American Idol 10 Las Vegas Round Cut Back to 1 Hour

UPDATE: HA HA HA. Nigel’s tweets are so funny.

RT @Lainey02:Brilliant decision to choose fake made-for-TV drama over the Beatles. :( #fail [ONLY JUDGE WHEN U KNOW WHAT U R TALKING ABOUT!]

RT @oriharakaoru: .@dizzyfeet So less than 1 hour of singing and two hours of ~drama (Wed and Thurs)? Yay, can’t wait. :/ [STOP GUESSING!]

RT @BrianCopp: @dizzyfeet Is this a singing competition or a soap opera? [IT’S AMERICAN IDOL, BABY!! NUFF SAID!]

Nigel Lythgoe tweets from this morning:

Because of all the Drama in the #AmericanIdol green mile show we have been asked to cut the Beatles Vegas Challenge to 1 hour instead of 2!!

#AmericanIdol on Wednesday is a 1 hour Beatle Challenge and then 1 hour of choosing the top 20 up until JLo breaks down and can’t continue!

After all that time and expense to move the show to Las Vegas, the round only gets an hour of screen time? And what could be so bloody interesting about the green mile that warrants 3 hours of coverage?

I’m not interested in watching Jlo cry for an hour. Zz.

For you SYTYCD fans, Nigel tweets:

We put 13 dancers straight through to Vegas in the #SYTYCD auditions here in Atlanta yesterday 13 out of 24. I hope today’s the same quality.

I truly hope #SYTYCD in Atlanta goes smoothly today I have to get back to #AmericanIdol in LA at the latest tonight!!? We have a great team.

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