Adam Ezegalian American Idol 2015 Season 14

Adam Ezegalian American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24

Meet Adam Ezegalian American Idol 2015 Season 14 Top 24 Contestant

Adam Ezegalian is a singer, toy lover, art student and card game player, who, in addition to singing, has quite a talent for caricature drawing. Adam is from New York, and in addition to his love for singing, he also loves to act, and even performed in school plays of Little Shop Of Horrors and Beauty And The Beast.

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Regarding his influences, Adam lists Weird Al Yankovic and Jack Black’s Tenacious D as those he aspires to be like. In college, Adam is studying art, and he displayed his talents with caricatures he showed the judges at his audition. Furthermore, Adam is a lover of card games, such as Magic The Gathering, as there is a youtube video up of him discussing a deck with a friend. Lastly, Adam is not unfamiliar with the American Idol Experience, as he auditioned at the attraction at least 3 times, scoring the coveted Dream Ticket along the way.

It is likely Adam used one of his acquired Dream Tickets to audition for American Idol over this past summer. At his audition, Adam showed his vocals off with Born To Be Wild, and the judges awarded him with his golden ticket to Hollywood! If you are a fan of Adam’s look out for him this season because he advanced to the top 24!

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Overall Thoughts: For me, I think Adam this season is going to be that contestant that just won’t go home and will end up skating by into the top 10. I do not mean to say he isn’t talented, but from what I’ve seen, he just seems like a very good karaoke singer, meaning there just is no originality. From watching him perform, I can’t even begin to map out what kind of album he would make. What Adam is good at, is performing songs that are loud and pump up the crowd so that it is all about the energy and not the singing. Adam thrives on doing songs that get people pumped up, and because of that, the audience is to invested in him performing to really care about the singing. This trick worked well in his Idol Experience videos, and if he does it on Idol, I worry the judges will eat it up and praise him. So to wrap up, I think he is a talented karaoke singer who, because he can get the crowd on his side, I fear will outlast more deserving contestants. If he does make the top 10 though, I really expect him to be one of the first ones gone…. hopefully.

Song Suggestions:

  • Oh Sherrie, by Steve Perry. If he is going for the audience pump up songs, I think Adam would be smart to go with this one, as I think it will push his vocals so maybe something marketable could come out. Doing this would also solidify him as a rock singer. Now, I have no idea what kind of singer he wants to be, but if he wants to go with rock, this is the song for him.
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns and Roses. I actually like the idea of Adam as a rock singer. If he can play guitar, I think it would be epic if he started the song performing the solo. I think he really could put on a show with this song.

Adam performed “Born to Be Wild” and “I’m Yours” at his New York City audition.

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