Cleveland OH Idols Show

July 19 Cleveland, OH Idols Show

Shannon’s Recap:

My thoughts:

1. CSU sucks as a venue. Tried to beg for M&G passes and ended up wanted to slash a mean old bag’s tires. They won’t let you anywhere near the buses either.

2. Did I really just spend $60 on merchandise?!

3. Why do the sets get cheaper ever year when the tickets get more expensive?

4. For the 2nd year in a row…I didn’t get my bleepin’ poptart!!

Now for my review:

Best AI concert yet. Everyone sounded better live than I remember them sounding on TV.

Mandisa was a bit loud and the Ruben stuff was kinda pathetic but she sounded good. I wish Ruben would call her so she could quit begging.

Ace’s strip tease was so cheesy I wanted to laugh. Him saying he was going to “rock out” also made me want to laugh. He sounded good though. His duet with Mandisa was very good…their voices blended much better than I thought they would. He got a good crowd response.

Lisa sounded way better to me live. She was good on the keyboard. Her outfit made me very nervous and completely distracted me. I had a hard time paying attention to her last two songs because I was waiting for her boob to be exposed on the huge screen behind her.

Paris did her Beyonce thing. Honestly I prefer her jazzy style and she was one of my least favorites of the group. I liked her duet with Lisa best of her songs.

Bucky is so cute. I love to hear him talk and his hair is so purty. I thought he sounded really good. He did the microphone flip several times and head banged during a guitar solo.

Kellie’s duet with Bucky was cute. She sang well and annoyed me much less than when she was on the show. She didn’t have much of a comedy routine…no stories or anything.

Chris put on a good show. He was his usual “serious rocker” self. I wish he’d lighten up a bit, but he performed well regardless. He was definitely a crowd favorite. Of course my favorite was his duet with Elliott. Definitely a showstopper.

Elliott was great! He’s always great vocally, but his stage presence is definitely improving. He looked comfortable and seemed to be having a blast. He was another crowd favorite. I saw lots of Yaminions out to support him!

Boys singing Patience was awesome. Girls – who cares.

At this point I don’t know where Taylor is coming in and once I hear his voice I was looking all around. All of a sudden I look over and he is right beside us. My 52 year old mom who was sitting on the end in seat 1 screamed like a 12 year old girl and elbowed me (I was in seat 2). What did I do? Screamed like a 12 year old girl of course…along with jumping up and down. The crowd was crazy and Taylor did have a rough time making it up to the stage. His whole set was great. I love love love his version of DLMD. I wish he could record the whole thing. That was probably my favorite song of his. Tay was definitely on tonight. He gave Cleveland everything: crazy dancing including Mick strut, tambourine pounding on chest, took us to church, insane harmonica playing (which was mostly drowned out by a deafening crowd). Oh and he did have white tennis shoes on – New Balance to be exact (yes I did look him up and down with my binoculars.)

Two other Taylor stories for you guys. I asked a couple girls who got into the M&G how Taylor was. The one told me he was very nice. She was shaking and he told her not to be nervous…that they are just a regular people. Also, during one of Tay’s songs somebody threw a stuffed animal directly at him. He caught it but was caught of guard by it. Missed a word or two but recovered and went on. Once he finished they line and had a second he pointed and said “nice throw.”

All in all it was a great night and I’ve come away from it wanting to have Taylor’s spazzy gray-haired babies more than ever.