Bits and Pieces

If some of you who attended the Grand Rapids, MI Idol show the other night were wondering why Taylor Hicks dedicated “Living for the City” to Justin Timberlake, (Yeah, he went there. Har) this is why:

Justin Timberlake is not in awe of Taylor Hicks’ talent.

“People think he looks so normal, and he’s so sweet and he’s so earnest, but he can’t carry a tune in a bucket, ”


This article from features rock musician and songwriter Angie Aparo.  According to Aparo, he’s been summoned t LA to help write music for Taylor Hicks’ upcoming album:

When you get a call like that, you have to go, Aparo said this week in a phone interview from L.A.

And he usually doesn’t do much co-writing, he said, but he enjoys it.

“It always takes you out of your patterns as a writer and introduces you to other minds.”

One of Aparo’s songs, “Cry” was covered by Faith Hill in 2002 and became a No. 1 single.  The album it’s from won a Grammy.

After his songwriting stint in LA, Aparo will embark on a tour with his band,  The Infidels, to support his latest release, “El Primero Del Tres.”   thanks Lisa B.

And do you remember Sabriena Stone from the East Rutherford auditions?  She made it to the second rounds held in NYC on Tuesday.  According to this blurb she made the cut to the 3rd round.  She’ll be auditioning in front of Randy, Simon and Paula at a later date.