Bits and Pieces

Katharine McPhee spoke with about her upcoming album.  She says, “I could easily make a country album, or I could make a jazz album, or a Celine Dion album. The album I'm making is not the album people are expecting me to make.”

As soon as the tour is over next week, she plans to head back to LA to start recording her album.

Also, if you missed Katharine's appearance on the Dr. Keith Ablow show Monday, you can watch an excerpt of her interveiw here.

The third installement of the Pickler Report, (1st person dispatches from the road by Kellie Pickler) has been posted at USAToday's Idol Chatter blog.

As far as the songs on the album, [Small Town Girl, which drops October 31] I have helped write a lot of them, so they are all very personal to me. I can relate to all of the songs … it's almost like the album is an open book of my life. I have tried to put as much of myself into creating this album as I can. I just decided that I wanted the album to be called Small Town Girl, and it's really neat because the first song I wrote is called Small Town Girl. Aimee Mayo, a songwriter in Nashville, and I sat up until about 4 am writing this song. It talks about how much fun it is growing up in the country, in a small town.

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