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Elliott Yamin interview with Entertainment Weekly

EW’s Michael Slezak conducted a short Q&A with Elliott Yamin. Here is what Elliott has to say about his record deal:

  • About NOT being signed by 19E, “I’m not upset. Not at all. There’s no need for anyone to be outraged. What’s the big hurry? What’s the big rush? The folks who’ve signed to this point, they’re with 19. I will not be affiliated with 19 after the tour is over…”I’m going to be able to make the music I want to make; that’s all I have to say.”
  • About the label he’ll be signing with, “We’re close to signing a deal in stone…It’s [label company size] about half and half. We’ll have to wait and see…And me having a record deal is an inevitability”
  • About the CD sound, “It’s going to have a funky, R&B vibe to it, that’s for sure. Not too watered down, not too overproduced. Just good music.”

Kellie’s CD release date moved

I mentioned this in another thread, but it’s worth repeating.  Kellie Pickler said in a recent  interview that the release date for her album has been moved up from November 14 (same day as Katharine and Taylor) to October 31.  So much for that triple-threat CD release.  I’ll bet all three Idols end up releasing CDs on different days.

Kellie and Kat – BFF

Speaking of Kellie Pickler, reports from last night’s concert in Charlotte NC had Katharine McPhee inviting hometown girl Kellie up on stage to join her during “Over the Rainbow”.  Kellie was in a black hoodie, watching from the audience.  Apparently Kat and Kel share the hoodie to sneak out into the audience and watch each other’s performances.

Katharine McPhee hurt?

Also from last night:  Katharine McPhee may have hurt her foot at some point during the concert.  Audience members noticed her favoring one foot during the encore.

Taylor’s Website slated to debut in December

Also from last night’s reports: Back stage after the concert, Taylor Hicks told some Soul Patrollers that his website will be up and running in December.  Taylor has hired web design company Music Today–they’ve designed sites for Dave Matthews and The Rolling Stones.  The site will be interactive, with Taylor dropping by to chat with fans on the message boards.  The boards will be a very important part of the new site, according to Taylor.

Taylor Hicks to author an inspirational tale

Lastly, this bit of news:  A reader received a weekly press release from a friend who works in PR.  The release lists recent book pitches to publishers:

Recent American Idol winner Taylor Hicks’ HEART FULL OF SOUL, an inspirational book presenting lessons from his decades-long path to success, striving against long odds, to Rick Horgan at Crown, for publication in early 2007, in co-ordination with Hicks’ album release, by Alan Nevins of The Firm (world).

The Invaluable Publishers Marketplace reported on Friday that recent American Idol winner Taylor Hicks signed a book deal. The project was described as “an inspirational book presenting lessons from his decades-long path to success, striving against long odds.” The book is scheduled for publication in early 2007 to coincide with the release of Hicks’ album. Rick Horgan at Crown bought the book for $500, 000 or higher. Alan Nevins of The Firm served as agent in the deal.

Taylor Hicks has a book deal.  Very interesting…

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