Katharine McPhee featured in US weekly magazine

Katharine McPhee is featured in a 4-page spread in this week’s US magazine.  It’s available at newsstands now.

Excerpts from the article can be found at USMagazine.com.  Here are a few blurbs:

On bulimia recovery: “Everyone on tour has been very supportive of me. I didn’t put [the story] out there for sympathy. If it helps anyone, then great. Also, I remember when Kelly Clarkson spoke up and said, ‘I’m not gonna bend to the pressures.’ She lets her body do what it wants and she looks fabulous. You can tell she works out and takes care of herself. It’s so important to have positive, beautiful women as influences.”
On backlash against her battle with laryngitis and bronchitis: “People were like, ‘Why did it take so long to get over being sick?’ I felt like I was under attack. Here’s the thing: Vocal cords are very sensitive parts of the body that need to be taken care of…I still have to see doctors across the country to make sure my voice is healing. I could show you my throat X-rays, but I’m not going to. I live my life truthfully.”

thanks soma