News Roundup

News Roundup

Simon’s Prediction

I mentioned this in a post yesterday.  Here is a Fox news story that quotes Simon on Good Morning America predicting who will be the Final 2:

“‘If I had to put money on it, I think it will be between Chris [Daughtry] and Taylor [Hicks], ‘ Cowell said on yesterday’s Good Morning America.

‘You can’t rule out Katharine because she’s just getting better and better, ‘ Cowell said.

Speaking after Wednesday night’s show, in which Paris Bennett was eliminated, Cowell also said next week’s “Elvis Presley” theme will help Daughtry and Hicks, who both hail from the South (as did Presley).

‘It’s going to be good for Chris, it’s going to be good for Taylor, ‘ he told the local Fox affiliate.

‘Elliot [Yamin] or Katharine – the two of them are vulnerable next week.’

ETA:  I think Simon’s remarks are just spin, like some commenters have suggested here.  Elvis’s catalog is vast.  I don’t think the remaining contestants will have a problem finding good songs that highlight their vocal strengths.  Each one has an opportunity to kill Tuesday night.

We all will be received in Graceland…

Idol fans are camping out in Memphis at Graceland, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Idols.

“As soon as fans heard American Idol contestants were coming to Graceland. American Idol fan Angie Riddick says, ‘I have their pictures right here in my magazine and I’m going to ask for Chris’s autograph…’

They began camping out at the mansion’s front gate. And even when it started raining die hard fans stuck to their posts, watching every vehicle that went into Graceland hoping for a glimpse of their favorite performer.”

Shakira Loves Her Fans, She Really Does!

Idol producers accused Shakira of blowing of the Idol kids when she performed on the show back in march.  Here’s Shakira’s side of the story:

“‘This is absolutely false because I always put my fans first, ‘ Shakira told us. ‘I would never in my life say to a photo or an autograph or meeting someone who wants to meet me.’

Shakira wrote a letter to producers explaining what really happened. According to the singer, she and Wyclef were in a meeting when she was told that some ‘kids’ wanted to meet her.

‘And by kids I understood that some fans wanted to meet me and I was going to come out in a second when I finished with Wyclef. But nobody told me they were American Idol kids who were waiting to meet me and that they had to go, ‘ she explained.”

I wonder how long she planned to keep them waiting?  Heh.