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AMERICAN IDOL: Top 6: L-R: Contestants La'Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon perform on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, March 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/ FOX. This image is embargoed until Thursday, March 10,10:00PM PT / 1:00AM ET

American Idol 2016 Recap Top 6 Sing & Results VIDEOS

Tonight,  American Idol 14 winner Nick Fradiani returns home to perform his brand new single “Get You Home.”Tonight, host Ryan Seacrest will reveal, in no particular order,  the five contestants who are safe, revealing the bottom 3 vote getters. Tonight’s theme is the American Idol Songbook aka songs that have been sun ad nauseum by former Idols on the show. The bottom 3 singers will perform last for the judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr, who will save one, eliminating the remaining two.

In addition to solos, the Top 8 have been paired together to sing duets! Click to check out tonight’s song spoilers.Host Ryan Seacrest introduces Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.  Keith gives bandleader Rickey Minor a high five. Jlo is pretty in a pink slip of a dress. The Top 8 take the stage.  LaPorsha and Trent’s duets kick off the shoe.

Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae – See You Again by Charlie Puth – La’Porsha teases that Trent has a higher voice than she does, and they’ll be singing unexpected parts. Indeed, Trent sings the falsettos and LaPorsha raps a little! But they sang most of Wiz’s rap parts. Trent finishes with a gentlemanly hand kiss. That’s so Trent. The performance was lovely and generous. La’Porsha and her powerful voice could have overtaken Trent, but the duo worked to compliment each other’s styles, and it was a lovely intertwining of two very distinct vocals.  Trent showed off his beautiful falsetto while La Porsha’s impeccable phrasing was on point, punctuating performance. Great way to open the show, says Keith. Perfect song. It played to their strengths. “Magical,” says Jlo. Harry loves the way their voices blend. – Click to Watch Trent and La’Porsha’s Performance

Sonika Vaid and Avalon Young –  Rise Up by Andra Day – They are roommates! This duet is better than I ever imagined it could be. The two are so different stylistically–soul vs classic pop. Yet, they each possess gorgeous vocal tone that blends beautifully, and have  obvious chemistry.  Jlo felt they pushed each other to be their best, but she wanted to see them let loose physically. Harry felt Avalon’s rhythmic style was more in the pocket, but Sonika’s voice was beautiful. Keith called Avalon effortless. –  Click to Watch Sonika and Avalon’s Performance

In House Mentor Scott Borchetta in in the house. He thinks it’s important they know how to collaborate, but each need to be able to shine. He thought two illustrated that.  He also has high hopes for Dalton and MacKenzie’s “I Want it That Way” duet, but is a little worried for Tristan and Lee, who is sick.

Dalton Rapattoni and MacKenzie Bourg – I Want it That Way by The Backstreet Boys –  The pitch is REALLY off in this duet, for both singers. MacKenzie mentioned he wasn’t a boy band type singer, and hoped to bring a soft side to the tune, while Dalton hinted he’d be adding the edge. But they were both bland as hell, as well as pitchy. The two warbled while awkwardly working the stage. This was not much of a collaboration. Harry did NOT think that was a good song. He wonders if they understand the lyric. Problem: He doesn’t either. Keith completely agrees. He didn’t think the song benefited either of them. Jlo said the song was a good song in theory–two heartthrobs singing a duet–but it didn’t work. – – Click to Watch Dalton and MacKenzie’s Performance

Tristan McIntosh and Lee Jean – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith – “It a love song!” says Lee, “I’m singing it to a tall girl.” That’s the least of your problems, dude.  This could have been worse. And, surprisingly, was better than the Dalton/MacKenzie duet, but that’s a low bar. There were pitch problems, particularly for Lee.  Tristan over-adlibbed the melody, while poor Lee had trouble keeping up. Keith felt the song did neither singer any favors.  Jlo praised Tristan’s vocal while giving Lee a gold star for effort. Harry wouldn’t have picked the song, but if the arrangement was better, it might have worked. “It was very boring and very bland,” he said.  Those two should have never been duet partners in the first place OR saddled with that song. #nottheirfault. –  Click to Watch Tristan and Lee’s Performance

Here come the solos and results. Each contestant called will move on to the Top 6.  The last three contestants are the lowest vote getters and will perform for the judges save.

La’Porsha Renae – Come Together by the Beatles – Her parents wanted her to join the military and she resisted. A teacher helped her understand it was OK to be different. She surprises La’Porsha in LA! She’s crying–so happy to see the woman who inspired her. The singer is dressed head to toe in leather and she’s working the stage like an effing boss. This Beatles classic has been sung many times on the Idol stage, but the strength and confidence La’Porsha is bringing, along with her out-of-this-world vocal stylings. She may have delivered the best version of that song GO DIVA GO YOU BRING THAT SASS.  She makes Jlo feel cool just watching her. Harry applauds her for making sense of those lyrics! Keith gives George Martin a nod. He thinks EVERY song is a good song for her. La’Porsha picked the song because she wanted to mix things up with an uptempo number that gave her the opportunity to work the stage.  – Text 8 to 21523 – 1866-436-5708  Click to Watch La’Porsha’s Performance

MacKenzie Bourg – You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker – So, MacKenzie was a jock in high school as well as a musical theater star. No guitar this time. He’s got a string section sitting behind him.  MacKenzie isn’t just flipping a song. In fact, he’s really not flipping it at all. Yet, that’s OK, because here, he’s found a way to connect to the deeply emotional lyrics.  For me, his whispery soft voice isn’t quite enough to deliver the one-two punch a bigger voice could deliver. But there is something so heartfelt and earnest in his performance, he makes it work.  Harry feels he redeemed himself. This time he chose the perfect song. He felt he connected. MacKenzie picked the song “100%.” Keith says he made the song sound brand new. “When you sing we feel like you are singing to us,” says Jennifer. – Text 7 to 21523 – 1 866-436-5707 – Click to Watch MacKenzie’s Performance

Before the break, we get a little video clip detailing the history of the Asteroid song. Hee.

Nick Fradiani takes the stage to sing his funky new pop confection, “When I Get You Home.”  Think Maroon 5.  I wouldn’t say his falsetto is strong–I much prefer his chest voice–but working what he’s to got to its full advantage. Allison Iraheta and her fellow background singers are offering a lovely assist on those high parts. Click to download his single.  Co-writer, Jaden Michaels is in the audience. Aw. He gave the finalists gifts! He hung out with them today.

Trent Harmon – Stand By Me by Ben E. King –  YAY TRENT IS SAFE! He’s still being framed as the weirdo farm boy in his video package, but it seems to be working. Or, not hurting him, at least. He’s gonna be safe next week, because he picked the PERFECT song and he’s singing the crap out of it.  He gets strings too. Trent is bringing his best blue eyed soul to the stage tonight, making this tired old singing show staple fresh.  He ends with a little 60’s style flourish BRAVO. Trent a big ole weirdo, who isn’t afraid to nakedly wear his heart on his sleeve. That’s called artistry, folks. Keith feels like he’s growing week by week, but suggests he use the stylistic moments sparingly to allow the emotion more room. Jlo calls him a “badass.”  Trent dubs his new look, 2.0, but Jlo misses his hats and scarves. If Trent had been in trouble? That performance would have saved his ass for sure. Harry thought he needed to sink into the rhythm a little more, but still fantastic.  – Text 10 to 21523 – 1866-436-5710 – Click to Watch Trent’s Performance 

Before the break, we get a little review of the singers who performed “Ain’t No Sunshine” over the years.

Tristan McIntosh – A Broken Wing by Martina McBride – We’re getting another dose of sick grandpa this week. Gotta work that backstory! Gramps sends a sweet little good luck message to her.  Tristan has been singing this song for several years now, and it shows.  The high parts of the chorus are just out of her reach, unfortunately. She whiffs the very last note. She needs to work with vocal coaches to learn her limitations. Not everyone is Carrie Underwood, and can belt those high notes with ease. But overall, she delivers a lovely heartfelt version of the song. Ballads really are her forte. Jlo remarks that her voice is perfectly suited for country. She appreciates she tried the last note, even though she missed it. Harry asks her about the lyric. Fortunately the question set up a compliment about her ability to interpret lyrics (Not always, Harry). Keith felt the song was perfect for her.– Text 6 to 21523 – 1866-436-5706 – Click to Watch Tristan’s Performance

Remember all the female singers who performed Celine Dion’s I Surrender? Kelly Clarkson was the first!

After the break, Sonika, Dalton, Lee and Avalon stand on stage. Who takes the last safe spot in the Top 6?  OF COURSE It’s Dalton Rapattoni. You got scared though, Dalton fans, didn’t you? TBTB are messing with ya!

Dalton Rapattoni —Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles – His mom loved punk music, which he didn’t find out until he was older. He yoinked her vintage leather coat. MOM SEEMS SUPER COOL. He electrifies the song, kind of how David Cook did it, but it’s not a knockoff.  This is more the Dalton we’ve seen previously–the pop rocker with an energetic and theatrical flair. Dalton finishes the song with a rock yell, and he pulls it off. Harry loved the song choice and arrangement, and appreciated that Dalton pushed his upper register to the limit. Keith felt his theatrical style brought out the dark current in the song really well.  He makes a waffle iron analogy that he was probably saving for the perfect moment. Heh. Jlo is happy that he brought back the big ending.  – Text 5 to 21523 – 1866-436-5705 – Click to Watch Dalton’s Performance

Lee, Avalon and Sonika are in the bottom three. After the break, they sing for the save.

Avalon Young – (PYT) Pretty Young Thing by Michael Jackson – She was diagnosed with OCD at age 7 and has involuntary tics that, of course, go away when she sings.  She’s doing about as well as she can with this lightweight piece of fluff. There are a couple of pitchy things here and there, but she is bringing groove, fun and attitude to the performance. She’s having a blast with backup singers. But dang. I knew this would happen. She needed to prepare a save me type song for tonight. Keith is confused, because while the house loves her, she’s wound up in the bottom 3 twice. He thinks maybe home viewers aren’t connecting. Jlo is also confused and suggests she go out of the box next time if she advances. Harry felt she lacked some urgency–Jlo’s word. I loved that she interrupted him there!  Harry felt the performance was not compelling because it was too laid back. – Click to Watch Avalon’s Performance

Lee Jean – Let it Be by The Beatles – His family moved around a lot. He was very shy as a young kid. His life change, however, when his one friend forced him to sing in the schoolyard. Suddenly, he was invited to ALL the birthday parties. Lee’s pitch needs so much work. I suspect his voice is still changing.  He’s just a few years short of being the vocalist he could be. Even though he’s experienced loss, he’s too young to really bring those emotions to the forefront. Jlo says he has so much going for him. She doesn’t think he brought enough tonight. Harry likes that he commits to the lyrics. Harry says he has good ears usually but was sharp tonight. No Harry. Lee is nearly always pitchy. Keith felt his nerves, but loves the tone of his voice. Those critiques felt very much like goodbye. As it should be. – Click to Watch Lee’s Performance

Sonika Vaid – I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston – She comes from a musical family, amongst all of those professional family members. Her grandfather was a musician and mom performed in Bollywood. Sigh. And I thought maybe she had a breakthrough a couple of weeks a go. It’s another super-pageanty performance from Sonika.  There are some sweet vocal moments, but her rendition lacks the bold passion required to make this song work. If a singer doesn’t have the ability to perform the snot out of this song, it’s really better to pass. Harry notes the song has been sung 6 times and it’s high risk…but he loved it. Really Harry? You aren’t going to call her out on the pitchy notes and lack of connection?  Keith and Jlo are more measured. She did a good job, they said. Keith hopes she’s able to dig deeper next week. – Text 9 to 21523 – 1 866-436-5709 – Click to Watch Sonika’s Performance

And of course…the judges save Sonika Vaid.  They weren’t going to save Avalon twice unless she killed her song choice.   The big Whitney Houston song wins the day.  Lee Jean and Avalon Young are eliminated. Aw. Lee speaks about how “Let it Be” connects him to his late brother and means so much to him.

Click to Watch the Judges Save Sonika, Lee and Avalon Eliminated



La’Porsha Renae
MacKenzie Bourg
Trent Harmon
Tristan McIntosh
Dalton Rapattoni
Sonika Vaid – Saved by the judges


Avalon Young
Lee Jean

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