Taylor Hicks Interview

UPDATE:  From the Taylor Hicks Fan site The Boogie Board–scroll down 7 messages and you’ll find an uncut version of this interview originally posted at the official AI boards by author Loni Reeder.  Taylor hints that “The Fall” could end up on his upcoming album.  When Reeder asks him if the three songs that are at the heart of Taylor’s lawsuit against ex-producer Will Smith will ever see the light of day, he answers:

You know, yes, I’m not going to go into any detail about that particular recording session, although I will say that I invested my time AND money in that session as well. I’m just very happy to know that I wrote that song [The Fall] … it’s there… it’s still there and I’m going to be able to expand on it in what I think that song should be… and soon. I’m glad the song is there, you know? I’m hoping to release it soon, but at the same time, I’m also just glad that the song is there, because everything is about the song. This whole situation is nothing but about the song.

Here’s a short, but interesting interview with Taylor Hicks from The Wave magazine.

Taylor figures he’ll go on a book tour to promote his book “Heart Full of Soul” when it comes out next spring.  He says, “I’m sure they’ll want me to do a book signing tour, and I’m really excited about that aspect, too, because any way that will allow me to talk about the music, you know, I’m up for.”

He also reiterated that his CD will more than likely not drop in November, “If you look at it, it’s just going to be really tough. I’m hoping and pushing for Christmas – I’m pushing as hard as I can to get it out as quickly as possible, but also to uphold the quality and integrity of my artistry, because that’s the most important thing. I’m into ‘quality’ over ‘quantity.’ That might not be what the record label wants to hear, but that’s what they’re going to have to hear.”

Go Taylor.  But he is willing to compromise.  At first he was against recording songs sent to him by songwriters, but now he says, “I had a snobbish approach about [not wanting] somebody sending me music – and you know, that barrier has been completely broken by some of the great songwriters who have sent me music in the last couple of weeks.”

It appears the album will be a mixture of covers and original tunes written by Taylor and  other talented songwriters.    thanks lisa b.