American Idol 14 Top 11 Poll Results and Predictions

AMERICAN IDOL XIV: Rayvon Owen performs on AMERICAN IDOL XIV on Thursday, March 12 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.

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One contestant will be sent home tonight (or not if the judges decide to save!) on the American Idol 14 Top 10 performance/results show. The singers will sing Songs from the Movies. Judge, Jennifer Lopez,  will perform her new song, “Feel The Light” from her new animated movie, Home. Also, legendary producer/songwriter, Nile Rodgers, mentors the finalists this week.

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Check out the results from last week’s poll. It’s no surprise that Joey Cook’s PMJ-inspired cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” topped the list of favorite performances.  Ya’ll felt no love for Qaasim Middleton’s “Jet”, and with good reason. The number was one hot mess.

Over 60% of you believe young Daniel Seavey should be heading home. But over 28% of you feel it will be Qaasim Middleton who garners the lowest number of votes, and sings for the save.

My Prediction: While I would not be surprised at Qaasim landing at the bottom, I think Rayvon Owen will be in the hot seat instead. Qaasim was a hot mess, but he was memorable. Rayvon performed first and unremarkably, which can be a deadly combo.  If not Rayvon, maybe Qaasim or even Daniel will be in trouble. But I think we’re still at the vote splitting stage. There are still several soul singers taking votes from each other at these early stages.

Season 6 alum, Melinda Doolittle humorously made an interesting point in the most recent TV Line Reality Check: When Michael Slezak likened American Idol results to a cheap horror film, where anybody could get the ax, Melinda replied, “And the black people always die first.”

American Idol 14 Top 11 – Favorite Performance

  1. Joey Cook – “Fancy” 30.74%
  2. Tyanna Jones – “Tightrope” 22.09%
  3. Clark Beckham – “Takin it to the Streets” 12.38%
  4. Nick Fradiani, Jr. – “Wake Me Up” 6.52%
  5. Quentin Alexander – “Rolling in the Deep” 5.85%
  6. Adanna Duru – “Runaway Baby” 5.46%
  7. Jax – “Blank Space” 4.66%
  8. Maddie Walker – “She’s Country” 4.39%
  9. Daniel Seavey – “Happy” 3.46%
  10. Rayvon Owen – “Burn” 2.79%
  11. Qaasim Middleton – “Jet” 1.66%

American Idol 14 – Top 11 – Who SHOULD Go Home?

  1. Daniel Seavey 60.26%
  2. Qaasim Middleton 18.24%
  3. Maddie Walker 4.72%
  4. Jax 3.68%
  5. Adanna Duru 3.19%
  6. Joey Cook 2.57%
  7. Rayvon Owen 2.36%
  8. Quentin Alexander 2.22%
  9. Nick Fradiani, Jr. 1.73%
  10. Tyanna Jones 0.55%
  11. Clark Beckham 0.48%

American Idol 14 – Top 11 – Who WILL Go Home?

  1. Qaasim Middleton 28.23%
  2. Daniel Seavey 16.48%
  3. Rayvon Owen 14.67%
  4. Adanna Duru 12.46%
  5. Maddie Walker 11.99%
  6. Quentin Alexander 6.15%
  7. Nick Fradiani, Jr. 4.73%
  8. Jax 3.15%
  9. Joey Cook 0.95%
  10. Tyanna Jones 0.79%
  11. Clark Beckham 0.39%

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