American Idol 2018 Recap – Showcase/Top 24 Revealed Live Blog (VIDEOS)

AMERICAN IDOL - "108 (Showcase/Final Judgment)" - Idol hopefuls head to Exchange LA in downtown Los Angeles for the Showcase Round, where contestants perform solos in front of a live crowd and the judges. Following the performances, the judges sit down with each contestant for the Final Judgment and reveal which finalists made it through to the Top 24, as the search for AmericaÕs next superstar continues on its new home on AmericaÕs network, The ABC Television Network, MONDAY, APRIL 2 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC/Eric McCandless) DENNIS LORENZO, MARCIO

American Idol 2018 Recap and Results – Showcase Performances and The Top 24 Revealed with VIDEOS

Tonight on American Idol on ABC at 8 pm ET the Top 50 perform in front of the judges and a LIVE audience at the Exchange Club in Los Angeles. After, the Top 24 are revealed by the judges in the Final Judgement. During the legendary “Green Mile” the contestants take a long walk to meet the judges who deliver either good news (Welcome to the Top 24!) or bad news (Sorry…you’re heading home).  Join us as we Live Blog all the drama.

Featured on the panel are veteran R&B master, Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest returns to host.

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Here we go! The judges aren’t looking forward to delivering bad news to the singers. 

Layla Spring – Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater – Oh. This is an unfortunate song choice. It’s a swampified version of the Tina Turner rendition, and it just does not work. The judges give her a standing ovation. Hm. At the final judgement, the judges say they are impressed that she took their notes. Luke says they’re scared to send through 16 year olds. But she’s a 16 year old who is going through – Layla is in the Top 24

Michael J. Woodard – You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette – Another surprising song choice from Michael.  Hm. I’m not sure this works. But I appreciate his willingness to take chances. He’s wearing a blue denim jumpsuit. What an odd duck! But in the best possible way. Michael is so nervous, the judges don’t try to fake him out. – Michael is in the Top 24

Trevor Holmes – Slow Hand by Niall Horan – Katy Perry’s biggest fan! Will he make it through to the Top 24? “I’m over him!” declares Katy.  No wonder–his performance is nice but underwhelming. Katy says she needs more from him, and then goes on to deliver bad news in the MOST AWKWARD WAY POSSIBLE. Wow. Should have let Lionel or Luke handle that one. – Trevor is Eliminated

Gabby Barrett – Church Bells by Carrie Underwood – The judges told her NOT to sing “Church Bells” during her audition. Guess what she sings for the showcase? Oh boy. The judges aren’t thrilled. I think she’s a better singer when she tackles R&B.  Katy says she saved her butt at the end of her performance.  However, Luke thinks she’s next level – Gabby is in the Top 24

Thaddeus Johnson  – Hate on Me by Jill Scott – He was cut in Season 9 at about this point. He impressed the judges with his performance of Katy’s Rise during Hollywood Week. Is it enough? Lionel babbles on about levels of talent before telling Thaddeus that he’s eliminated. Oh wow. Sad. That’s gonna be a controversial decision – Thaddeus is Eliminated.

Michelle Sussette – 24K by Bruno Mars – Michelle is an all around performer–like a young Jlo or Gloria Estefan. Unfortunately, swaggy personalities who work the stage usually don’t get far in the voting rounds. However, I totally understand why the judges would advance her. She’s talented and fun to watch.  – Michelle is in the Top 24

Dominique, Trevor McBane, Maddie Pope, Ron Bultongez. Alyssa Raghu are ALL in the Top 24

Catie Turner – Bad Romance by Lady Gaga – She can’t stop crying as she sits in the holding room waiting to hear her fate. On stage at the Showcase, Catie powering her way through Gaga. Hm. Her original songs are better. She admits that it wasn’t her best. Luke called it a star performance. Katy disagrees. Catie describes how she’s having the time of her life. She’s grown so much. She wants to stay so bad. Katy admits that her showcase performance was shaky. “I don’t think you’re ready to hear this… CLIFFHANGER UNTIL AFTER THE BREAK. These fakeouts are pathetic. I’m down with Catie advancing. I just hope she doesn’t have a nervous breakdown during the process. – Catie is In the Top 24

Milos Spisato, Les Greene, Brittany Holmes, William Casanova are Eliminated.

Jurnee – Never Enough by Loren Allred – Her wife has been away in the army getting ready for deployment. It’s been tough. But she’s here for the Showcase! Jurnee delivers a gorgeous and passionate vocal that she dedicates to her partner. Jurnee’s vocals are effortless. No surprises here–she advances – Jurnee is Top 24

Shannon O’Hara – Unconditionally by Katy Perry – Shannon performs a stripped back version of the song with her guitar.  The best thing about Shannon is her phrasing, but sometimes it feels like she’s holding back. She’s just this side of being a truly dynamic presence. In any case, that was a real pretty version of the song. After calling Shannon a “super spiritual ninja” at the final judgement, Katy announces that she’s made it through – Shannon is in the Top 24

Kay Kay, Amelia Hammer Harris, and Brandon Diaz are in the Top 24

Noah Davis – You & I by Lady Gaga – He’s back behind the piano. But oh dear. This performance is full of pitch problems. CATERWAULING. He’s nervous. Obviously, there are confidence issues here. Katy says they love him, but he needs to step into his power. AND IT’S ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER. Aw. She suggests he come back next year. Hm.  Noah is Eliminated

Harper Grace, Carly Moffa, Samothias, Lee Vasi, and Victoria McQueen are all Eliminated. I wonder what went wrong with Harper? She seemed like a real contender.

Ada Vox (Adam Sanders) – Creep by Radiohead – Katy isn’t sure about Ada. “If you turn too many tricks, the tricks turn on you,” she says. In other words–is she just a gimmick in a wig? Welp. Her performance of Creep is powerful, dramatic. Miss Ada has the crowd in the palm of her hands. Yes, it’s over the top. This singer won’t be for everybody. Having said that, she really does her thing with this off-covered song. The singer decides to do the Green Mile as Adam. “It’s time to show the judges me,” he says.  Lionel says Ada took them on a roller coaster ride. He’s proud! It sounds like Adam may come out from behind his drag personna and perform as himself at some point.- Ada is in the Top 24

Jonny Brenns – Lay Me Down by Sam Smith – Jonny’s dad is in the audience. It’s the thing he has longed for through his whole journey. The judges are going nuts, but this performance sounds real pitchy to me. He needed to control that vibrato. His dad says, “I don’t know what the judges are thinking, but he’s beautiful in my eyes.” Aw. Luke notes that he’s struggled. But he’s Top 24 anyway! – Jonny is in the Top 24

Mara Justine – Something’s Got a Hold on Me by Etta James – This 15 year old singer has a big beautiful voice, but she’s oversinging like crazy. Dial it back kid. Katy says she needs to tone it down. Lionel believes that she knows who she is. “You have a style” he says. Katy says she’s developing bad habits. ‘There’s too much frosting on this beautiful cake.” Katy would be right. Nevertheless Mara is in the  Top 24

Caleb Hutchinson  – I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton – The judges love this, but it’s not a perfect vocal. Lionel says his voice is his identity. Katy warns him not to turn into a one dimensional character. He’s pretty generic as far as country singers are concerned. He needs to develop a signature style. So far, he sounds like a bunch of other people. – Caleb is in the Top 24.

Oh. Both Garrett and Laine will learn their fate at the same time.  Luke behaves as if it’s between the two singers. But these elimination duos are set up for maximum dramatic effect rather than a situation that’s authentically either/or.

Garrett Jacobs– Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd – He started off OK, but ended the song screaming. These singers are becoming too excited in front of a live audience. CALM DOWN KIDS.  Garrett says he just learned that he could dance! The judges are all–PLEASE DON’T Dance. Nevertheless, Garrett is in the Top 24

Laine Hardy – The Ballad of Curtis Loew by Lynyrd Skynyrd – Laine’s song choices are always interesting. He’s got some pitch problems in this performance, though. And Laine is Eliminated

The judges don’t explain their thinking here at all. I wonder if its partially an attitude problem. Laine was hardly the team player during his group round. Still, I expect Laine’s elimination will be controversial. 

Cade Foehner –  No Good by Kaleo – Welp. I have a feeling Cade is going to be a fan favorite. He’s a real rock n’ roll star with oodles of charisma. He’s got the 1970’s Zep vibe going on strong. And Cade is in the Top 24

Maddie Zahm – What About Us by Pink – Big voice, but she sounds breathless here. Katy liked the song choice but felt the performance was shakey. I agree. Lionel tells Maddie to come back next year – Maddie is eliminated.

Effie Passero – The Dance by Garth Brooks – Her mom sang this song to her, beginning when she was a wee baby.  That was a very emotional performance. But Katy didn’t feel like it was a “kill.”  Katy says she better sing like it’s the last time she’s ever sung. She wants her to hit the next gear. – Effie is in the Top 24

Marcio and Dennis are the two remaining contestants. They’ll be seeing the judges together.  DO THE MATH.

Marcio Donaldson – If You Really Love Me by Stevie Wonder – He performs a cool, jazzy version of the song with added falsetto. The judges admire how far he’s come. Marcio is in the Top 24

Dennis Lorenzo – A Song For You by Leon Russell –  This classic has been covered endlessly on singing shows.   There isn’t much new to do here. It’s a very pretty rendition, though. On his Hollywood performance of the Daughtry song Katy says: “We didn’t think you could do Home the way you did Home. But you brought Home Home.” WTF? Dennis is in the Top 24

Blah blah blah. They’re both going through OF COURSE! The show ends on a happy note.

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