stands still. “You have a future in this business.” Katy calls her voice powerful,” and “You have a great chance of being the next American Idol.” The judges are finally on board. Text 8 t0 21523

Dan Marshall

Heaven by Bryan Adams – Luke suggested he put the guitar down. But Dan wants to play it. Dan sang it with and without guitar for Jimmie. He thinks Dan should put the guitar down too. Dan doesn’t know what to do with his hands sans guitar. Dan has a sturdy voice. He has shaky moments, but the girlfriend in the audience seems to ground him.

Lionel watch him slowly relax during the performance. I agree. He loosened up by the end. Katy agrees with Lionel, but she’s not anti-guitar. Luke didn’t think it was his best performance, “but it didn’t necessarily hurt you.” Ouch! I agree though. He did enough to stick around to the Top 20, but compared to the performances that came before–meh. Text 9 t0 21523

Jacob Moran

In My Blood by Shawn Mendes – Jacob shares with Jimmie that he lost weight since he auditioned a few years ago. He chose the song because it represents his Idol journey. “I didn’t give up.” Jimmie is wowed by Jacob’s powerful voice and believes he could win the show.  His range is Jacob’s superpower. He can hit impossibly high notes in his chest voice without seeming to try. Don’t kill me, but I’m getting Adam Lambert vibes off this performance.

Lionel felt Jacob took the crowd on a journey. His favorite of Jacob’s so far. Katy heard the lyrics for the first time. “Be even more free the next time…let it flow out of you.” Luke calls it “high level singing.” Text 10 t0 21523


Banjo by Rascal Flatts – She’s not playing guitar this time. She’s not sure what she’ll do with her hands. Jimmie gives her tips on how to move on stage. She grabs the mic after the first verse and works the stage. She’s a natural entertainer. And that bell-like tone. Her delivery is effortless. I can imagine HunterGirl on the Opry stage right now. It’s like a party on stage. 

You know how to work a crowd, says Katy. “I want to party with you.” Katy heard some pitch things, but she’s not worried. Luke loved her song choice, and liked that she proved she could go guitarless. Lionel admires the way she controlled the crowd. Text 11 t0 21523

Nicolina Bozzo 

Elastic Heart by Sia – For Nicolina, the song is about bouncing back from heartbreak. After her parents broke up, she and her sisters don’t have a relationship with their mother. Jimmie sees an artist. “You could win this competition,” he says. “You are great.” Nicolina pours her heart into the song. She’s not only talented, but she’s fearless. Her voice is like a stab in the heart, and I mean that in a good way.

Luke says, “You always deliver…all the emotions.” Lionel thinks she can handle the stage, and calls her voice mesmerizing. “You are a star,” he says. Katy thinks she sounds AND looks like a star. “Just keep singing songs that resonate with you.” Text 12 t0 21523


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