Greensboro Idol Show

July 30 Greensboro,  NC Idols Show

Tara’s Photobucket

Tara’s Recap

I guess I should start this out by saying, as most of you know, I’m a fan of Daughtry and Ace. So if this recap sounds a bit biased then you’ll know why.

No meeting the Idols, unfortunately, I should have flirted with those Event Staff folks. Heh. But it was an amazing night nonetheless. I went to the show with my mom, sister, and aunt. My sister and I had 4th row tickets, my mom and aunt were sitting in my old seats, which still were not bad at all, we could see them. I had my two signs, one for Ace, one for Chris. You can see the signs in my Photobucket if you’d like.

The show went as usual, except there was no girl’s medley, which didn’t bother me so much.

Mandisa started the show, singing her power vocals. And also singing her song to Ruben as well as giving her inspirational speech. She also talked about how she was glad to be back in the South. This was popular theme throughout the evening. Mandisa has a beautiful voice and will do really well in the gospel music world (if that’s where she wants to go).

Next comes Ace, and I swoon a little (ok I lie, I swoon a lot). I mean, I was prepared for the hotness that is Ace. I had heard stories. Apparently I wasn’t prepared enough. There are no words to describe the gorgeousness that is Ace of Hots. His arms…my gawd! You can swing from them like Tarzan swings from trees. He’s really a great performer as well. Cheese-a-rific but comes off as very sincere. I was the only person near the stage with a sign, so I held that thing up with pride. This got me two winks and a wave from the Ace of Hots. All the people around me were like, “omg he saw you!!” Ace has great energy and honestly has a really awesome pop/R&B voice. I was basically on cloud 9, or cloud 900, whatever.

Next out was Buck-a-roo. He got the 2nd loudest applause of the night. Before the show started his brother Rocky got a lot of cheers when he was going to his seat. His seat happened to be one row behind ours and a few seats over. It was neat-o. Bucky was thriving off of the crowd’s energy. He had a really good performance. He has such pretty hair. I looked over at Rocky a few times and he was jamming out and had the biggest grin on his face. I was actually quite impressed with Bucky.

Out comes Pickler. She talks about how happy she is too be home. Missed the sweet tea, fried okra and fried squash. Sweet tea was mentioned about 4 times tonight by the contestants. We really do have awesome sweet tea, hehe. She did her bit. Girl has some junk in the trunk, I was impressed. She’s a sweet girl, and had the crowd laughing. Same ol’ Kellie.

At intermission we look back and see the members of Chris’ band, Absent Element, sitting two rows behind us. There were a few people getting their picture made with them. Very good-looking guys. One had his gf with him, gf or wife, I dunno.

Alrighty, now it’s DAUGHTRY time. The time everyone has been waiting for. The crowd was going crrrrazy. So so so so loud. It was redunkulous.  I was pumped up. I had my sign, ready to hold up. I wish I could describe the crowd noise, but honestly, you had to be there. Chris was everything I had hoped for and more. He sounds awesome in these big coliseums. His voice was strong, no yelling, just singing. Not a single missed note. He owned that stage. I held up my sign and he saw it and did the “rock hand” back to me. Once again, the people around me were like “omg he saw you!” Chris is quite handsome. I was going to record him singing, but I just couldn’t focus enough to do it. I wanted to take in every moment of him up on that stage. I did get some good pictures though. It was really amazing to be at his homecoming show. I wish he could have sung more than 3 songs. Oh, and fyi, I saw him smile. THREE TIMES! Yes, three.

E-Dub came out and got some love from the audience. He was a little too subdued for me. It’s like going from some really rockin’ tunes to very mellow bluesy songs. His voice also sounded different to me. He was good though. Seemed happy to be there, loved the crowd reaction. It was such a loud crowd. His riffs kind of bother me, but he’s a good singer. I have nothing bad to say about him, just that it went from about a 100 down to 75 when he sang. No big deal though. It was a North Carolina night.

I absolutely LOVE the guys singing “Patience”. They sound fantastic together. I got some nice Ace pics, and a nice Chrace pic at that time. Once again, I was going to record it, but wanted to just soak up the moment.

Next comes McPhee in her prom dress. Really, I question the crawling on the floor in such a lovely dress. The crowd was less responsive to her, but they still cheered. There was an uber hot guy in the row in front of me who was really lovin him some Kat. (PS, Hot guy on the 3rd row, if you read MJs, CALL ME! Loved the guyliner). She sang her two songs and talked about being sick. She sounded pretty good. I’m sure she’ll sound a lot better in a few weeks. She’s absolutely stunning though.

You all know that Tay his next. He did his thing. Ran around, danced around, played on the tambourine, played the harmonica. It’s tough getting pictures of him because he dances around so much. He has so much energy. I am by no means a Taylor fan, but he was enjoyable and the crowd loved him.

Alrighty I won’t talk about the encores. Same ol’ same ol’ with that. But now, when I was leaving, I walked by the Absent Element guys. I am super shy and was afraid to talk to them, but finally I grew some testicles and talked to Scott, the drummer. I asked if he was going to see Chris right after the show and he said yes, and so I asked him if he would give Chris my sign. He said of course. He complimented me on how lovely it was. Asked me to sign my name on it but I didn’t have a pen, so I just said, tell him it’s from Tara in Winston. So then I watched him until he went backstage and he still had that poster in hand. So hopefully Chris got to at least see it. Scott was really nice though. I’m glad semi-fame hasn’t gone to their head.

The night was magnificent and I want to do it again and again and again.

Apparently in my first recap posted in the comments I forgot to mention Lisa and Paris. I guess I was too excited thinking about Ace and then Chris, lol.

Lisa is a lovely girl. She’s soooo tiny. Very mellow setting. She’s got great talent to be at such a young age. The choreography she and Paris did with “Waterfalls” was very cute. And the back of her shirt was awesome.

Paris danced a lot. She had a lot of energy, and had the crowd standing. She sounded very good in “Midnight Train To Georgia” but it was all about performance and booty shaking in the Beyonce song. Her outfit and hair were very cute. She’s the only one that wore a microphone on a headset. They were both good, and I expect big things from them in the future.

I’m going to bed now.