Happy Taylor Hicks Day!

Happy Taylor Hicks Day!

Taylor’s single “Do I Make You Proud/Taking it To the Streets” is available today in stores and for download.

“Do I Make You Proud” is the typical Idol “coronation song”–cornball lyrics, predictable melody and overblown production (I could have done without the strings and background vocals).  Having said that,  Taylor’s vocal performance transcends the material.  The song itself is cliched, but he manages to make it heartfelt.  I look forward to hearing what Taylor makes of better material.

KLOU FM radio interview

Gray Charles has a most excellent radio interview posted at his site today.  Check it out. (The DJ conducting the interview is Taylor’s cousin!) And, keeping with the notion that I have the greatest commenters evah on my own site, read John Marks excellent recap of the interview from my very own comments section.  Thank you John.

Some highlights:

  • Taylor admits that he cannot sing a song if he doesn’t connect to it.  He claims that the producers of his upcoming album will not be able to force him to sing a song that he doesn’t like.
  • He won’t release the album until it’s ready–he’s not concerned with “release dates”, only that the music is good.
  • Taylor confirms that he didn’t like the original “coronation” song suggested to him by the producers.  He finally settled on “Do You Make Me Proud” because the lyrics had meaning for him.  He also felt it was a song that would work outside of Idol–the song could be used for many occasions like weddings and graduations. 
  • He personally re-arranged the endings of most of the songs he sang on the show in order to “Taylorize” them.   “In the Ghetto” was a favorite performance.  “Country Roads” was his least favorite.  He felt it was “flat”.  (I thought it was flat too).
  • He hasn’t decided whether he’ll live Birmingham or LA after the tour.
  • He recently spoke with Michael McDonald and had a good conversation.  He hopes they can write some songs together.

Taylor knows what he wants, and is determined to direct his own fate.  I see big battles ahead between Taylor and his label.  I’m pulling up a lawn chair for this one kids.  PS.  Go Taylor.