More from the Syracuse show

Gray Charles posted a thoughtful recap of Sunday's show and meet and greet on his site.  This is my favorite part:

Is he happy? Right, that’s what you want to know. I’m pretty clear that the answer is an emphatic yes. Busy, exhausted a bit overwhelmed but as Taylor said – “It’s good, it’s all good. It’s good to be the winner.” Not for the first time I hear Taylor tell me that if all he gets out of this whole thing is to perform in front of a full house – even in a small club – with a great sound system and maybe a light show he’ll be happy. “Yea, ” I say, “and to have a few bucks to buy that guitar you’ve always wanted.” Taylor laughs, “Absolutely, thats all I need.”

Yep.  What he said.

Donna Reynolds, who writes for several publications, including Foxes on, wrote a review of the show for

Syracuse sure does love the Idols! Last night, the War Memorial was packed to the rafters as a crowd estimated at 6, 500 rocked out with the gang from American Idol 5. And, from Mandisa's spirited “I'm Every Woman” to the closing group number of “Living in America, ” the Idols did not disappoint. This time around, there were more males in the audience, but the crowd was predominantly female with ages ranging from 8 to 80+.

Thanks Donna.