Washington DC Video and Recap

Washington DC Video

For now, I have some videos to post.  Watch this space as I update!  Unfortunately, the bass is still a little distorted, but not as bad as last time…

I’ll have downloads available later.  Check out Taylor’s dancing in Living for the City.  I really don’t know why folks say he can’t dance.  Hee.  The kids seemed really blown away by meeting the President.  Kellie changed her set a bit.  Her last song was Walking after Midnight/Something to Talk About done as a medley.  I still think Paris is as cute as a button, and am not sure why she gets such bad reviews.  I wish Ruben would call Mandisa already.  Taylor and Chris got the loudest cheers.  I love the band.  Elliott and Chris rawk hard on “Saving Me”.  I’m so glad Patience wasn’t cut from the show.

Comparing this show to the early ones:

The kids seem more confident, particularly Elliott who has a very mischievous sparkle in his eyes these days. Taylor looked ecstatic and totally into his groove thang last night.  Tonight was my favorite Taylor performance yet.  Katharine’s songs did not ruin the flow of the second half at all.  At this point, she just needs to get up to speed.  The second half of the show is very well paced.  The only thing I’d change: Get rid of the girl’s medley and bring back Don’t Let Me Down! Heh.  

ETA:  I’m pressed for time today, so instead of posting recaps from comments, I’m going to link to them.