More about those record deals

More about those deals

Which Idol has what record deal?  That’s been the hot topic of discussion lately on the boards and blogs. So far, we know that Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler have all signed with 19Recordings/Sony BMG.  But what about the others?  There is no official word yet, but hints and clues abound.

You may remember that Elliott Yamin was picked to sing the National Anthem for the 2nd game of the NBA Finals in Dallas, TX.  Elliott Yamin was recently featured on’s front page:

American Idol third-place winner Elliott Yamin stopped by the NBA Store last Friday as the Idol Summer Tour came through New York. The avid Lakers fan, who is in the process of signing a record deal, took the time to check out the store’s oversized bobbleheads.

Hmmm.  Nice hint. Somebody’s PR team is doing a good job.  Let the speculation begin!

Paris Bennett tells her fans that she’ll release a jazz Christmas album by the end of the year.  Rumors have Paris also signing with Sony BMG.  If 19R has decided to sign her, I would expect to hear about that soon.

Ace Young is telling his fans to expect a CD from him 1st quarter of ’07.  There are rumors, but no definite word about talks or deals with any label.

According to The Tennessean, Kellie Pickler wasn’t the only Idol in talks with BNA, Sony BMG’s Nashville division.  Bucky Covington met with label executives after he was eliminated from Idol.  According to Sony-BMG Nashville chief, Joe Galante, Bucky is currently in talks with the label.

Taylor Hicks tells Northeastern PA’s Citizen’s that “He is putting together an album of original material for his first solo CD…But Hicks says he is in the collecting phase first as opposed to the writing phase.”  And that,  “The Idol does get some inspiration from the road while touring and will occasionally pull out a pen and some paper ‘when the muses visit every now and then’.”

Kellie Pickler tells the Citizen’s Voice that she’ll be making Nashville her home after the tour, and that she’s penning her own tunes for her upcoming album:

“I’m writing songs over the phone with a partner, ” she said. “After I do my set on the tour, I’ll start writing and then get on the phone and go over material. Then, maybe I’ll sleep a little and then get up at 4 a.m. and start writing some more.’’

Her album will contain both slow and upbeat tunes, she said, reflecting upon her life. Pickler’s life story, filled with grief, touched a lot of Idol fans…Although Pickler will draw material from her life experiences, she is quick to point out that “there’s a lot of good things that were in my life, too, that will be in the songs.’’

Not to change the subject but…

Major media outlets have picked up on Katharine McPhee’s letter to her fans posted at last week.  Katharine’s ETA for the tour is this Friday’s show in Rochester NY.  Interesting tidbit:  When the guys sang “Patience” last night in Wilkes-Barre, there was NO dedication to Katharine.  Also, Taylor Hicks’s set has been cut from 8 songs to six.  “Sweet Soul Music” and “What’s Going On” have been nixed.  Perhaps these changes are making way for Katharine’s imminent return?

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