We’ll Always Have Paris

We’ll Always Have Paris…

Paris Bennett interview from MTV.com:

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  • About her attitude last night, “I was very, very happy last night, whether it was a good decision or bad decision, whether I stayed or I was going home, I was happy with whatever. I’m in the top five, I can’t really complain. Out of 150, 000 people [who auditioned], look at where I made it…I wasn’t just doing it to have the title of “American Idol.” It was to show you guys this is what I love and this is my passion… I’ve earned my title and it was my time to go.”
  • Her favorite performance, “I would definitely have to say I was most proud of my rock week. No one ever expected me to be able get through Queen. I was happy I made Queen happy and I was able to do a song that Freddie Mercury wrote just before he passed away (“The Show Must Go On”). That was the best week for me.”
  • Thoughts on the Final 4, “Elliott possesses something so deep within himself that for him to be able to do the things he does when he’s on that stage, I honor him for that. He keeps it real. Taylor, that’s my big brother. He has so much soul in him, and again, he keeps it real. With both of them, they both have a sense of home, you never feel like you’re out of place. Katharine, very sweet, very classical. She’s just Katharine. She’s the beauty queen. Chris is definitely the rocker. He’s so intense with what he does, and that’s what makes him a great person.”
  • What her first record will sound like, “Since I’ve been on “American Idol, ” I’ve been called the unpredictable one, so when I’m gonna do an album it’s going to be unpredictable. It will definitely have jazz, it will definitely have R&B, it will definitely have rock, since I stepped into a new era. I wanna give you guys a little bit of everything, because that is who I am.”
  • Paris may work with Beyonce’s dad, “It can’t really be confirmed, but I can say that Mathew Knowles is definitely a person I would love to work with. We’re in the midst of things, and hopefully the next time you guys see me, after the tour and the album, he’ll be a part of that.”

From Entertainment Weekly.com:

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  • Did she cry last night? “Nope. Well, I cried to see the producers and staff cry because I was leaving. That was sad. But never for the show. I was very happy with the judgment. I came in with a smile and left with a smile.”
  • Was she happy with her performances this week? “I was very very happy with my performances. I wouldn’t change them in any way, shape, or form. And for Prince to clear it for me…that was the first time Prince cleared a song, and the first time Mary did too.” [Prince and Mary J. cleared the songs because they knew Paris was singing them].
  • About Simon calling her Prince tune “Screechy and Annoying”, “I felt just fine about that. Anything they say I take the negative and make it positive. Nothing knocks me down. I never take anything to heart.”
  • About her vocal range, “I’ve trained myself to be able to do that [sing in her lower register].  For a lot of singers, having a low register is a great A+. A lot of female singers can’t do that and have to sing their songs at high notes.
  • About her youth, “When you’re 17, you don’t have a defined place. When you’re 18, you’re an adult. When you’re 16, you’re a teenager. Seventeen doesn’t have one place. Seventeen is when you’re becoming a young adult. I let America be a part of me becoming a young adult.”
  • About Katharine McPhee, her roommate, “Katharine taught me to always have that time where you can be in your own world, when you don’t have to talk to people, and I taught her that every time you go on stage [you should] act like it’s your last time on stage. Give them 100 percent, because no matter what, you don’t want anyone to ever be able to say you didn’t give 100 percent.”
  • What she said to Elliott on the seal, “‘You did it, E-Double.’ He calls me ‘P-Double’…Him, Taylor, and Ace have become my big brothers. I would never exchange anything for them.”

It looks like Paris might be working on a record with Mark Knowles…