AC’s San Jose American Idol Tour Re-Cap

AC re-capped the Oakland show, and now she’s back with another wonderfully detailed re-cap of the San Jose concert. I’ve posted some of her photos at the end of the re-cap.


Thanks for reading my San Jose review and as a treat, I’ll put in some super close shots, unlike the ones I had for the Oakland show.

I started off my morning by going to the bus area at the HP Pavilion to try and get their autographs. I got there at noon but there was already a big handful of people there. The buses came in around 1? but I wasn’t really paying attention since all I kept thinking about how my black hair was basically burning my scalp in the sun. There were a ton of Anoop fans as well as Adam, Kris, a few Danny since I saw someone with a Danny sign, and what I’m assuming to be Matt fans who had fedoras on. There were a few Adam fans that had on tiaras with pictures of Adam, Kris, and Allison on it (cute!). Most of the other fans I met were super nice but there was one that was acting really entitled. I would just like to say harassing someone on twitter is still harassment. I do not mind if none of the idols come out, as long as someone just lets me know, since I do not expect anything from them other than a great show.

Michael Sarver was the first guy out at around 2:15 and he went around the whole half circle to sign autographs, talk to fans, and take pictures. I overhead him say that he’s not sure what idols go out for which shows but he will definitely come out for every one. I had my tour book from yesterday but I think a lot of other people felt bad that they didn’t have anything for him to sign personally. When he came to me, I told him that he was really good last night when I saw him in Oakland and he asked if there’s anything he can improve on. I said no even though I wanted to tell him that Closer was not a good song for him but then he continued and said that he’s open to any ideas (omg, here’s my chance to tell him to drop the Neyo song!) but I still meekly said no. He even asked one more time before he handed back the tour book (tell him! tell him! maybe he will change it!) but I just said that I really loved the first song he did.

Kris!, Anoop, Matt, and Megan came out in a group but Kris and Matt went into the opposite direction that I was in. They came out really late and I heard Michael saying that they have to stop at 3 because that’s when they all need to get ready. I wasn’t able to get Kris’s autograph since he was swarmed so he wasn’t able to get that far before one of his people pulled him away, so I will just pretend that the tour photo that I bought is his real signature. I told Anoop that he was really great last night (I obviously do not know what else to say and I didn’t want to tell him he was the best in the first half, especially since the other idols were so close) and he looked up and said “thank you” in a really sweet way. Megan was really pretty especially since she had no makeup on and she’s short! Actually, Michael seems a lot shorter in person too. Anyways, I think Megan got a haircut- it’s a little shorter and the ends look like it’s been freshly cut since it’s straight.. the girls should know what I’m talking about. A really nice lady helped me get Matt’s signature so thank you! I hope the Matt fans do not get offended at this (since I like him too!) but when he took off his fedora and put it on a fan’s head for a picture, my eyes immediately went to his forehead to see if his mole was there. For those interested, it is not but there is a red line/scar? there in its place so it looks like it has been removed. I left after that since I knew Kris went back in but I hear that Scott and Danny went out for a little while after that.

I went to the concert with my friend who’s favorite is Adam. We were in 7th row center! How did I get these? Well, I basically did the ticketmaster auction thing and I think I was more excited at the prospect of “winning” than the actual seats. haha. Anyways, those seats are amazing (obviously) and I would recommend that more than front row for pictures because I was front row at a separate concert and all I got were pictures of chin. My friend had earplugs on (no we are not old, we’re both 26) and so she said she was really able to tell who the good singers were and who was not. She said that they were all good except for Megan. =( Well, since I have her autograph, I’ve already decided to designate myself as her number 1 fan so I will not speak negatively of her!

Here are my quick (I promise!) thoughts on this show:

Michael- He had a lot more energy this show (San Jose had the much much better crowd! that or I wasn’t paying attention to the people behind me) and he got people excited from his first song. Closer was not that bad but I think my judgement is now clouded based on the fact that I met him.

Megan- I can still detect her nice tone underneath so that’s nice and she has definitely improved her stage presence since Idol.

Scott- I think people enjoyed his second song more since they recognized it more.

Lil- As she took off her jacket thing, I heard someone say “Woah!” which I’m assuming is referring to her big boobs and ass (I hope this not sound too crass..). Lots of attitude on stage.

Anoop- Still swooning! Cheers have been chants of “Nooop! Nooop!”. I think if Idol was based on votes from guys only, Anoop would win. The little boys near the front were jumping up and down and most of the chants seemed like they were from guys. I think he just exudes coolness.

Matt- I love it when he’s up moving around on the stage more than when he’s on the piano because he has great stage presence. Again, I do not classify “You Found Me” as a mood killer since he did a great job on it and people around me seemed into it. People sit when it’s a slow song. My friend liked Matt the best from the first half.

Group performance- Once again, my eyes go directly to Anoop but I did try and look at the others and Matt is good too. Scott is awkward to look at when he’s doing the choreography. Beggin’ is still the best part no matter what seats you have.

Allison- She really gets into her performances and it shows in her facial expressions. I heard that she was sick so that might have affected her enunciation but I think it could just be because of the sound system or where I was. My friend with the earplugs said she can hear her really well so I guess I would suggest to bring a pair for a better sound! Honestly though, I wouldn’t have even minded since she gave it her all and it was amazing!

Danny- Danny was really good too and he did not drop the mike stand this time (as he did in Oakland) and he has some good moves. His “speech” was a lot longer this time and a lot more “preachy” and my friend had bug eyes when he started talking, and she’s a Danny fan. That was a turn-off for me so I basically ignored his last song. I will just judge him on his first 3 songs and will say that he was great with that set of songs.

Adam- No bras at this show. Thank you San Jose. He was still amazing so you can just refer to my last review. =) He also gives a lot of good attitude and he really gets into his songs as well. His voice is spectacular as always. My friend said he looked at her because she was giving the rock hands (don’t know how to describe it) and I got embarassed of my friend who does that at an American Idol concert. hehe..

Kris!- Sorry, I get excited as I type his name. This older lady (who had a Kris Allen shirt) sat the entire time with her hands on her heart like she was mesmerized by him. I love the fact that a lot of the others were totally dressed up and he comes out in his plaid shirt. Perhaps that gives the illusion that he is a real person just like the rest of us, but I think that’s part of the reason I get so into his performances. He sounds fantastic and I love how I can totally see that he feels exactly what he’s singing.

Group- I was staring at Kris and Adam the whole time. When Adam hits the high note, Kris points to the sky. When Kris sings, Adam starts nodding as if to say “yeah!” Lots of cute looks between them. Sorry I ignored the others. =)

Kradam- I just wanted to say that Adam usually gets the comments where people like him for his energetic performances while Kris usually gets the heartfelt comments but I would like to say that they each give those type of performance as well. When Adam does Mad World, it seems less like a “performance” and more like the song is talking about his real emotions. The same could be said for Kris in Bright Lights because even when he’s on his piano, he gets really into the songs as evidenced by his bopping (or some may say humping) on the piano and gets the crowd excited when he jumps and plays the guitar.

In general, San Jose was awesome and I’m not just saying that because I had great seats. I know I’ve said some of these points before but I really want to say some of it again. The top 6 truly stood out to me because they showed who they are as artists and even if they switched up the order of when they performed, I would have still loved it just as much. Each of these were unique and the slight changes of the set does help each of them, but in general, I really think this is the strongest Idol tour so far. Hope you guys have fun when you see them- I know I did!


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