August 1 Charlotte, NC Idols Show

  • Another Greensboro, NC recap.  This one from Jennifer.
  • Fox video footage from Greensboro, NC concert.  Good stuff.  thanks lassie
  • WCNC Video footage from Charlotte, NC.  The Kellie Pickler interview is interesting.  She says that her album will be released October 31 rather than November 14th with Taylor and Katharine. thanks lene

Update! Check out comments–Taylor made it to the post-idol Little Memphis Blues Orchestra party, and from all accounts, he jammed out like crazy.  Some of the boys showed up too!  Elliott sang “Use Me” with Taylor.  Bucky sang “Superstition” with Ace singing backup.  Ace spent quite a bit of time on stage singing back-ups.  Sounds like it was a positively WILD time.

Yes, I’m green with envy!  Heh. Seriously, I’m glad that Taylor is able to show up for these post show gigs with his old band.

I’ll post Go Fish/You Tube video and recaps as they turn up.

Ha ha, the guys showed up at the Waffle House in the wee hours of the morning. thanks Lisa B.  WBTV, tipped off ahead of time, were at the Waffle House too.  Here’s a video clip.

mglmom’s  Little Memphis Blues Orchestra post-idol party recap:

I am a GrayCharles Expatriate.  I have been lurking here since the big end to GrayCharles.  I love Taylor.  Last night I had the privilege of being one of the lucky souls who got to see Taylor in his element.  I was at Coyote Joe’s last night and it was beyond any description that has been made or could be made.  It was just breathless.

First I want to say that LiMBO is better than they get credit for.  They are a great band and they had the place rocking before Taylor ever took the stage.  My friend and I were less than10 feet from center stage.  Close enough to get sweat on and everything.  LiMBO was great.  Brian on the piano is amazing.  And Sam on the sax is a show on his own.  They were so fun.  You could tell that they were freaking out hoping that Taylor would show.  That was the general consensus in the room.

About 12:15am Taylor came in during Zippy’s drum solo.  Everyone went nuts. He took pictures and then left.  We were all freaking out seeing that the time was there and that he was in the building.  Everyone was over at the bar and there were flash bulbs everywhere.  That is when I realized that Taylor wasn’t alone.   Everyone was getting pictures taken with Ace.  I was never a super Ace fan but I have to say that he is one HOT guy.  In person at 5 feet away, he is even hotter.

About 12:45 Taylor took the stage to thunder from the audience.  There is something about seeing him in person that is electric.  It is like he fills the space he is in and draws everything to him.  They played awhile and Elliot took the stage.  The best thing was how Taylor was sort of teaching him in a weird but totally non-condescending way about performing. It was like he was giving him an opportunity to lose himself in the music and he did.  Elliot is so awesome.  I liked him on the show but watching him last night was a sight to behold.

During ‘What I Say’ Taylor ran off the stage and I will admit that I was sad to think it was over.  After a break, Brian came out on the piano and started to play.  He said, “Hey! Are y’all ready for some more?’  We all ran back to the floor to dance and be close to the band.  About 5 beats later, Taylor comes onto the stage with Ace and Bucky.  Ace and Bucky start doing Superstition.  IT WAS AWESOME!  The boys know how to sing together.  They harmonized and jammed and it was amazing.  Bucky left the stage and Ace stayed.  He was as star-struck as the rest of us when he watched Taylor do his thing.  The best part of watching Taylor perform is watching his interactions with those he shares the stage with.

And not to be too much of a girl but I swear there were several times during the night that I thought he was looking straight at me.  I am sure he makes everyone think that but I literally felt like he was looking at me.  He just connects with the audience that way.  At one point LiMBO was throwing these scarves out into the crowd.  I was lucky enough to catch one.  After Taylor left the stage, we were still dancing and jamming with LiMBO and I once again saw the flash bulbs by the door.  I grabbed my friend and we ran to the door.  After reaching over people I passed the scarf to Taylor, who was standing there signing stuff and taking pictures.  When he passed it back he grabbed my hand over all the people.  I am nearly 33 and have 3 kids at home.  I turned into a total fangirl.  I’ll never forget it.  After that we just stood on the stairs where we could see him finish his picture taking.  He looked so tired but still stayed to sign stuff and take pictures.  After a few mi!
 nutes someone came up behind me and said, “Excuse me”.  I turned around to see Bucky and his wife coming through the crowd.  He stood next to me on the stairs for about 30 seconds watching Taylor. (We had a great view point.) Then he left through the door followed by Ace and his brother.  It was crazy.

I have little voice left.  I got about 4 hours of sleep filled with dreams of the night.  My kids are going to get away with murder today.  BUT I had SO MUCH FUN.  It was a once in a lifetime experience.  I will never forget it.