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Oh. Sads. I’m never going to get that hour of my life back. Really, Los Angeles? You couldn’t offer more than out of tune freaks and the mentally ill offered up for laughs? C’mon producers! You were doing so well so far, and then you spend nearly an entire hour focusing on singers that were not only bad, but REALLY REALLY BORING.

The trouble with holding auditions in LA is that more famewhores than singers show up–underemployed actors with time on their hands.

Nigel, why didn’t you showcase those LA singers you namechecked the other day? The best singer, Karen Rodriguez, was a freaking My Space audition from New York City. Bah. San Francisco better bring it. That’s all I’m saying.

Video and Live Blog after the JUMP…

American Idol 10 heads back to the crew’s home turf in Los Angeles! Joe’s Place has a list of hopefuls to keep an eye on during tonight’s hour-long episode.

I’ll be live-blogging the episode right here.

First up some MAJOR PIMPING of the “best talent”. Brett Loewenstern, Lauren Alaina, Casey Abrams, Jackie Wilson, Robbie Rosen, Jacee Badeaux, Chris Medina, Thia Megia, Scott McCreery and a few more. WINK. On to Los Angeles!

Oh…we’ve got My Space auditions in Los Angeles. They chose “a select few” to join the LA Auditions.

Victoria Garrett – 21 – Long Beach, CA – God brought AI to LA just for her! Of course, she will suck (OK, I know this because I saw the preview. Yikes) Maybe we should just vote and get it over with. “You’re going to Siberia!” Randy says she sounds like an animal that’s been shot. Steven says her audition wasn’t “baaaad”. “That was Weird, ” says Randy. – VIDEO

Tim Halperin – 23 – Fort Worth, TX – “She Will Be Loved” – White guy alert! He’s singing “Maroon 5”. Nice falsetto. The fangroups are forming as we speak. Tim admits that he had a “crush on Jennifer growing up.” GROWING UP exclaims Jlo. Randy doesn’t think he’s ready yet. Steven says he has some things to work on. Jennifer thinks he has a special tone. Of course, she says yes. – VIDEO

Justin Carter – 27 – Hollywood, CA – WUT? Jennifer Lopez says “balls”. Inexplicably, she gets bleeped. – VIDEO

Jennifer chews with her mouth open!

Daniel Gomez – 18 – Corcoran, CA and Isaac Rodriguez – 18 – Lemoore CA – They are buddies who believe in each other! Wow. The self confidence hints at total delusion. And of course, I’m right! “This is not for you, ” says Randy to Daniel. IT’S THE ATTACK OF THE TONE DEAF. “You have a nice smile, ” Jennifer tells Isaac. “You burned the song down, ” says Randy. Despite sucking? Isaac will NOT give up. – Part 1Part 2

Day 2. Already?

Next up? My Space auditions.

Karen Rodriquez – 21 – New York, NY – “You Give Good Love”. – Steven says she’s got the “Spit and the passion. “Beautiful control, ” says Jennifer. Karen is completely overwhelmed in the presence of Jennifer. Apparently, they met before. Karen is the best singer I’ve heard so far. It’s 3 yeses. – VIDEO

Tynisha Roches – 25 – Hoboken, New Jersey – I AM THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL. She’s pretty annoying. Her “tribute” to Frank Sinatra is tragic. She can’t remember the words, but that’s the least of her problems. She says she’s got 3 albums. O rly? She keeps singing. Randy leaves the room. She goes chasing after him. Randy finally calls security to escort her out. – Part 1Part 2

Wow. The talent in Los Angeles sucks.

After the break. More contestants that suck!

Heidi Khzam – 23 – Agoura Hills, CA – After a belly dance, Heidi sings “Superwoman”. She’s sent to Hollywood. But nothing to do with her singing. Hm. – VIDEO

Matt Frankel – 27 – West Hollywood, CA – “Big Stats” is his alter ego! He’s a freelance music producer. He claims to produces “a bunch” of artists. “What I see I don’t like” says Randy. “I need to lubricate up a bit, ” says Matt. WUT? – Part 1Part 2

UGH. Painful show tonight.


Mark Gutierrez – 28 – Redlands, CA and Aaron Gutierrez – 27 – Redlands, CA – “Lean on Me” – Two brothers. Good singers, finally. And they’re cute! “It was really really beautiful, ” says Jennifer. “You sing really well together, ” says Randy. “It was Godlike. Unreal, ” says Steven, “After today, it was just what we needed.” Needless to say, they’re both going to Hollywood! – VIDEO

Cooper Robinson – 59 – Why are they captioning this guy? He’s a nut, but I can understand him. OMG. There’s got to be at least one overaged weirdo every year. He dances crazily to James Brown. “You are never going to get bit by a snake, ” says Steven. Dude was like a really boring “Pants on the Ground” knockoff. Worst. Episode. Ever. – VIDEO

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