August 26 Los Angeles, CA Idols Show

Tonight is Katharine McPhee’s hometown show.  And in a way, this is a hometown show for all the Idols–Idol was taped at the CBS studios in LA–the Idols spent months living in LA during the run of the show.  I expect industry people will be in the audience tonight.  I’m betting Taylor Hicks performs “Don’t Let Me Down” for the LA audience (after dropping it from his show, it’s re-appeared in major cities like Nashville and Chicago).  Katharine added “Think” to her set in San Diego last night, she’ll surely perform it tonight with friends and family in attendance.

However, the Viper Room is the HOT place to be later after the show.  Taylor’s old band,   The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, also affectionately known as LiMBO, will be playing a sold-out gig there.  Word on the street is that Taylor, Elliott and Ace will definitely be jamming with them.  This is a very important gig for LiMBO.  Apparently EMI execs will be checking them out from the audience.  How they perform tonight with and without Taylor COULD decide their fate as Taylor’s backing band.

Limbo is a group of talented musicians. Taylor feels comfortable playing with them.  He wants to continue playing with them.  I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed…

For your reading pleasure tonight: LiMBO is featured in this LATimes article.  LA press is a good thing.