Sarah Checks In…

I heard from our Memphis auditioner Sarah this morning…twice.  The first time she called, at about 8 am EDT, she was standing in a very s-l-o-w moving line waiting to get into the arena.  According to Sarah, the line moved only about 50 yards during her two hour wait. 

Sarah's making friends in line.  She spoke with a girl named Hilary who made Nashville Star's Top 15 Season 3.  The auditioners she met so far hail from: Indiana, Texas, Alabama and Georgia.  The crowd estimate is estimated at around 18, 000–that's auditioners plus whoever they brought along.

An hour later, Sarah called again.   She said the line started moving right after her last call.  A production crew came by to shoot some footage, and Sarah says she was right in front!  The crew filmed the crowd chanting:

Memphis Rocks!
American Idol Season 6 Starts NOW!
I'm the Next American Idol!
Welcome to Memphis!

Apparently, the color of the armbands (white) is in honor of the KING, Elvis Presley.  Graceland, Elvis's home, is in Memphis TN.

Sarah's pretty sure she saw producer Nigel Lythgoe working with a camera crew.

As she was signing off, Sarah said the line was moving again.  She expects to enter the arena to take her assigned seat fairly soon…