Chris Daughtry in the recording studio

Here’s more information about Chris Daughtry’s upcoming album from a press release:

  • Chris’s album will drop November 21
  • He’ll have a single released by the end of September. 
  • Howard Benson (All American
    Rejects, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, Hoobastank) will produce.  Chris will write his own tunes and co-write with Brad Arnold (Three Doors Down), Carl Bell (Fuel), Mitch Allan (SR-71), and Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20), among others. He’s putting together a band called DAUGHTRY. Heh. The website is still in the works.
  • Chris is recording the album now in between tour dates.

The rumor that DAUGHTRY would be the name of Chris’s band turned out to be true.  So,  the band name explains the tatoo (DAUGHTRY in giant letters across Chris’s back). Sort of.  Heh.